Café Kitsuné Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple: Exploring the New York Location

How to get to Café Kitsuné New York: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re in New York City and haven’t visited Café Kitsuné yet, you’re clearly missing out on one of the most happening spots in town. Known for its French-Japanese style menu and chic ambiance, this elegant café located on Prince street in SoHo is a definite must-visit destination. However, getting there might be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the area – but don’t worry! We’ve got your back with the ultimate step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way to Café Kitsuné.

Step One: Pick Your Mode of Transportation
Before we dive into the specifics about how to get to Cafe Kitsune, let’s talk about transportation options. There are several ways to get around New York City: subway, bus, taxi or Uber. If you’re an environmentally conscious person or have decided to make walking a part of your daily routine (which would be more feasible if you live near SoHo), then walking is your best bet.

For those who prefer public transportation – take note that for this particular spot subway travel is what we recommend since it’s the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transport in NYC.

Step Two: Choose Your Subway Line
To reach Café Kitsuné by subway from any part of New York City is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is find the nearest subway station that connects your starting point with the Manhattan route via any one of these lines:


These are all perfect options as they connect various parts of NYC quickly and efficiently with downtown Manhattan.

Step Three: Know Your Stop
Once you’ve found which line will be taking you towards Manhattan, it’s time to figure out which stop will bring you closest towards Café Kitsune on Prince Street in Soho. For this location specifically, Spring St Station on either N/R/W line or Broadway-Lafayette Station on B/D/F/M line is the best option that is most convenient and closest to the café. From Spring Street station, it’s a short 4-minute walk. However, if you are taking the Broadway-Lafayette Station route, it will be a little longer – around 10-12 minutes of walking.

Step Four: Navigate Your Way to Cafe Kitsune
Now that you’ve reached Spring St/Broadway-Lafayette station where in Manhattan do you go next? It’s time to navigate through SoHo streets!

The trickiest part of this journey may be finding Princes Street if it’s your first visit to SoHo. Remember that the street runs east-to-west and intersects with Lafayette Street. Once on Prince Street – look for #248, which is directly above Café Kitsuné entrance. This beautiful location has an elegant aesthetic and blends French-Japanese fusion perfectly; If by some chance how beautiful it looks outside does not grab your attention, its charming aroma wafting from freshly brewed coffee will certainly lure you in.

Step Five: Take A Breath And Savor The Moment
Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it to one of New York City’s absolute gems Café Kitsuné! Now sit down and enjoy what they’re known best for – their delicate pastries or cups of exclusive Japanese tea with hints of green matcha infusion alongside crispy , toasted sandwiches– all designed by Michelin starred-famous Chef Menukheti.

Given our guide has done its job well – we hope this comprehensive step-by-step guide helps all first-timers feel more confident before embarking on their trip towards 248 Princes street – Café Kitsuné Soho’s ever-popular destination among locals and tourists alike..

However- don’t just take our word for it- go ahead make this inspiring journey yourself today and finally taste what everyone can’t stop talking about!

Top 5 Facts about Café Kitsuné New York that Make it Worth Visiting

Café Kitsuné is a renowned French coffee shop that has taken the world by storm. The stylish and chic establishment first originated in Paris but has since expanded its reach to Tokyo, Seoul, and now New York City. Café Kitsuné’s new location has quickly become a hotspot for coffee lovers, fashionistas, and social media enthusiasts alike.

So what sets Café Kitsuné New York apart from other coffee shops in the city? Here are the top 5 facts about Café Kitsuné that make it worth visiting:

1) It’s all in the details

Café Kitsuné prides itself on its attention to detail. From hand-selected premium ingredients to handmade pastries and minimalist aesthetics, Café Kitsuné truly embodies the “less is more” philosophy. Every aspect of the café, from its signature fox logo to its carefully curated playlists, has been executed with precision and care.

2) Unique menu items

Café Kitsuné offers a range of unique drink options that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Standout offerings include their signature matcha latte, iced lavender latte, and the Honey Ricotta Latte – an Instagram-worthy creation made with ricotta cheese foam and honey syrup.

3) It’s a Fashionista’s paradise

With close ties to the fashion industry (Kitsuné is actually a clothing brand), it’s no surprise that Café Kitsuné reflects this elegant aesthetic as well. Located on Lafayette Street in Soho-adjacent Nolita neighbourhoods Cafe Kitune plays host to gatherings of many established designers including Louis Vuitton celebrities like Ansel Elgort among others.

4) Prime People-watching Spot

The café features large windows facing Lafayette street creating prime real estate for people-watching which some say is just an added bonus on top of your delicious beverage fix.

