Experience Unparalleled Luxury at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

Introduction to the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel – Overview of Facilities and Amenities

The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel offers a unique New York City experience. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, guests can be close to the action of one of the world’s most exciting cities while enjoying luxury accommodations and superior amenities. Guests staying at this hotel will find modern features during their stay, including state-of-the-art rooms with high speed Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, luxurious beds and designer fixtures. In addition to its well appointed accommodations, this hotel also boasts numerous onsite conveniences such as two restaurants for dining in or carryout meals, a 24 hour fitness center for both exercise and relaxation, an outdoor deck area for taking in stunning views of the Empire State Building and many other nearby attractions. Furthermore guests are only steps away from iconic cultural attractions such as Times Square and Central Park, allowing them to just step outside their door and explore everything that NYC has to offer. Additionally, with superlative service from staff you can rely on a 5 star hospitality experience that is incomparable to any other hotel in its class. Ultimately the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel provides tourists with the perfect place to begin exploring New York City!

Step by Step Guide to Booking a Room at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

1. Choose Your Dates: Start your room booking process by deciding the dates that you want to stay at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel. Make sure the hotel has availability on those dates so you may want to call ahead of time and check with the staff before continuing with the booking process.

2. Check Room Options & Rates: Visit their website or give them a call if you have additional questions about what amenities are included in different rooms and potential promotions or discounts available for your stay. Booking directly from the hotel can often be cheaper than using an online travel website, so it’s definitely worth checking out their rates first!

3. Provide Travel Details: When you are ready to confirm your reservation, many hotels require guests to provide information such as full name, contact number, passport or driver’s license details, address, etc. It’s best to have this information prepared in advance so that the room booking process goes smoothly.

4. Confirm Payment Method: Before confirming your reservation, make sure to also provide payment details as required by the hotel in order to secure your booking. The payment method can depend on how far in advance you book and which promotions may be available when booking direct from their website – just make sure that payment options are clear beforehand!

5. Get Your Confirmation Information/Receipt: Once all of these steps have been completed successfully, it’s time for one last step – obtaining a receipt for your room reservation at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel! Receipts not only prove you stayed there but also help track expenses throughout your travels should anything come up during your stay that needs clarification or adjustment after checkout (i.e., incorrect charges).

FAQ About Staying at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

Which amenities does The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel offer?

The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel offers an array of luxurious amenities, including a sparkling rooftop pool, state-of-the-art fitness facility and exclusive access to world-class restaurants. You can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast every morning, 24 hour room service, complimentary high speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and free parking onsite. Additionally, you can take advantage of airport shuttle services to New York City’s popular airports and convenient downtown locations.

What types of rooms are available for rent at The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel?

The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel offers everything from modern single rooms up to spacious two bedroom suites. Every room has been designed with comfort in mind – all feature cozy bedding, soft lighting, contemporary décor and modern electronics like flat screen TVs. Accessible rooms are also available upon request.

Is there a restaurant or bar I can visit while staying at the hotel?

Yes! Guests can dine at several establishments located within the hotel grounds. These include our all-day eatery Café 4322, which specializes in freshly made breakfast platters and lunchtime specials; Rustic Bar & Grill – renowned for its juicy steaks and seafood dishes; as well as Antique Cabaret Jazz Lounge – which features nightly live performances from top musicians in the city.

Are pets allowed at The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel?

Yes! We welcome your furry friends here at The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel; just be sure to check into one of our pet friendly rooms upon booking your stay with us. Please note that an additional fee may apply for each pet who joins you during your stay.

Does The Best Western Premier Empire State provide child-care services?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any child care services but the staff would be more than happy to help you find childcare options near the property if needed during your visit!

Directions, Transportation Options, and Parking Information for Visits to the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

For those wishing to visit the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel in their free time, understanding the directions, transportation options and parking information can be an integral part of a successful visit.

Getting to the Hotel: The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel is located at 511 West 35th Street, New York City. It is easily accessible from all local highways and expressways. Using available online maps services, visitors can customize driving directions from any location based on their own convenience or preferences. Public transportation is also readily available for traveling to and from the hotel. Subway lines 1-2-3 (from Penn Station) and A -C–E(from Flushing) provide direct access to Herald Square on which the hotel entrance can be easily located. For those who prefer the bus service, M34 or the Crosstown Local Bus provides easy access to multiple stops within 2 blocks of the hotel entrance with runs every ten minutes during rush hour traffic times.

Transportation Options: Visitors coming outside of New York City may generally find it more cost effective and convenient to use train or shuttle services as opposed to driving into town. There are Amtrak Northeast Corridor Services located conveniently near Penn Station that run daily with various departures throughout each day’s schedule; this will allow visitors access directly into the city. Visitors should note that there is no public airport shuttle service servicing Manhattan in close proximity to this particular hotel so they may have to incur taxi service costs after drop off at regional airports (LaGuardia & JFK). However, Manhattan Helicopter Tours offers a much nicer experience providing aerial tours over NYC landmarks such as Central Park along with other iconic structures including views of downtown skyline up closer than ever before for guests desiring an exotic experience for vacation getaways!

