Experience Comfort and Convenience at the Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan Times Square

Experience Comfort and Convenience at the Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan Times Square

An Overview of Exploring New York Citys Times Square Through Residence Inn by Marriott

The Residence Inn by Marriott has long been known as the go-to place for comfortable and convenient accommodations while visiting New York City’s Times Square. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an extended stay in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, the Residence Inn offers something for everyone. A stay at this hotel puts you right in the heart of all the action, with countless activities and attractions just steps away.

For a unique and immersive experience, start your exploration by taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Times Square from the comfort of your room. The bright neon lights from neighboring buildings will dazzle you, while nearby restaurants offer an array of tempting culinary options. If that wasn’t enough, take a stroll to Rockefeller Center, located conveniently close to major Broadway theaters too! Plus, whether it be standing amid many rather than sitting inside one: checkout shows such as Marvel Universe Live that are specially created for those outside during the warmer months! And don’t forget about Bryant Park – offering respite after a long day of walking or shopping around town.

When you pause between adventures to dine or shop your way through neighborhood favorites like Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – think thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas cooked right before your eyes – or do some whirlwind window shopping along Fifth Avenue – it can all be moments away with lots more at Residence Inn! From evening wine hours on select nights to complimentary coffee & hot breakfast every morning plus weekly BBQ evenings when staying five nights or more – reuniting over deliciousness is quite easily accommodated at Residence Inn by Marriott – Times Square.

Still looking for more? Consider participating in local tours such as Ride Tours which offers hop on/off buses that provide live narration via headphone as they show you dynamic views of central Manhattan monuments from iconic views ranging from Wall Street up to Harlem; enabling locals & sightees alike join together on pursuit for a unique city experience without ever having to leave home (or hotel). Beauty can also be found within smaller NYC gems like MOMA sculpture garden or Central Park; even if compared side-by-side nothing compares to the grandeur displaypresentedbytheeverchangingneonlightsofthefamousTimesSquare. So whatever type adventure brings personal joy make sure its complementedwithanassortmentoflocalexperiencesalltuckednicelyintoyourResidenceInnbyMarriottstaysandgoosebumps await!

Step by Step Guide to Plan Your Visit to Times Square

Step 1: Book Your Accommodation

Whether you’re visiting New York City to experience the hustle and bustle of Times Square, or just passing through for a few days, the first step to planning your visit is to book your accommodation. Depending on your budget, you have plenty of great options – from 5-star hotels to Airbnb’s if you prefer a more immersive experience with locals. Wherever you choose to stay, make sure it is within easy walking (or at least public transportation) distance of Times Square for easy access during your time in the city.

Step 2: Plan Your Activities

Broadway shows, museums, countless restaurants and cafes… Times Square offers an array of activities no matter your interests! Before arriving in NYC, do some research online into the best attractions and shows that are available while your there – most show tickets require advance purchase. There’s so much to see and do around Times Square that it helps to pinpoint ahead of time what activities are on top of your list so you don’t get overwhelmed once there!

Step 3: Check Out the In-City Transportation Options

There are several ways to navigate through New York City whether it be by foot or via various public transportation systems such as train, subway and/or bus). Because you should always plan ahead cautiously due to unforeseeable events such as sudden weather changes or construction closures which may interfere with scheduled times; even if using public transportation it may be wise to chalk out routes ahead time on a map before venturing forth. Doing this will save valuable time – always important when rushing from one attraction spot to another in The Big Apple!

Frequently Asked Questions About Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square

Q: What is the best way to get to Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square?

A: With its convenient location, Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square is easily accessible from multiple transport hubs. The closest airport is LaGuardia Airport (LGA), which can be reached with a 15-mile taxi or car ride. Other nearby airports include Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), both just 20 miles away. If you prefer to take public transportation, hop on the M60 bus outside LaGuardia and take it directly to Times Square, just a short 10-minute walk to the hotel. From JFK and EWR, you can also take an AirTrain that will connect you with local public rail services; this too will bring you right into Times Square in 40 minutes or less! No matter how you arrive, if traveling via public transportation, be sure to consider peak travel times when planning your journey.

Top 5 Facts about Times Square

1. Times Square is the most iconic and visited place in America, drawing more than 40 million visitors a year! This makes it one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections. It is often referred to as the “Crossroads of the World” or “The Great White Way” due to its numerous LED street signs and advertisements.

2. The area was named after The New York Times – At one point of time when the building near One Times Square housed the head offices of this publication, it opted for an illuminated sign as advertising which quickly became a huge success. This moved them to begin moving away from Broadway and build their own space, thus beginning what we know as Times Square today.