5) Great ambiance

Last but certainly not least is the cafe’s ambiance. With cozy nooks, small in size but large on style, filled to the brim with floor-to-ceiling white oak timber shelves hosting imported Japanese retail products like tote bags, teapots and minimalist tableware. Cafe Kitsune thus manages to give off a vibe that’s chic and inviting at the same time making it an ideal place to meet friends, tackle some work or just relax with a good book.

In Conclusion

Café Kitsuné New York offers not only exceptional coffee and pastries, but a well-crafted experience that has been carefully designed down to every last detail. From foodies and fashionistas to coffee enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone at Café Kitsuné New York – making it definitely filled with more than enough reasons why you should visit As soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Café Kitsuné New York Answered

Café Kitsuné New York, located in the heart of Manhattan, has quickly become a go-to destination for coffee and pastries. As the popularity of the café grows, so do the questions that visitors have about how it operates. We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about Café Kitsuné New York and provided answers to help make your visit more enjoyable.

Q: Is Café Kitsuné strictly a coffee shop or are there also food options available?

A: While Café Kitsuné is known primarily for its great coffee, visitors will also find an array of delicious food options on our menu. We offer various pastries such as croissants and muffins, as well as sandwiches like the popular smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese.

Q: Is there seating inside?

A: Yes! Café Kitsuné offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Guests can choose to relax indoors among soft lighting and minimal decor or sit outside in one of our sidewalk tables facing Broadway Street.

Q: Does Café Kitsuné offer any alternative milk options?

A: Absolutely! We understand that not everyone consumes dairy products, which is why we offer plenty of non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond milk, oat milk, soy milk or coconut milk–they are all available at your request!

Q: If I need to work while I’m at Café Kitsuné, do you provide access to Wi-Fi?

A: Yes – complimentary Wi-Fi is available for all customers!

Q: Are dogs allowed inside?

A: Unfortunately no pets are allowed inside but we welcome your furry supporters outside only.

Q: What kind of events does Cafe Kitsune host?

A: Cafe kitsune may host private events such as small gatherings and pop-ups — don’t hesitate to reach out on !

Q: Does Cafe Kistune have other locations worldwide?

A : The origin of Café Kitsuné dates back to Tokyo with the opening of the first shop in Daikanyama district. Since then, Café Kitsuné opened several other locations throughout in Paris and France, Seoul in Korea, Shanghai and Chengdu in China—all celebrating different aspects of local culture while remaining devoted to their minimalist chic design ethos.

We hope these answers provided clarity for your Cafe Kitsune experience. Drop by anytime during cafe hours; we’d love to host you!

What Makes Café Kitsuné New York a Must-Visit Destination for Coffee Lovers?

Café Kitsuné New York is a coffee lover’s paradise that offers an authentic Japanese café experience in the heart of Manhattan. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Hudson Square, it is a destination that must be visited by anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee.

The first thing you notice upon entering Café Kitsuné is the sleek and minimalist design with natural wood accents, which creates a relaxing atmosphere for patrons. The staff is warm and welcoming as they carefully prepare your order to perfection. The menu features an array of coffee options ranging from espressos, cappuccinos, lattes to drip coffee made with their own freshly roasted beans. They also offer non-coffee beverages like matcha latte, iced tea and cold brew that come infused with unique flavors like ginger or yuzu.

Their signature drink, however, is Kyoto-style iced coffee which involves a special slow-drip brewing process that produces a smooth and mellow brew bursting with flavor notes. It’s no surprise that this beverage has become widely popular among New Yorkers as Café Kitsuné continues to earn rave reviews from visitors near and far.

Furthermore, what makes Café Kitsuné stand out amongst other cafés in New York is how they incorporate Japanese pastry tradition into their menu. Sourced from local bakeries Chef Aya Shibata introduces small specialty pastries such as Matcha Madelevine (matcha glaze with sunflower seed), Chocolate Earl Gray Cakelet (with bergamot orange) or French “Bonne Maman” Jam Brioche Doughnut (cranberry raspberry jam filling) — all baked daily on premises or bought from local Japanese patisseries in NYC like Patisserie Tomoko.

Overall, Café Kitsuné New York provides customers with not just exceptional yet affordable artisanal coffee but also takes them on an authentic culinary tour of Japan without boarding any planes. With its simplistic charm and unparalleled service, it has already become a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. So, if you haven’t already visited this cozy corner café on your coffee spree, then add it to your bucket list because the taste of Café Kitsuné is an experience worth remembering.

