An Unforgettable Experience: Taking a NYC Helicopter Tour

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Introduction to Exploring NYC from the Skies: A Guide to Enjoying a Helicopter Tour of the Big Apple

New Yorkers love their city. It’s bustling, vibrant and endlessly entertaining. But sometimes the hustle and bustle can get overwhelming, especially when it involves taking in all of New York City from the ground. This is where helicopter tours come in — they provide a unique and unforgettable view of the Big Apple, plus an easy way to survey popular sites without having to brave the chaotic streets below.

Thanks to recent advances in helicopter-tour technology, “exploring NYC from the sky” is now more accessible than ever before! Until recently, only those with deep pockets could afford such a thrilling experience. Nowadays though, anybody can typically take advantage of reasonably priced aerial tour packages offered by local operators throughout various locations across the state.

When it comes to experiencing Manhattan through aerial sightseeing tours , there are plenty of options available – from getting up close and personal with the sights of downtown or climbing high above even some of the tallest skyscrapers you’ve ever seen! You’ll be sure to find at least one package that spices up any trip within The City That Never Sleeps for adventure seekers who want a bird’s eye view of all that it has to offer..

First time flyers should certainly consider booking through one of many trusted companies so as not to miss out on a safe yet exhilarating experience . Our awesome guides will help ensure your dream tour becomes reality by providing recommendations on pick up points , safety protocols , authorized air space information and landmarks along the route during your flight . Once airborne , make sure you have yourself situated comfortably in your seat , camera ready and capture these fantastic urban landscape vistas like no other before ! Your intuitively guided trip over New York City gives spectacular perspectives on just how incredible this beautiful place really is !

Now that you know what amazing possibilities await with exploring NYC from overhead let’s chat about practical tips in preparing for your upcoming flight . When selecting attire make sure it suits both weather conditions as well as considering comfort levels in intimate open cockpit style flying situations – loose fitting layers are optimal … also be sure select footwear kept securely attached to your feet – special sandals aren’t recommended but will still keep through turbulence if worn for short periods … planning ahead for necessities such as packing an extra battery pack might sound too far fetched however can save you recharging headaches later on .. try bringing earplugs or noise canceling headphones – lessening wind resistant noise effects allows ease into what already might be considered somewhat overwhelming experience . Additionally bring along strap fastener lenses such as polarizers further decreasing intense glares common under bright outdoor lighting conditions – also makes controlling shadow definition & clarity much easier when taking pictures! An added bonus – avoiding annoyances like flyaways hair & image shake due issues with wind / turbulence encountered primarily at altitude .. Last but not least carefully consider lens filter effects adding interesting dimensions normally otherwise unfound when observing changes occurring quickly once outdoors aboard motion vehicles like helicopters cause… regardless stay safe while enjoying spectacular scenery around exploring NYC via air .. Wonders await !!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a Helicopter Tour of NYC

Planning a helicopter tour of New York City is an exciting way to explore the city from high above and experience the views the city has to offer. The following step-by-step guide serves as a great starting point for planning your own helicopter tour of NYC.

Step 1: Pick an operator: Choosing an experienced and reliable operator is essential in order to ensure safety as well as having a smooth, enjoyable flight. There are various companies that provide helicopter tours around NYC, so you can choose one that suits your needs and budget. Check out customer reviews online to get an idea of how other people’s experiences have been with each company before selecting the ideal one for you.

Step 2: Choose the Helicopter type: Different helicopter models offer different amenities and features like heated cabins or additional passenger seating options and so on, depending on what kind of journey you are looking for . So analyse and check out all the available options to pick the model that meets your requirements.

Step 3: Reserve A Flight Slot : Based on a prior discussion with the operator regarding availability , make sure that you reserve your slot earliest possible in order to avoid any last minute hitch or uncertainty . Due note that certain times may be preferred by certain operators depending on weather conditions , hence plan accordingly .

Step 4: Assess Insurance And Regulations : Given its airborne nature , ensuring that all security regulations are met is mandatory in taking this trip . Make sure that all relevant paperwork has been completed by both operators and passengers . Additionally check if insurance is offered by respective operators . This will take care of any unforeseen circumstances during the trip .

Step 5: Preflight Preparations : Check all necessary emergency equipment prior beginning with regards to first aid kits , survival items etc – typically all provided by operators themselves but still worth double checking beforehand! Wear comfortable yet warm clothes depending upon season outside should temperatures become chilly post takeoff ! Lastly pre book parking spaces at heliport early enough -ideally advance rental should be made based on instructions given per airport guidelines ! Confirm No-fly zones before going airborne !

Step 6: Enjoy Your Tour!: On reaching heliport route printouts, passenger manifests /guest lists find their way amongst carry onboard luggage items apart from essential headsets/handycams etc which ought be placed securely close beside each passenger ! Beverages come along complimentary whilst headphones too provide quality bird eye’s view audio commentary -post boarding & get ready for unforgettable adventure In NYC skies while creating memories soaring above iconic landmarks like Empire State Building/Statue Of Liberty .. !!

FAQ’s About Taking a Helicopter Tour of New York City

Q: What views of NYC can I see on a helicopter tour?

A: On a helicopter tour of New York City, you can experience all the sights that make this city an amazing place to live and visit. From the beautiful white spires of the Freedom Tower in the Financial District, to the scenic Chelsea Piers right on the Hudson River, you will have a bird’s eye view of all that makes Manhattan special. You will get a chance to take in iconic landmarks including Central Park and its surrounding neighborhoods, midtown Manhattan with its towering skyscrapers and amazing bridges connecting every borough from Brooklyn Bridge to George Washington Bridge. Not only will you be able to admire these world-famous locations from above but also fly over lesser known locations like Governors Island or Roosevelt Island, both offering picturesque views sure to add flavor and variety to your tour.

