Discovering the Iconic Harry’s New York Bar: A Must-Visit Destination for Cocktail Lovers

How Harry’s New York Bar Became an Iconic Cocktail Destination

Harry’s New York Bar in Paris has become an iconic destination for cocktail lovers around the globe. Despite being located thousands of miles away from its namesake city, Harry’s has managed to capture the essence of New York – from its vibrant energy to its signature drinks – and transport it to Paris.

The story behind Harry’s New York Bar is a fascinating one. The bar was founded by American jockey, Tod Sloan, in the early 1900s as a place for expats to come together and enjoy a taste of home. However, it was not until the arrival of Harry MacElhone that the bar really took off.

MacElhone bought the bar in 1923 and quickly transformed it into one of Paris’ most popular drinking spots. He introduced classic American cocktails such as the sidecar and the Bloody Mary, and even came up with his own signature drink – the Monkey Gland (a potent mix of gin, orange juice, grenadine and absinthe).

But it wasn’t just about the drinks at Harry’s; it was also about the atmosphere. The bar became a hub for writers, artists and celebrities who would gather there to mingle and exchange ideas over a stiff drink. People like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Coco Chanel all frequented Harry’s during their time in Paris.

One of the reasons why Harry’s became so successful was because it offered something different from traditional French bars. The service was more casual and friendly, with patrons encouraged to sit at shared tables and strike up conversations with strangers.

Even today, nearly 100 years after its founding, Harry’s New York Bar remains one of Paris’ most beloved institutions. The décor has barely changed since MacElhone first opened its doors – think dark wood paneling, cozy leather banquettes and vintage posters lining the walls.

And while some might argue that French bars have caught up with their American counterparts when it comes to cocktails, Harry’s New York Bar continues to draw crowds with its storied history and iconic drinks.

So if you’re ever in Paris and looking for a taste of home, head on over to Harry’s – the bar that captured the spirit of New York City and brought it to Paris.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Order the Perfect Drink at Harry’s New York Bar

Harry’s New York Bar is one of the most iconic and legendary establishments in the world – a true drinking institution. Located in Paris, France, it was originally opened back in 1911 and has since been renowned for its exquisite drinks menu, elegant atmosphere, and superb service.

A visit to Harry’s New York Bar is not just about sipping on delicious cocktails – it is also about experiencing the rich history and culture that this establishment exudes. But with such an extensive drinks menu on offer, ordering the perfect drink can be a daunting task. Fear not! In this step-by-step guide, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to order the perfect drink at Harry’s New York Bar like a pro.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with their cocktail menu

Harry’s New York Bar has an extensive drinks menu that features classic cocktails as well as some signature creations by their skilled bartenders. Take your time to go through each drinks category: Martinis, Classics Cocktails with Alcohol, After-Dinner Cocktails & Classical Gin/Tonic or Tonics Explorations without alcohols are amongst others categories.

Step 2: Consider your personal preferences

Next up you should take into account your own individual tastes when selecting your drink. For instance, do you prefer sweet or sour flavors? Do you typically enjoy gin-based or whiskey-based cocktails? Knowing what types of flavors you usually gravitate towards will assist the bartender in recommending a suitable cocktail that fits your preferences.

Step 3: Ask for recommendations from the bartender

At Harry’s New York Bar every bartender is highly trained and skilled in their craft. So don’t be shy to ask them for their opinions and recommendations when placing your order; they may know just which cocktail would suit your taste buds perfectly.

Step 4: Opt for one of their signature creations

If you’re feeling daring then why not try out one of the signature cocktails that Harry’s New York Bar is known for? They have an extensive list of award-winning drinks that have been created by some of the best bartenders in the world – this is a chance to try something new and exciting.

Step 5: Try a classic

Harry’s New York Bar has been open for over 100 years and throughout its history, many iconic cocktails have originated from their bar. You can never go wrong with ordering a classic like the Manhattan, Bloody Mary or Sidecar at Harry’s – these drinks are always on point.

Step 6: Pay attention to presentation

The ambiance and experience of Harry’s New York Bar is all about elegance, sophistication and exceptional service; your drink order should be no different. Take note of how your cocktail is presented – every detail counts. From glass type to garnish – there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to cocktail presentation.

