Discovering the Beauty of Jones Beach, New York: A Must-Visit Destination for Beach Lovers

How to Get to Jones Beach New York: Step by Step Instructions

Located on the south shore of Long Island, New York, Jones Beach is one of the most popular summer destinations in the region. It’s a great place to soak up the sun, surf, and sand while enjoying some quality time with friends and family. But getting there can be a challenge for first-time visitors.

In this post, we’ll break down how to get to Jones Beach step by step, so you can spend less time worrying about transportation and more time lounging on the beach.

Step 1: Choose Your Mode of Transportation
The first step in getting to Jones Beach is deciding on your preferred mode of transportation. You have three options:

– Car: If you’re driving from within Long Island, getting to Jones Beach is relatively easy with ample parking available at several entrances.
– Train/Bus: The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) has a station at Freeport and another at Wantagh that provide shuttle buses directly to Jones Beach during the summer months.
– Bike/Walk: For those who live nearby or are feeling particularly adventurous, biking or walking can be an option. There are several bike paths available for riders.

Step 2: Plan Your Route
Once you’ve chosen your mode of transportation, it’s important to plan your route ahead of time. Check traffic reports if you’re driving, study train schedules if taking LIRR shuttle buses and know your distance if biking or walking.

Step 3: Parking on Site
If you’ve decided to take a car and park directly at any one of Jones Beach’s many entrances during afternoons peaks hours make sure you get there early since it gets filled up rather quickly,. Finding parking spots later can prove very difficult.

Step 4: Enjoy!
Finally! After all that travel planning and execution arrives time for you just enjoy yourself!. Relax under an umbrella as waves crash onto shore or take part in water sport activities offered along the beach.

In conclusion, getting to Jones Beach may require some advanced planning, but the destination is well worth it. With a bit of preparation and an open mind to journeying on foot or bike, you can arrive relaxed and ready for sun-soaked fun. Ultimately, make sure that you go with the flow no matter what if there are any snags along the way – who knows, adventure always makes for great memories!

Jones Beach New York FAQs: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit

Jones Beach, located in Wantagh, New York is easily one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the state. It has a lot to offer, and for beachgoers who haven’t visited before, it’s hard to know what to expect. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know before your visit so that you can make the most of your time at Jones Beach.

When is Jones Beach Open?

The beach is open year-round from sunrise to sunset, but lifeguards are only on duty from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Is There an Entry Fee?

Yes, there’s a $10 per vehicle entry fee, but if you have a New York State Empire Pass or are arriving early or late in the day outside of peak season (June-August) entry may be free or discounted. Check out Jones Beach State Park’s website for details.

What Should You Bring?

Sunscreen: The sun can be relentless at Jones Beach so make sure you’re prepared with plenty of sunscreen – both UVA/UVB protection over 30 SPF – as well as hats and sunglasses.

Snacks: While there are concession stands and food trucks available along the boardwalk at reasonable prices during peak season (June- August), bringing cool water bottles and snacks like nuts or fruits will save dollars during peak season

Beach Chairs & Blankets: As opposed to beach towels by themselves on sand- where they tend slide all around causing discomfort- having lightweight foldable chairs which do not snag through sandprovides comfortability even during hot summers. Quick drying beach towels not weighed down by sand also help towards comfort enjoyment

Umbrellas/Tents/Shade Canopy: Portable shelters/shade structures that accommodate groups against sunburn provide pleasant shade offerings on blistering summer days.

Sneakers/Water Shoes: Consider bringing footwear appropriate for walking long distances without causing blisters before entering water + water shoes for protection against hot sand or rocks while entering and exiting shallow water.

What Should You Leave at Home?

Alcoholic Beverages: The state park prohibits alcohol on the beach. Do prior research of other permitted areas for drinking nearby if that is your preference.

Pets: Animal companions are not currently welcome on the boardwalk of Jones Beach State Park, but there are some directories to pet-friendly beaches in Long Island, NY available online

Can You Swim Anywhere?

There are lifeguards located along certain zones along the two miles stretch of ocean near the Central Mall area adjacent to the boardwalk between Field 1 and Field 6 alongside the western and eastern side of Jones Beach pools. If unsure where it’s safe to swim check with a lifeguard before venturing to dip into deeper waters.

Are There Other Activities Besides Swimming?

Yes! Jones Beach offers basketball courts, volleyball courts, paddleboarding, kayaking rentals, and more recreational amenities by Fields 4-6. Lessons are available for beginners preparing first time island-hoppers in securing their footing in less tumultuous waters.

What About Parking?

Jones Beach has ample parking spaces available via eight parking fields throughout the state park usually open during peak season June-August as well as restrooms/bathrooms that remain open all year long.


Jones Beach is an oasis within Long Island surrounded by picturesque scenes & events observing nature undisturbedly which leaves many visitors wanting more upon leaving its majestic white sandy shores. Arriving well prepared with essential belongings (sunscreen, snacks & lightweight beach necessities) can only elevate days spent soaking up vitamin D + fun outdoor activities sans stress. So whether swimming through high tides or playing beach volleyball with good company amongst one among numerous others enjoying prime coastal location – this historic destination always serves summer memories worth cherishing year after year!