Q: Is there noise on board?

A: While helicopters are not known for their optimal speed and stealthy quietness, most companies strive to keep noise levels low by using modern aircrafts equipped with sound-dampening technology. Additionally making sure protective headsets are used during flights helps further reduce noise pollution leaving you better able to focus solely on taking in our breathtaking skyline without unnecessary ambient distraction.

Q: Can I bring someone else along?

A: Yes you can! Helicopter tours are available for groups large or small so whatever size your party is they likely have options suited just for you. Most companies limit guests at 4 passengers per flight however it is best practice to check with them directly first so as not have any unpleasant surprises later on towards day of booking. Whether your group be composed entirely of family members or equally divided between friends and family everyone present onboard is sure get chance soak up sights hassle free in beautiful luxury setting no matter what their age may be..

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tours Offered by Various Companies

Tour companies offer a variety of services that make travelling much more convenient. From package deals, accommodation bookings and guided tours, they can make the experience of travel much more enjoyable and effortless. However, like every service there are pros and cons associated with using tour companies to book your holiday. Here we have broken down both the benefits and drawbacks of taking a tour through a professional company:


One of the main benefits of using a tour company for your travels is that it offers you convenience. All tours booked through reputable companies ensure transfers from one destination to another – something which can be difficult to arrange if you don’t know the area or aren’t fluent in the local language. Similarly, reliable companies will provide quality meals without having to worry about where or what to eat during your stay in each place. Some packages even include surprise extras such as tickets to attractions or bonus activities making it easier than ever before to get everything organized quickly and hassle free!

Another benefit when booking through a trusted agency is that they may be able to offer discounts on selected hotels and activities based on their connections. Rather than going through research alone which in itself requires extensive planning – leaving you feeling exhausted before you’ve even started your trip – working with an expert who knows their stuff will help save both time and money while still allowing travelers their freedom in how they choose to spend their days during vacation. A professional tour company also provides peace of mind due any cancelations due airline strikes or lost luggage potentially being covered so travellers can focus on enjoying their time away without unnecessary worries over returned deposits etc..


The primary downside when dealing with a tour operator is surely cost – often these services come at quite an expense which not everyone might be able to afford. While some packages include everything from flights, accommodations and food – others may require additional out-of-pocket expenses for special activities etc…. which should be taken into account when budgeting for holidays abroad. As well as this, generally speaking only certain types of destinations are available meaning potential travelers might not find countries/regions they want visit listed as an option – dividing those who seek adventure instead prescribed tourist traps permitted by certain operators!

Additionally with many larger tour companies it is common practice that group sizes range from large numbers, thus reducing individuality during trips away such as family outings or honeymoons- definitely not ideal depending on what type of break away someone wants take! Those belonging different cultures/backgrounds could also find generalization around cuisine selection irritating i.e menu options restricted only one type when traveling across multiple countries…such mandatory choices may create less memorable experiences! In short careful consideration must be taken into account prior booking exploring all avenues given both positive & negative elements associated using dedicated agencies for specific holiday!

Top 5 Facts About Taking a Helicopter Tour Over New York City

1. Excitement on a New Level: Taking a helicopter tour over New York City is the perfect way to get an exhilarating and unique experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! The aerial perspective of NYC from the comfort of your own private helicopter is incomparable, allowing you to take in stunning sights from high above the bustling metropolis. You’ll experience an adrenaline-filled joyride like no other as you soar past iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building while taking in breathtaking views of Central Park and the Hudson River.

2. Get a Bird’s Eye View: From certain points in your tour, you’ll be able to see up to five boroughs at once, giving you a comprehensive view of NYC unlike anything seen before. To get the most out of this experience, make sure to book an experienced pilot who will provide interesting facts while giving you ample time to admire New York City from vantages points only helicopters can provide!

3. A Better Way To Sightsee: Bus tours and walking around offer good insight into New York City’s history but nothing beats flying over it for a real sense of context about this sprawling metropolis – plus it’s quicker too! In addition, all conventional forms of sightseeing mean dealing with street traffic and crowds but helicopter tours let passengers bypass congestion entirely as they fly high above ground level chaos.

4. A Memorable Trip for All Ages: No matter what age or how big your group may be, anyone can enjoy a birds eye view – The entire family will have fun learning new things about the skyline while young kids will love being inside the chopper when it takes off and lands! Helicopter charters are designed so that everyone can safely join in on this educational adventure regardless of skill level or physical ability (just remember children must be accompanied by an adult).

5. Book Ahead For Budget-Friendly Prices: Taking advantage of special offers reduces prices immensely so if possible plan ahead and use promotions available online beforehand – booking on short notice can become quite costly! Comparing different packages helps narrow down choices, plus specific routes suggest unconventional itineraries making sure there are no dull moments during tours – leaving passengers feeling completely satisfied with their choice helicopter ride over NYC.

Conclusion on Experiencing the Big Apple from Above

Exploring the Big Apple from up above is an unforgettable experience. Gazing upon iconic landmarks, bustling city streets and people-filled parks provides a unique perspective on the city that never sleeps. From helicopters to hot air balloons, charter flights to rooftop lounges – there are many experiences that provide a breathtaking perspective of the diverse joys of New York City.

No matter how you decide to take it in, seeing the Big Apple from above truly is something special. There’s no better way to appreciate its grandeur, complexity and vibrancy. Whether you’re planning on visiting soon or are simply daydreaming of experiencing the beauty of New York City from a bird’s eye view, be sure to stop and appreciate what an incredible sight it truly is. After all, there are few places quite like The City That Never Sleeps- whether seen from below or high above!

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