Exploring the Iconic Patsys of NYC: A Trip Through Pizza History

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Introduction to NYCs Iconic Patsys Pizza

Patsy’s Pizza, located in the heart of NYC, is a slice of pizza paradise for many. From its history dating back to the 1930s and its Italian roots, Patsy’s has been delighting New Yorkers with their unique style and flavor for generations. Whether you’re a tourist looking for the authentic experience or a lifelong native who loves the taste, Patsy’s iconic pizza is sure to satisfy all your cravings.

The story of Patsy’s began with Sicilian immigrant Gennaro Lombardi who opened the original location near East Harlem in 1933. Back then, it was one of very few establishments that served pizza pie and quickly gained notoriety as customers were enthralled by this delicacy from across the pond. Today, that store still stands strong, much like it did over 80 years ago when it first opened its doors.

What separates Patsy’s pizza from traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas is its hand-rolled dough and signature tomato sauce which feature proprietary mixtures containing fresh herbs including oregano, basil and garlic. This special blend creates a unique flavor profile that can only be found at this iconic restaurant. Of course Patsy’s also offers classic topping combinations such as pepperoni or sausage as well as more creative options like spinach with mushrooms or eggplant Parmigiana pie – both equally savory and delicious!

Not only has Patsy’s been able to take advantage of their upscale ingredients but they also have mastered wood burning ovens allowing them to achieve just the right crust texture without overcooking and drying out toppings on higher temperatures while preserving moisture inside each slice making sure you get an even heat throughout your meal every time. The average 12 inch prosciutto pasta pie can take around 15 minutes to bake up giving off an irresistible aroma enticing visitors near and far – some come just for the smell after all! In fact these days many praise Patsys Pizza not just for great food but also for its atmosphere offering respite away from city hustle being perfect spot for families or friends looking for quick yet quality eats any day of week or night until 1am Friday thru Saturday .

Whether grabbing a personal pan with melted cheese or generously sized 18 inch deep dish stuffed with freshly cut vegetables there’s little chance this establishment won’t lead one on path towards pizza paradise

How to Experience the Best Slices of Patsys

Most people may not know this, but Patsy’s is one of the most iconic pizza places in New York City. People come from all over to try the legendary slices that no other place can match. But if you want to get the absolute best out of your Patsy’s experience, you must follow these simple steps.

First, always look for those nice big slices they offer. Not only are they bigger and more filling, but they also have that perfect blend of tomatoes and cheese that can’t be found anywhere else. This is key because it ensures your slice will taste just as fresh as if it was made right now instead of sitting out hours before.

Next, order a couple of extra toppings! Going with just cheese may sound like an easy way out – and there’s nothing wrong with it – but why not go for something more exciting? Try adding some mushrooms or sausage to give your slice a little bit of fire and spice. Adding these extras can take your slice from great to incredible; plus, Patsy’s won’t charge you too much for them so why not try them all!

Finally, don’t forget about the sauce! Some pizza places are shy on crucial ingredient: sauce. Not at Patsy’s though – their homemade tomato sauce is renowned throughout NYC for being delicious and flavorful. Smother your entire slice (and maybe even keep a spoonful or two on the side) and revel in how good pizza can really be when done right!

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy one hell of a slice at Patsy’s every single time

Step-by-Step Guide for Eating at Patsys

Are you a fan of classic New York City-style pizza, with its crunchy yet chewy crust, savory and tangy sauce, and thick layers of redolent cheese? Patsys is the place to go for authentic Italian pizza in Manhattan. But before you grab a table at the iconic restaurant, here is a step-by-step guide to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Step 1: Reserve Your Table – Be sure to reserve your table ahead of time. One thing that makes Patsys so popular is how crowded it can get! Don’t be left having to wait outside in line or miss out on the fun altogether—call ahead and ensure you have a spot waiting for you when you arrive.

Step 2: Dress Accordingly – As with anywhere else in Manhattan, dressing up for Patsys will make your evening much more special. Choose something chic but comfortable that celebrates the classic NYC atmosphere!

Step 3: Choose Your Meal – Make sure to look through Patsy’s menu before coming. It’s a great way to decide what type of pizza you want — from pepperoni and sausage pies to Thai Curry Chicken pizzas—so that everyone in your party finds something they love.

Step 4: Get Comfortable – Once seated, revel in the hustle and bustle of downtown NYC while settling into your surroundings with friends or family. Enjoy some classic appetizers like calamari or mozzarella sticks as well as salads before digging into their celebrated pies!

Step 5: Share Some Pizza – Taking out the hassle with each person wanting his own personal pie, hit “Pizza For Sharing” on the menu instead! Patsys offers entrée style specialty pizzas like White Clam Pie that are cut into at least six slices each so everyone gets an ample taste without needing individual orders for dozens of people!

Step 6: Select Your Dessert – Last but not least don’t forget dessert! With plenty of options from gelato and ricotta cheesecake, using this classic eatery as your sweet end cap isn’t a bad call either. Depending on how many people attended dinner adding one dessert could be enough for all within those four walls–and if it isn’t then sharing slices around until empty still leaves no one wanting more than necessary…or needing room for their last scoop of gelato anyway just saying 😉

FAQs about Finding and Enjoying the Best Slice of Patsys Pizza

Q: What sets Patsys Pizza apart from other pizzas?