In conclusion, ordering the perfect drink at Harry’s New York Bar might seem daunting but by following these steps you can really appreciate what this world-renowned establishment has to offer. Taking into consideration personal preference and collaborating with one of their expert bartenders will result in a bespoke cocktail that perfectly suits your tastes. Go ahead, visit Harry’s New York Bar – don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Harry’s New York Bar FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

Visiting Harry’s New York Bar in Paris is an experience like no other. The legendary hot spot, which was established back in 1911, has served as a gathering place for some of the most famous celebrities and artists in the world throughout its history. From Ernest Hemingway to Coco Chanel and Jack Kerouac, this iconic bar has seen it all.

If you are planning a visit to Harry’s New York Bar anytime soon, here is everything you need to know before you go:

What is Harry’s New York Bar?

Harry’s New York Bar is a historic cocktail bar located on Rue Daunou in the heart of Paris. It was originally founded by American bartender Harry MacElhone, who moved from New York City to Paris at the turn of the 20th century. Since then, it has become a beloved haunt for locals and tourists alike.

What makes Harry’s New York Bar so special?

Aside from its star-studded clientele throughout history, Harry’s is known for its classic cocktails such as the Sidecar and Bloody Mary. In fact, it is said that both of these drinks were actually invented at Harry’s!

The bar itself also boasts an impressive collection of over 2,000 bottles of spirits from around the world.

Do I need to make reservations?

Reservations are not required but highly recommended. Due to its popularity among tourists and locals alike, Harry’s can get quite crowded during peak hours. You can call ahead or make your reservation online through their website.

What should I wear?

While there isn’t necessarily a strict dress code at Harry’s, it is recommended that visitors dress smart casual or cocktail attire. This means leaving your sneakers and flip flops at home and opting for something stylish yet comfortable.

Is there food available?

Yes! While primarily known for its cocktails, Harry’s does have a small menu featuring classic American dishes such as burgers and fries. Keep in mind that prices can be a bit steep, so it may be best to skip the food and focus on the drinks.

What are the prices like?

As with most bars in Paris, Harry’s drinks do tend to come with a higher price tag. Expect to spend at least €15-€20 for a cocktail. However, many visitors believe that the experience is worth the cost.

Can I buy merchandise?

Yes! Harry’s New York Bar sells branded t-shirts, mugs, and other souvenirs that make great gifts for friends and family back home.

Overall, visiting Harry’s New York Bar is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves history, cocktails or just wants to soak up some of Parisian nightlife. And with its extensive collection of spirits and classic American menu options, there is something for everyone at this iconic establishment. So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just passing through Paris, be sure to put Harry’s on your must-visit list!

The Top 5 Facts You Never Knew About Harry’s New York Bar

When it comes to New York’s cultural heritage, there are a few places that stand out above the rest. One of those places is Harry’s New York Bar. Established in 1911 during the peak of prohibition, this iconic spot has been a fixture of the city for over a century. It has been the go-to spot for celebrities, writers, and artists alike, providing them with good company, ample whiskey, a cozy atmosphere and moreover a place where they could be their true selves without being judged. Here are the top five facts you never knew about Harry’s New York Bar.

1) Harry’s isn’t really from New York

While its name may suggest otherwise, Harry’s New York Bar actually originated in Paris. Founded by American jockey Tod Sloane and named after former employee Henry C. Ramos – an early patron —Harry’s began serving American cocktails to American expats in Paris during World War I before eventually moving to its current location in Rue Daunou.

2) The birthplace of many classic cocktails

Over the years many famous drinks have been created or perfected here such as Bloody Mary (originally called ‘Bucket of Blood’), Sidecar and French 75 which were popularized at Harrys.

3) It was frequented by literary legends

If you’re a fan of Hemingway or Fitzgerald you’ll want to visit Harry’s bar at least once in your life as it was one of their favourite haunts in Paris which inspired some great writing mentioned by both authors` works including `A Moveable Feast`.

4) Double Sided Mirrors Used To Serve Usual Suspects

Back when prohibition laws still prevailed bartenders needed to keep themselves safe through back doors/secret entrances ensuring no one suspicious lurked around for booze busts – unique double-sided mirrors allowed them to observe who enters without raising suspicion.

5) Filled With Celebrities often mistaken as locals ..

Celebrities all around the world have been known to patronize Harry’s and have included personalities such as Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart among many others throughout the past century.

In conclusion, whether you’re a literary geek, casual drinker or simply enjoy visiting iconic historical spots, Harry’s New York Bar is definitely worth a visit when you’re in Paris. With its quirky yet charming history and fun facts, you can’t help but feel like an insider in one of the most legendary bars on the planet. Go get yourself a drink at this crazy bar which reeks of history!

