Exploring Middle Island, NY: A Guide to This Unique Town

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Where is Middle Island, NY?

Middle Island, NY is a hamlet located in the Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County, New York on the South Shore of Long Island. Middle Island is known for it’s picturesque ponds, woodlands and wetlands. It was originally a farming community and home to many nursery companies and farms. Today, Middle Island is a residential community that still enjoys an abundance of unique natural surroundings where one can find plenty of recreational activities such as fishing and boating. The town includes quaint historic districts such as Cave-In-Rock Historic District and Turner’s Pond Historic District which are popular destinations for bird watching and hiking. Middle Island is convenient to shopping plazas, schools, golf courses, parks and public transportation hubs that provide easy access to nearby towns and New York City itself. All of this makes Middle Island a desirable spot to live with its quiet atmosphere while still being near all the modern conveniences you need!

What Streets Make Up the Boundaries of Middle Island, NY?

Middle Island, New York is a hamlet situated within the Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County and lies just south of the Long Island Expressway (I-495). The hamlet is bordered by several streets – each of different length anchoring the traditional community boundaries.

To the west, Middle Island is comprised between Johnson Avenue to its east, Middle Country Road (New York State Route 25) running north to south, and Station Road to its west. This stretch of road is approximately 1.1 miles in distance between these two points. All three roads extend into private neighborhoods full of lush greenery that can be explored as well.

To the north, Coram-Mt Sinai Road runs for nearly 4 miles from Yaphank Avenue near Coram all the way Westwood Drive located steps from Mt. Sinai Harbor just outside the northern limits of Middle Island along Long Island Sound beachside shores adding up to 3.97 miles in total length . At intersections with Partition Avenue, Locust Avenue and Hutchinson Court there has been talk about rezoning these areas in recent years that may slightly alter this boundary under new jurisdiction laws down the line before any changes reach fruition though speculation remains mostly speculative at this point .

Finally heading southeast towards Ridge lies Horsesheba Highway another 2 mile stretch where it crosses paths with North Street before veering true east back towards Blue Point Bay making up a solid 2 mile run in traditional Little island borders tracing back some

What is the Population of Middle Island, NY?

Middle Island is an area located in Suffolk County, New York, on the south shore of Long Island. As of 2019 estimates, the population of Middle Island was 16,614. This represents a slight decrease of 0.7% from the 2010 census population which recorded a population of 16,730.

Middle Island is part of the Brookhaven Township and consists mainly of small hamlets such as Yaphank and South Ridge with modern houses and developments. Middle Island’s population has been affected by international winds in recent years; while native Americans (Indians) have formed the largest group historically in this area since colonial times, newcomers from Latin America make up now more than 20%of Middle Island’s inhabitants. Furthermore, many Asians call Middle Island home as well-close to 10%.

The strong influx of both Latino and Asian residents has greatly changed Middle Islands demographics in recent years where it has become one of most culturally diverse areas on Long Island not just for its size but for its increased variety when compared with larger towns nearby like Smithtown and Huntington Station. Despite these changes however, economics remains largely untouched with a median income that falls far below New York State’s average due to large numbers immigrants working low wage jobs as domestic help or in retail/service/manufacturing industries. This reflects into 28% poverty rate which was higher than state average already in 1999 according to public record data compiled by US Census Bureau at that time.

What Are Some Popular Attractions in Middle Island, NY?

Middle Island, NY is an unincorporated hamlet in Suffolk County on the East End of Long Island. It was founded in 1692, and today it retains its small-town charm with winding roads, rolling hills and lush green meadows. With its many natural attractions, Middle Island offers something for every visitor to enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions in Middle Island is the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. Located on a 40-acre property, this historic site offers visitors perspective into life during the early 19th century through guided tours of the historic homestead and outbuildings, interactive exhibits, nature trails and educational programming. The homestead has been preserved as an example of early homesite construction for more than 200 years. The center is also home to a variety of wildlife such as heron, egrets and waterfowl which can be observed from a birdwatching deck overlooking one of five ponds that make up the wetlands surrounding it.

The Lake Ronkonkoma Historic District is another popular attraction located near Middle Island. This treasure trove of Victorian and Bungalow style homes dates back to 1910 when developer Christian Bussing built three dozen luxurious homes along Lake Ronkonkoma’s shoreline with amenities such as varied elevations and terraces designed to draw in summer crowds lured by hotel bands performing ragtime classics at no charge! Today guests can walking or driving tours around this magnificent area which still retains its original

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