3. There are hidden secrets within the architecture – several buildings around 42nd Street have secret entrances like tunnels leading out of Times Square in case of overcrowding or emergencies scenarios where people need quick evacuation routes that are not available to view on site but can be used should anything happen

4 In recent years, there has been an effort to regain some level of normalcy for locals who live near Times Square – Publicly funded initiatives such as pedestrian improvements for travelers on foot have made way for enhanced traffic control around this bustling intersection so that vehicles traffic can flow more freely while allowing people to navigate around safely without crossing lines at dangerous intersections during peak hours

5 New Year’s Eve Celebration at Time Square occurs every December 31st when nearly one million people gather to watch the famous ball drop from atop One Time square – Originally launched by former Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in 1947 it celebrates both Old Year’s Night and New Year’s Day simultaneously with fireworks ringing through downtown Manhattan until midnight when simultaneous cheers erupt from those gathered below on ground Zero.

Experiencing the Local Culture and Cuisine Around Times Square

Times Square is the global epicenter of culture, arts, entertainment, and cuisine. Whether you are visiting New York City or call it home, a trip to Times Square should be on every traveler’s agenda. Experiencing the local culture and cuisine around Times Square is an adventure like no other. From exciting nightlife to hidden gems tucked away in the shadows of skyscrapers, exploring what Times Square has to offer will elevate your time in the city.

Enjoy an Evening out at Local Spots: The lights and excitement bring many people to Times Square each year so there are endless places to explore near the neighborhood. Bars and restaurants make up a large portion of this unique area but art museums and theaters curiously intermix with shops lining vibrant streets that inspire travelers from all over. Taking some time after a day of sightseeing to immerse yourself in the energy created by locals spilling out on Fridays for drinks is one part of experiencing Times Square fully.

Taste Your Way Around: It’s impossible to leave without sampling some amazing dining options throughout the area. There is something for every visitor who discovers new flavors along their journey. If you’re looking for casual cuisine, there’s plenty of food trucks serving up delicious snacks such as pizza slices with sausage mushrooms & onions or specialty burritos with organic avocado-based creamy cilantro sauce; Skip higher end restaurants if money isn’t an option but still want to try out some local flavor then stop by bodegas around the neighborhood offering locally brewed beers and sandy paninis filled with Italian meats & cheeses – Yum!

Shop ‘til You Drop: The only thing better than experiencing some authentic tasting food while being surrounded by lively locals? Shopping your way through avenues lined with popular international stores and smaller boutiques owned by area residents alike. While there are numerous big-name stores like Nike or Sephora for those wanting designer clothes or products; Don’t miss out on exploring little pockets around town like Macy’s Backstage which seemingly never sleeps nor does its frequently updated sales get old folks! For shoppers who prefer unique items you can browse through vintage clothes shops or outdoor markets that offer handmade goods just as iconic as anything else seen around town – A great way to commemorate your trip here & take some NYC culture/style back home with you!

No trip into Times Square is complete without giving yourself ample opportunities to experience both its lifestyle and range of activities offered almost daily; be sure not go late before adding checking off the list of these exciting discoveries! From eating well prepared meals at local eateries while admiring theatrical performances across grand avenues – To finding some peculiar souvenirs among discarded items lining street corners – Every corner explored brings more life into an already bustling oasis meant exclusively designed with tourists satisfaction always on their mind :)

Other Recommendations When Visiting New York Citys Times Square

Visiting New York City’s iconic Times Square is a tradition for locals and tourists alike. Whether you are taking in the Broadway shows, world-renowned shopping scene, or just soaking up the atmosphere, there is plenty to do in this lively area of town. However, there are many other activities that make the Times Square area a great place to experience. Here are some of our top recommendations when visiting New York City’s Times Square:

Take in the View from One World Observatory – Witness all of New York City’s magnificent skyline from the observatory decks on the 100th-102nd floors of One World Trade Center at 1 WTC. Marvel at Manhattan’s unique architecture and enjoy looking out past Lady Liberty with clear visibility as far away as 50 miles!

Explore Culture at Museum Mile – Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue to explore cultural institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum, El Museo del Barrio, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and numerous other art galleries. Make sure you pack your camera to capture all their aesthetic beauty!

Get Thrifty at K & Y Discount Store – You never know what treasures you will uncover while shopping at this vibrant discount store located near West 48th Street. With merchandise ranging from apparel to electronics, K & Y Discount Store has something for everyone.

Eat Your Way Around Times Square – From casual cafes to upscale restaurants offering exquisite cuisines – Times Square has it all! Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Italian eats or authentic South Asian flavors – you can find something delicious without breaking your budget here!

Catch a Show – No visit to Times Square would be complete without catching one of its signature Broadway theatre productions! Tons of incredible talent performs nightly in plays like “The Lion King” or “Wicked” so don’t miss out on these star-studded shows.

Visit Toys ‘R Us -Step into an immense toy store filled with all kinds of fun across different categories including electronics, video games, action figures and more. . A perfect destination for families visiting this vibrant part of town!.

With these options plus much more available in NYC’s famous Times Square neighborhood your trip should be full sights and sounds that won’t soon be forgotten!

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Experience Comfort and Convenience at the Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan Times Square
Experience Comfort and Convenience at the Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan Times Square
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