Experience the Magic of Times Square at Hampton Inn!

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How to Enjoy the Best of Times Square by Staying at Hampton Inn

At Hampton Inn, we know that Times Square is the center of New York City and the ultimate destination for fun and entertainment. Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple to catch a show on Broadway or enjoy a shopping spree at world-class retailers, we have everything you need to make your stay special. Here’s how to enjoy the best of Times Square by staying with us at Hampton Inn:

The Location – Being in Times Square means never having to worry about getting around. With subway lines routes and bus options right outside our front door, taking in all the sights and sounds of The City That Never Sleeps has never been easier. Plus, because we are only steps away from renowned attractions such as Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center, experiencing the area is a breeze.

The Amenities – A key ingredient in any successful vacation is making sure you have access to all your favorite amenities. From flat screen TVs with cable access, complimentary High Speed Internet Access, coffee makers and more options then you can shake a stick at – no detail will be left behind during your stay with us! And when it comes time for some grub; grab something from our oven-ready Market or take advantage of free hot breakfast every morning!

The Comfort – As always; comfort is one of our top priorities here at Hampton Inn Times Square South Hotel. Whether you opt for a room featuring stunning views of The Great White Way or one overlooking tranquil Bryant Park; you’ll certainly rest easy after long days spent exploring Manhattan’s beloved sights and activities. Ready for an upgrade? Opting for one of our suites allows guests to experience a luxurious stay with added perks such as pillowtop mattresses perfect for settling into much-needed restful bliss after days filled with NYC adventures!

At Hampton Inn, we pride ourselves on offering visitors the best experience possible during their visit to Times Square – come see why it pays off staying with us during your next getaway!

Step by Step: Plan Your Trip to Times Square with Hampton Inn

Travel preparation is essential for any trip, and if you’re planning a visit to Times Square in New York City, that preparation can involve quite a lot of research and coordination. To help make the process easier, here are some suggested steps to plan an enjoyable trip to Times Square with Hampton Inn.

Step 1: Research Your Destination – Take some time to conduct research about the ins-and-outs of Times Square. Check out sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp for reviews from actual travelers and find out what attractions may be found in this busy NYC district. This will help create an itinerary of things to do once you arrive.

Step 2: Book Transportation – Decide how you’ll be getting there by determining the closest airport or train station to your destination. You’ll also need to book transportation from the airport/train station over to your hotel as well as onward transportation during subsequent days of your stay, such as public transit, taxi or rideshare services. Do some research on reliable companies that specialize in transport options so that you can secure a safe and comfortable ride every time.

Step 3: Reserve Hotel Accommodations – Now it’s time to book an affordable place to stay during your trip so you won’t be left bartering at crowded hostels on arrival day! Opting for an industry leader like Hampton Inn means clean rooms with modern amenities and high quality service in desirable locations around Times Square itself! With free continental breakfasts included along with WiFi (also free), visitors enjoy convenience and low rates when they select this particular option among all available hotels in NYC near this world famous area.

Step 4: Make Dining Plans – Don’t let yourself end up waiting hours for a table directly outside Dave & Busters! Utilize the same type of review sites reviewed earlier and locate popular restaurants within walking distance of your hotel—or even closer if you don’t mind taking the subway somewhere else first before deciding where you’ll be dining each night. Once again professionalism reigns supreme here when using industry standards like OpenTable which offers reservations through their app or website simplifying the whole process throughout especially during peak traffic periods.

Step 5: Look Into Tours – Sure it’s nice enough just walking around but why not take it up one notch higher? Find group tours in Times Square or neighborhood tours offered by locals who know interesting tidbits about local history along the way — creating fun insight alongside great photo ops together! Websites such as Viator make this whole process a breeze with allowing advanced booking online so then all that’s needed is showing up!

Step 6: Finalize Scheduling Details – Now would also be a good time pass double check everything on trips working off individual traveler preferences keeping scenarios entirely adjustable prior final departure days remain clear – easing worries when reisstering tickets/accommodations involved high cost activities amidst priceless memories being built next week – starting today after clicking thru user friendly HamptonInn website agreeing tips presented allow simple step directions finally realizing idealistic vision next family holiday becomes securely booked dream come true making completion entire journey lasting impression greater pleasure indeed afterwards!

FAQs About Planning a Trip to Times Square with Hampton Inn

Q: What sort of activities can I take part in while visiting Times Square?

A: Times Square is a bustling hub of entertainment, offering something for everyone to enjoy. From live theater performances to blockbuster movie premieres, it’s the epicenter of arts and culture in New York City. You can also opt to go shopping along Fifth Avenue, explore Broadway musicals and plays, or enjoy some of the impressive architecture around you. Moreover, if you’re looking for nightlife excitement, many trendy bars and clubs are in the area. Staying at Hampton Inn will put you at the heart of it all!

Q: What kind of restaurants nearby?

A: You’ll have plenty of dining options available just steps away from your Hampton Inn Times Square hotel room! Whether you’re craving a classic American meal or an exotic ethnic cuisine- there’s something for every taste so close by – several notable fast casual eateries such as Shake Shack & Chipotle Mexican Grill are located within three blocks radius from your hotel (plus more local favorites in the area too!). If you’d prefer a sit-down dinner with friends – don’t worry you’re still covered as there’s an array of pizzerias, burger joints and upscale restaurants that’ll satisfy most palettes.

Q: Are there any popular attractions & shopping malls nearby?