Discovering the Top 5 Facts About Jones Beach New York

When it comes to famous beaches in New York, Jones Beach is one that stands out. Located on Long Island’s south shore, the beach has been attracting visitors for over 90 years. If you’ve never been to Jones Beach before, or if you’re looking to learn more about its history and unique features, then here are the top five facts every beach enthusiast should know:

1. The History of Jones Beach Goes Back Decades

The history of Jones Beach dates back to the 1920s when Robert Moses was appointed as the Chairman of the Long Island State Park Commission. As part of his ambitious plans for parks in New York City and Long Island, Moses began construction on Jones Beach in 1929. The beach officially opened on August 4th, 1929.

2. The Iconic Boardwalk Is a Must-See

One of the highlights of Jones Beach is undoubtedly the boardwalk that stretches for two miles along the oceanfront. It’s a perfect spot for a tranquil stroll or jog while enjoying breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can also enjoy bike rides along this stunning boardwalk.

3. The Amphitheater Hosts Some Incredible Performances

Jones Beach Amphitheater has been hosting some incredible performances from world-famous artists since it first opened its doors in 1952. Originally known as “Marine Stadium”, it underwent renovation and renamed Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in recent times.

4. Surfing is Popular Here

Surfing is hugely popular at Jones Beach – with many surfers flocking year-round to catch some epic breaks at this picturesque location.

5. Wildlife Abounds At This Park

Jones Beach isn’t just about sunbathing and swimming; it’s also home to an array of unique flora and fauna. You’ll find numerous species such as piping plovers, American oystercatchers, horseshoe crabs, seals, and many other distinctive animals thriving in the park’s ecosystem.

In Conclusion

Jones Beach is one of the state’s most beloved destinations for a reason. With its rich history, iconic boardwalk and amphitheater, world-class surfing opportunities, and abundant wildlife, this park has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a local or a tourist planning to visit New York, you can’t miss Jones Beach – it’s one of Long Island’s true gems!

The History of Jones Beach New York: From Past to Present

Jones Beach is a world-renowned landmark in New York, with its crescent-shaped coastline and stunning ocean views. It is an oasis for both tourists and locals alike to escape the bustling city life. But, how much do we know about the rich history of Jones Beach? Let’s take you back in time to discover the fascinating past of this popular beach, from how it all started to what makes it so special today.

The Beginning

It all began in 1929 when construction on Long Island’s newest state park began. Robert Moses envisioned a beach resort that would be accessible to everyone, regardless of their social status or income level. He had grand plans for Jones Beach State Park, which was the brainchild of Governor Al Smith. Moses himself became responsible for transforming this narrow barrier island into one of New York’s most beloved seaside retreats.

Moses knew that he needed something different from other beaches; therefore, he hired some of the best architects and engineers who designed innovative infrastructure features like bridges and parking spaces. He insisted on luxurious amenities such as lavish bathhouses featuring well-manicured gardens, two huge swimming pools (one saltwater and one freshwater), a large stadium for concerts and events. These were just some of his plans to make Jones Beach stand out from other beaches around the country.

Construction took three years to complete at a cost million dollars—most expensive public project during The Great Depression era- utilizing federal labor works programs while simultaneously employing thousands in private contracting sectors throughout America.


Jones Beach wasn’t immune to societal issues – racial discrimination soon hit Home when blacks were banned from going there till over twenty years later service men during World War II camped there too facing racial division equaling brutality despite fighting together abroad- as authorities imposed official policy segregation practices within regulated distances between military groups infringing lives each day for African Americans serving next door!

Despite being open black citizens weren’t allowed to enjoy the same access to facilities and were often relegated to inferior and less maintained areas during their visits – not entirely uncommon for American society back then.

Nonetheless, these racist policies persisted until the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 when all visitors were allowed equal access to public amenities subsequently attracting wide-spread popularity once providing more equalized benefits…and today Jones Beach is one of New York’s most popular beaches reflecting various cultures gathered within its maturing history


Throughout its history, Jones Beach has evolved with time. And as people’s needs changed over the years, so did the park’s facilities. But despite those changes, Robert Moses believed in preserving Jones Beach’s beauty and natural environment, acknowledging the delicate balance between development and preservation.

Today this Park’s lush environment continues transforming with evolving culture while maintaining original historical elements such as present-day architectural wonders landmarking shorelines. Today many regard using eco-friendly practices that preserve our planets health while sustaining community sustainability in tandem offering breathtaking panoramic views without harming fauna or marine ecosystems by participating in beach cleanups around vulnerable dune habitats -all efforts aimed at ensuring that we are taking care of our National Parks responsibly for generations to come.