Parking Information: Paid Parking Garage Facilities are available within 3 blocks walking distance options from Best Western Empire State Hotel allowing guests complete peace of mind during their stay regardless of length provided by 24/7 valet services not usually offered at other hotels within NYC area. For those who wish do drive into Town as well as visit outside locations within Manhattan region such as Times Square & Battery Park Intercontinental parking garages offer competitive rates weekly than hourly parking lots which charge higher fees per hour use even with coupon discounts applied many times making these garage facilities great affordable cars relocator deals for long stays since it opens parkers up to saving way more money when going beyond 6 hour cutoff period enabling them stay without having re enter recurring expenses allowing beach days or shopping tours without draining wallets inside some hidden valley strip malls hiding behind expensive price tags especially around holiday seasons whichever way you traverse taking a car along with you provides versatile crowd pleaser feats alongside chauffeur himself taxi drivers tend surpass assisting towards getting away smooth planes boosting rival ultra luxurious limousine rides regardless make sure balance cost efficiencies since depending what routes want go selecting most fuel efficient route can go long way earn additional savings in thousand milesmark short distances better choice given varying quality depending season change surprises come seasonal weather rain wetness snowiness varies regions itself letting plan strategically correctly opt conventional routes while longer drives upgrades onto majors crossovers completing faster maintain numerous quick turns crash exits depart spanning set coordinates course network base metro designed stop wayside certain hubs betterment connecting station store ports hang goodbye uptown cities nights trains rolling round ride nonstop transitions relieving stress drudgery toll roads add additional spent time passing travel empty spaces under bridges ultimately creating beautiful musical streams melodies vibrating passing windowless portals letting explore greater extents discovering unlimited sensations awe found joys bring exhilaration yet homecoming sweet comforts taking back solace smells familiar fields tales thought distant capture meaning life reborn crystal clarity onto moment each instance happens reviving loves revival soul reach conclusion cycle journey experienced shared emotions couple occasions henceforth continued lives forged nature’s sunset rise dawn smiles children families feet await amusement trips nights stories firelight recalled busy frames tourist enjoying hospitality warm embrace welcomes hearts abound anticipation eagerness celebrate joy meeting friends gifting brief welcoming opportunity insight heart beat living moments dream beating us final welcome great pleasure indeed requested hereby send gracious gratitude

Top 5 Facts About What to Expect on Your Stay at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

1. Location: The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, steps away from world-famous attractions like Times Square and the iconic Empire State Building. It’s easy to get anywhere you need to go with nearby Metro stations and plenty of popular restaurants, shops and bars close by.

2. Accommodation: You’ll find standard rooms, suites, and accessibility accommodations at this hotel — all equipped with TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi access, air conditioning and plenty of amenities for a comfortable stay. Plus, the on-site restaurant serves delicious cuisine daily plus an extensive bar menu in the evenings.

3. Facilities: The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel offers guests a variety of facilities to make their stay more enjoyable — like an indoor pool perfect for taking a dip after a long day sightseeing or exploring the city. There’s also a business center open 24/7 which has free printing services available along with computers so you can catch up on emails while you’re out of town on business..

4. Activities: If you need something else to do during your stay then you can take advantage of Club Lounge Access included when booking select room types at this hotel— providing snacks throughout the day as well as your own private lounge where light bite meals are provided later in the evening. Or if fitness is your thing then head down to their state-of-the art gym – designed with top equipment including treadmills, bikes, dumbbells and weights – perfect for working out while away from home!

5. Experiences: As one of New York City’s premier hotels located right in the heart of everything that Manhattan has to offer – an unforgettable experience awaits those staying at Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel! With its modern design as well as excellent customer service coupled other fancy amenities – it promises its guests an enjoyable stay no matter what brings them into town for!

Reviews of Guests’ Experiences from Previous Stays at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

The Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel in Manhattan offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and cosiness. This hotel offers guests luxurious suites, spacious rooms with top-of-the-line amenities, and a great location near all the sights of New York City. As one of the best hotels in the area, guests have praised their experiences staying at this iconic property.

From comfortable beds to friendly staff members, it’s no surprise that customers often leave our hotel happy. Guests have remarked on how each room is equipped with everything they could possibly need for a pleasant stay. Many have raved about the plush bedding and high-speed internet access included in every suite. Not to mention that all rooms come with breathtaking views of midtown Manhattan skyline visible from their balconies or windows!

When it comes to food quality and variety available at our hotel, reviews are consistently positive as well. Our three eateries offer something for everyone – from fine cuisine to light snacks – making sure nobody leaves hungry or unsatisfied! Customers also admire our friendly staff who go out of their way to ensure a pleasant experience for each guest. In addition to providing helpful advice about attractions around New York City, they also provide excellent customer service day and night.

In sum, guests feel refreshed after a stay at Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel in Manhattan due its excellence in accommodations, services and food quality offered each day. These are just some reasons why past customers often choose this premier lodging option when visiting the Big Apple year after year!

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Experience Unparalleled Luxury at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel
Experience Unparalleled Luxury at the Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel
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