A: Of course! Times Square is 1 block away on Broadway where attractions such as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum are located along with tons stores open late including toy stores and other souvenir shops! The neighborhood also offers easy access to one of the biggest central hubs for retail therapy- The Shops at Columbus Circle Mall (1 mile away) – where you can find over 600+ brands under 1 roof including Coach, Saks Fifth Avenueand H&M.

Top 5 Facts About Staying at Hampton Inn in the Heart of Times Square

1. Central Location: Staying at Hampton Inn in the Heart of Times Square puts you front and center for all the action! The famous attractions, theater district, and world class shopping boutiques are conveniently located within walking distance no matter which direction you venture out in. All major subway lines are moments away from the front door offering easy access around town without adding to cab fare.

2. Spacious Accommodations: In such a dense area, few hotels within walking distance offer spacious accommodations; but fear not Hampton Inn has preemptively accounted for this with rooms boasting most generous square footage relative to their peers. Additional room amenities include free WiFi access, complimentary water bottles, and comfortable Hilton beds that were designed with your ultimate comfort in mind!

3. Fine Dining & Refreshing Libation: A seemingly never ending stream of flavor awaits those daring travelers visiting on an empty stomach thanks to multiple dining and drinking establishments located throughout the hotel interior as well as nearby surrounding area. Savor the extensive selection of local delicacies or enjoy a classic cocktail made by some of NYC’s finest mixologists!

4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Protocols: Endless hustle and bustle doesn’t translate into haphazard living or environmentally destructive cleaning measures; Oh no quite the opposite actually– Hampton Inn has taken great strides towards becoming a more eco-friendly hotel implementing enhanced sanitation protocols that are sure to put your mind at ease while keeping both mother nature and fellow visitors safe!

5. Customer Service Galore!: As any traveler worth their salt can attest– customer service goes along way! You’ll find exactly that here at Hampton Inn in the Heart of Times Square–where courtesy is embedded deep into staffs DNA making sure every guest feels warm welcome during their secure stay inside our happy home away from home!

Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay in Times Square with Hampton Inn

A stay in Times Square is like no other experience. It’s a highly charged environment of energy, lights, and activity that’s both exciting and overwhelming. Whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time, there are ways to make the most of your experience with Hampton Inn. To help you get the most out of your stay here are some insider tips:

• Take advantage of Hampton Inn’s complimentary shuttle bus service to get around town without the hassle of taxis or traffic woes. The shuttles run frequently around the area, so don’t worry about sticking to set pickup times – just hop off at one spot and jump back on when you’re ready!

• With so many spectacular shows and attractions in Times Square it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. Maximize your itinerary by considering the various package deals available from Hampton Inn. From Broadway tickets to dining deals, they have all sorts of combination packages that can save you money while making sure that you see everything Times Square has to offer!

• For something different – make sure to check out some lesser known attractions such as Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum and Madame Tussauds wax museum for an esoteric twist on sightseeing. Both attractions offer discounts if you book through Hamptons Inn – how can that be beaten?

• For those wanting a break from the hustle and bustle – head down one block south where landmarked Bryant Park provides calm respite lined with trees while hosting art exhibitions and seasonal events along with free WiFi access!

• Look no further than Hamptons Inns 24-hour pantry for late-night cravings – stocked full with snacks, drinks & convenience items for every taste bud (including gluten free options) –it will satisfy any hungry stomach in no time!

• BONUS TIP – As if their hospitality couldn’t get any better – Hampton Inn has recently added a coffee station on selected floors offering freshly brewed Keurig coffee at all waking hours for guests who just need a caffeine boost throughout their stay!

Unforgettable Moments: Experiencing the Magic of Times Square from Hampton Inn

A trip to Times Square in New York City is an experience like no other. The bright, flashing lights and vibrant energy make it a top tourist destination and bucket-list item. That’s why Hampton Inn has chosen to provide an unforgettable experience with their Hampton Inn Unforgettable Moments: Experiencing the Magic of Times Square package.

The two-night stay begins when you enter your comfortable guest room at the property located on Broadway. With views of the iconic neon signs and sounds of NYC life right outside your window, you’ll be inspired by city buzz even before heading out onto the streets. Then, be prepared for your first nighttime tour of Times Square! A Signature Black Car VIP chauffeur will take you around on a private ride where you can take in all the sights without missing a beat. Witnessing this world-famous SoHo spectacle from the comfort of your car ensures that you won’t miss any iconic skyline views or landmarks which are sure to captivate those seeking a unique visual feast.

For memorabilia collectors, feel free to capture these moments with high-quality takes using professional photos taken during this special package program! As if seeing one of Earth’s most modern and energetic places everywhere aren’t enough for an awe-inspiring adventure – never fear! Fun-filled activities such as exclusive backstage access to see real shows filmed live in town provides guaranteed entertainment and sweet memories after every trip back home away from home. Plus, exclusive discounts at select eateries give visitors chance to explore menus crafted with love by passionate local chefs – experiences sure to tantalize taste buds while burning fat wallets far less than through regular menus!

When it comes time to retire after all senses have been satisfied, rest up with heartwarming hospitality awaiting inside hotel walls including delicious breakfast treats and free WiFi access throughout duration of stayaway days here at Hampton Inn’s Unforgettable Moments: Experiencing the Magic of Times Square package! Expect satisfaction knowing that when choosing this accommodation service provider always delivers best for our wonderful customers; No need for doubts – we guarantee perfect times ahead each anytime reserve through invitation bookings connected straight from heartsiest commercial biz leaders based across entire Manhattan grounds!

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