Uncovering the Rich History Behind Café Kitsuné New York

Café Kitsuné is a French-Japanese lifestyle brand that has been making waves in the coffee and fashion industries since its inception in 2010. The brand has become synonymous with minimalist design, high-quality coffee, and impeccable style. Café Kitsuné’s flagship store, located at 248 Lafayette Street in New York City, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication.

Opened in 2016, Café Kitsuné New York quickly became known for its exceptional coffee and chic atmosphere. But what many people don’t realize is that the café’s location on Lafayette Street has a rich history that contributes to the unique charm of the space.

Lafayette Street was originally named Great North Road and served as a vital transportation artery for goods traveling from rural areas into New York City during the early days of American colonization. As more immigrants moved into the city during the 19th century, Lafayette Street became a hub of commercial activity with an abundance of shops, restaurants, and hotels.

As time went on, Lafayette Street continued to evolve while retaining its eclectic character. From counterculture movements to artistic expressionism to gentrification – it has seen it all! Today it remains one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods; SoHo.

The building that houses Café Kitsuné New York was once home to NoHo Star restaurant (now closed) which served as Jimi Hendrix’s first NYC address in 1966 before he later relocated nearby on E12th St.

The café itself pays homage to this incredible history with carefully curated design elements that reflect both Japanese minimalism and Parisian style seamlessly blended into Manhattan’s downtown aesthetic. From custom neon signage by acclaimed artist Mathieu Tremblin depicting both traditional Japanese lanterns and Paris street signs above their signature entrance door – promoting warmth & beauty; To intricate geometric tile patterns covering every inch of their floors; The result is an inviting atmosphere that feels as timeless as it does modern.

The café itself is not the only place to observe Café Kitsuné’s journey, also consider their apparel collections which are made in collaboration with some of the world’s most talented artists and designers – joining iconic names such as Fiorucci and The Webster. These pieces typically feature playful graphics, clean minimalist designs and often use organic materials.

In keeping with this spirit of innovation, Café Kitsuné New York regularly collaborates with local figures to host events celebrating art, fashion, and community engagement. As we navigate a changing world, their goal is to continue growing alongside these imaginative leaders while staying true to their roots of quality & excellence.

Café Kitsuné New York remains a beacon for coffee lovers and design enthusiasts alike – an embodiment of the essence of NYC so vividly showcased throughout history; constantly pushing creative boundaries both within its own walls and beyond. So next time you’re on Lafayette Street grab yourself a flat white or green tea latte at Café Kitsuné NY where you can admire the rich heritage that comes hand-in-hand with every sip!

Savoring the Flavors of Cafe Kitsune’s Best Coffees and Delicacies in NYC

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s West Village, Cafe Kitsune is a quaint coffee shop that offers some of the best delicacies and drinks you’ll ever come across. Combining Japanese craftsmanship with French techniques, this cafe has captured the hearts of many New Yorkers with its inventive menu and minimalist decor.

One of Cafe Kitsune’s specialties is their exquisite coffee selection. They use beans from renowned roasters, including Koppi and Fuglen, to create a delightful array of caffeinated beverages. Their espresso has a rich crema that hints at a caramelized sweetness while retaining its boldness. The cappuccino boasts velvety frothed milk accentuated by smooth espresso for a well-balanced taste sensation.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their innovative coffee creations like the “Vienna Coffee.” This European-style drink combines espresso with whipped cream for an indulgent treat sure to please your sweet tooth. The iced Kyoto coffee is also popular among patrons seeking refreshment on muggy NYC days.

Cafe Kitsune’s culinary team also delights guests with an assortment of pastries and snacks that are both scrumptious and Instagram-worthy. Bite into their croissants or scones, baked fresh every day, for a light indulgence packed with flavor. For those seeking something savory, they offer quiches or sandwiches overflowing with fresh vegetables and cheese.

Their matcha latte is another signature beverage that brings together high-quality green tea powder sifted through hot water blended smoothly with frothy milk. It’s not too bitter as some matcha tea can be but is delightfully creamy and flavorful!

Beyond the food items themselves, it’s hard not to appreciate the attention to detail present throughout all aspects of this cafe – towels are individually wrapped in branded packaging, sachets are elegantly presented on desks in wooden boxes marked by simple white labeling. While these elements may seem small – as they say, the devil is in the details.

In short, Cafe Kitsune is a must-visit spot in NYC for anyone seeking a coffee experience that’s unique, refined, and unrivaled. The mastery of techniques and craftmanship combined make it one of the rare gems worth embracing!

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Café Kitsuné Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple: Exploring the New York Location
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