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Master Mixologists at Harry’s New York Bar

Harry’s New York Bar in Paris is one of the most iconic and legendary bars in the world. With a history that dates back to 1911, Harry’s New York Bar has attracted some of the most famous personalities of our time. From Ernest Hemingway to Coco Chanel, and from F. Scott Fitzgerald to James Joyce – all have frequented this establishment at one point or another.

The bar is known for its classic cocktails, including the Bloody Mary, Sidecar, French 75, and Blue Lagoon. But what makes these drinks so special? It’s the work of the master mixologists behind the scenes.

Meet Colin Field – head bartender at Harry’s New York Bar since 1994. He is a legend in his own right, having been named “World’s Best Bartender” by Forbes Magazine twice in a row. His colleagues believe he has magic powers when it comes to mixing drinks.

But Field isn’t alone in his trade –he leads an elite team of mixologists who share his passion for perfection when it comes to crafting cocktails. Our next tour guide behind the scenes steps in as we now welcome Florian Kaefer-Field (Colin’s son) as he begins his journey to explain what happens behind-the-scenes while creating every cocktail served at Harry’s New York Bar.

Florian Kaefer-Field walks us through their techniques: “It starts with fresh ingredients that are carefully selected on a daily basis. Everything from fruits like oranges, lemons and limes, herbs like mint and basil are used incredibly quickly upon purchase or even seconds after being plucked from surrounding plants around our garden situated right outside.”

“It is also important to use high-quality spirits,” adds Florian “which guarantees that each drink tastes as excellent as possible.”

The team itself boasts over a hundred years’ worth of experience between them! Each member has their specialty – with one perfecting gin-based cocktails while another excels in whiskey concoctions. Florian Kaefer-Field shared, “Our team is like a family, and behind every successful cocktail, there’s an exciting tale of collaboration.”

The mixologists don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to preparing their drinks – it wouldn’t be masterful now would it? Instead, they prefer to take their time when crafting every single drink.

“Creating a cocktail demands patience,” says Florian. “Stirring and shaking the spirits takes skill as even the right temperature must be met for each selected drink.”

It may seem simple but it goes without saying that talent is essential too, with improvisation being an integral part of creation on certain occasions. According to our guide: “Everything matters – from pouring techniques to choosing glassware – small details can make all the difference.”

But what really sets Harry’s New York Bar apart from other bars is its rich history which pours out through every element of decor found at this iconic venue. It might be one thing creating cocktails but we’ll leave the aesthetics up to you let’s just say that – they totally nail it!

So whether you’re craving a classic Bloody Mary or want to try something new and peculiar (we suggest The Torchbearer), make sure you order it at Harry’s New York Bar – where magic is worked by these talented raconteurs ready to share stories over some excellently-crafted mixed drinks!

Exploring the Legacy of Famous Drinks Invented at Harry’s New York Bar

Since its establishment in 1911, Harry’s New York Bar has been an institution in the world of cocktails. Located at 5 Rue Daunou, a short walk from the Paris Opera House, it was founded by American jockey Tod Sloan and Irish bartender Harry MacElhone.

Harry’s is famous for creating some of the world’s most celebrated cocktails. The timeless classics include Bloody Mary, Sidecar, French 75 and White Lady. These drinks have become staples on cocktail bars across the globe and are synonymous with sophistication and elegance.

The history behind each cocktail is fascinating. For instance, Bloody Mary was first made as a hangover cure for a customer who had indulged heavily the night before. It included tomato juice to settle his stomach, Worcestershire sauce to give him strength and vodka to clear his head!

The Sidecar was named after an army officer who regularly visited Harry’s on his motorcycle during World War I. The round sidecar on his bike inspired bartenders to serve this drink in a glass with the same shape.

Likewise, the French 75 got its name from a powerful World War I artillery gun which shared its explosive power with this potent mix of gin and champagne.

White Lady is another classic created at Harry’s that deserves mention – made using triple sec, gin and lemon juice; it remains one of their signature drinks that have stood the test of time.

But Harry’s contribution to fine drinking isn’t limited just to these classics alone- he also created several other concoctions that became popular over time such as: Monkey Gland (gin-based), Aviation (a beautiful blue gin-based cocktail) Bronx (sweet vermouth based), Bloodhound (dry vermouth-based) among others.

Today these classic cocktails remain popular not only because of their fantastic taste but also due to their legacy as well as being associated with one-of-a-kind experiences that visitors enjoyed when they patronized Harry’s New York Bar in the early 20th century.

So whether one has a taste for classic or modern cocktails, Harry’s New York Bar is undoubtedly the place to be. So be sure to drop by and indulge yourself in the unique blend of rich history and exceptional cocktails!

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