The rich and fascinating history of Jones Beach is indeed a testament that it comes packed with a unique perspective on both society and environmental values- Throughout decades past-and into current era -there are numerous lessons learned from what took place previously serving towards better times future ahead. By knowing how Parks influence interactions amongst local communities along with visitors alike can offer insights showcasing why preservation remains critical for ensuring their survival benefiting all members who partake in enjoying them presently or long after we exit this earth!

Must-See Attractions at Jones Beach New York: A Tourist’s Guide

Jones Beach, located on Long Island, New York is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. With its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s no wonder why many flock to this picturesque spot.

But Jones Beach is much more than just sand and sea. The park has a rich history dating back to the 1920s when it was developed as a part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal project. Ever since then, Jones Beach has been one of the most popular recreational areas on Long Island.

With so much to see and do at Jones Beach, you’ll want to plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss out on any of its must-see attractions. Here are some suggestions of what to explore:

1.The Pool

One of the most iconic features of Jones Beach is its Olympic-sized pool, complete with diving boards and water slides. It’s perfect for cooling off during a hot summer day while still enjoying all the festivities that the beach offers.

2.Concerts at Nikon Theater

The Nikon Theater at Jones Beach hosts some of the biggest names in music throughout the year. With seating for over 15,000 people overlooking Long Island Sound, concerts here are always worth travelling for. As an added bonus, visitors can bring their own picnic baskets filled with snacks – making it a complete night out under the stars.

3.Light Show Spectacular

The annual Light Show Spectacular takes place during winter holidays right inside Jones Park’s main building complete with interactive holiday light fixtures portraying different themes such as “A Night Before Christmas” or “Undersea Holidays”. Besides being stunningly beautiful, visitors can play games and experience amazing light shows making it an attraction worth seeing every year.

4.Jones Boardwalk

Going for many miles along Long Island sea shore is this famous boardwalk which stretches through several pavilions where different refreshments are being served.The Boardwalk also gives spectacularly gorgeous sunsets sights and is amongst the best spots for early morning jogging.

5.Jones Beach Nature Center

If you’re in need of mental relaxation while still enjoying breathtaking views, then visiting Jones Beach natural trails at this nature reserve is just the thing. The park offers over 50 acres of sightseeing which includes marshlands, coastline cliffs, hikes as well courses that educate visitors about local wildlife conservation like marine biology.

There are many amazing things to do and see in Jones Beach making it a must-visit tourist destination when travelling Long Island. From concerts under the stars to educational exhibits, Jones beach packs so much into one location – catering to everyone’s entertainment needs. So whether you’re taking a dip or wandering through its greenery; Let this captivating place prove to be an experience curated by adventure and nature enthusiasts alike.

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Jones Beach New York Like a Pro

Jones Beach is a gem located on Long Island, New York. This beautiful beach offers miles of sand and surf, as well as a diverse range of activities and attractions for everyone. But if you want to make the most out of your trip to Jones Beach, you’ll need some insider tips and tricks that only a pro would know.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips and tricks for visiting Jones Beach like a pro:

1. Arrive early or late to avoid crowds: If you’re looking for some quiet time on the beach, try arriving early in the morning or later in the evening when most people have left. You’ll have more space to spread out and enjoy the scenery without feeling crowded.

2. Use sunscreen: It’s tempting to put off applying sunscreen until later, but don’t! The sun’s UV rays can be harmful even on cloudy days. Apply sunscreen generously before heading out and bring extra just in case.

3. Bring plenty of water: Staying hydrated is essential when spending time at the beach under the hot sun. Pack enough water for you and your group to stay hydrated throughout your visit.

4. Pack a cooler with snacks: Save money by packing snacks in a cooler rather than buying them at overpriced vendors on the beach. Plus, having snacks handy ensures that no one goes hungry during your outing.

5. Rent chairs or bring your own: Sitting directly on the sand can get uncomfortable after a while, so consider renting chairs from beachside vendors or bringing your own folding chairs or towels to sit on.

6. Take advantage of free activities: There are plenty of free activities available at Jones Beach, such as sunbathing with ocean views, playing beach volleyball or frisbee, swimming in designated areas, jogging or walking along miles of boardwalks overlooking Ocean Parkway Bridge and riding bikes around park trails.

7. Check tide charts before visiting: Knowing when high tide and low tide occur can make all the difference. Low tide creates wider beaches for playtime in the sand, while high tide can create opportunities for surfing and swimming.

8. Plan for traffic: Jones Beach is a popular destination, especially during summer months. Prepare for traffic delays and choose the best route to get there if traveling from New York City or Long Island.

9. Bring a change of clothes: When you’re done enjoying the beach, consider bringing a change of clothes so you can freshen up before heading home.

10. Respect nature: Finally, remember to respect Jones Beach’s unique ecosystem by not littering or disrupting wildlife habitats. Be sure to leave only footprints as you enjoy your day at this beautiful natural wonder!

In conclusion, with these tips and tricks under your belt, your visit to Jones Beach is sure to be unforgettable. Have fun exploring all that this stunning destination has to offer!

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