A: Patsys Pizza stands out because it uses only the freshest ingredients. Their dough is made from scratch daily and hand-tossed, with premium Italian cheese and traditional tomato sauce. Their toppings are sourced locally whenever possible for an extra hint of flavor. Plus, the experts at Patsys ensure that each slice is cooked to perfection in a wood burning oven for a crispy crust you won’t find anywhere else!

Q: What type of toppings can I expect on Patsys pizza?

A: At Patsys, you can enjoy pizza piled high with your favorite classic or gourmet toppings such as mozzarella, garlic, pepperoni, bell peppers and sausage plus specialty meats like Prosciutto di Parma or artichoke hearts –making it as customizable as you’d like. In addition they also feature farm-fresh vegetables to create one of their signature veggie pies. Finally, all pizzas are freshly dressed with olive oil and herbs before being served up piping hot!

Q: How do I make sure I get the best quality pizza when ordering from Patsys?

A: Each slice of pizza is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients just before serving — ensuring that your order arrives hot and delicious every time! The team at Patsys always recommends preheating your oven to guarantee a crisp exterior for your pie A wide selection of delicious sides, including salads and antipasto platters, make perfect accompaniments to complete any meal. So don’t forget to ask about adding some deli favorites like marinated mushrooms or roasted eggplant too.

Top 5 Facts about Patsys Pizza

1. Patsy’s Pizza has been serving up Italian soul food in New York City since 1933. Founded by Pasquale “Patsy” Lancieri on 116th Street, Patsy’s is the only pizzeria in New York City to have remained owned and operated by the same family for over 85 years! It remains one of NYC’s favorite pizza spots to this day.

2. Patsys offers three signature pies; grandma pie, original coal oven pizza, and NY Style thin crust. The Grandma Pie is an old-fashioned Sicilian style pie that includes fresh tomatoes and basil, extra virgin olive oil and freshly grated cheeses! If a customer orders coal oven pizza, they are guaranteed perfectly cooked every time due to an intense heat which bakes the sauce deep into the dough leaving them with a crispy yet tender bite. Although NY style thin crust can be seen anywhere throughout NYC, at Patsys it is dough unlike any other that unleashes a flavor and texture like no other!

3. Not only does Patsys offer classic pizza options but they also have seafood-based pies such as siciliana topped with anchovies and capers or white clam with garlic and oregano. They also offer traditional Italian dishes including chicken Parmigiana, veal Milanese and eggplant rollatini as well salads braised artichokes & cannellini beans or insalata della nonna featuring roasted peppers & onions in aged balsamic vinegar among other delicious items perfect for sharing before your meal or even taking home as leftovers!

4. Alongside their traditional brick-oven brick-oven pies they also take their commitment to sustainability seriously by offering a vegan friendly wood-fired Margarita pie topped with Daiya dairy free cheese lovingly crafted specially for vegetarian customers who want all the flavors of true authentic Italian cuisine without having to worry about animal products being used in preparation!

5. An integral part of New York culture isn’t just great food but exciting events showcasing unique cultures from across the world -and this desire for celebration belongs at Pasty’s too! During the summer months patrons can attend outdoor screenings of classic movies at their East Harlem location complete with popcorn chicken parmigiana sandwiches plus slices of course (all paired perfectly with beer or wine)! Whether you’re looking for an intimate sit down date night specialty dishes or large family gatherings rotary party styled pizza service Patsys exceeds expectations while providing delicious fare memorable experiences every time you come through their doors !

Wrap Up: What You Need to Know About New Yorks Iconic Patsys Pizza

Patsy’s Pizza is one of the most iconic pizza restaurants in all of New York City. It has been a staple in NYC since its founding in 1933, making it one of the oldest pizzerias in the city. Patsy’s is known for its thin crust pizza made with simple and fresh ingredients, giving it a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. With its two locations in Harlem and the East Village, patrons are sure to find an unbeatable experience they won’t soon forget.

Patsy’s thin-crust pizzas are made with 00 Caputo Flour and San Marzano tomatoes imported directly from Italy. The combination results in a light yet flavorful product that has become an essential part of New York culture – not only for pasta lovers but for fans of Italian cuisine as well. Extremely popular toppings at this restaurant include pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage and peppers. Customers also have the option to build their own pies or choose from Patsy’s delicious pre-made signature specialties such as their classic Margherita dish or signature Grandma Pie.

An incomparable atmosphere complete with some of the friendliest staff members around bring loyal customers back time and time again to enjoy all that Patsy’s has to offer. Since there can sometimes be long wait times due to its large popularity, it is recommended to reserve a table beforehand if possible – which you can now do online as well! This legendary shop offers pickup as well as delivery day and night, while still getting homesick New Yorkers their fix even when they can’t make it into either location on any given day!

Known locally as “the king of all pizza places,” Patys Pizza still stands tall after almost 90 years as one of New York City’s best-known restaurants In conclusion, if you are looking for an unbeatable slice of deliciousness — coupled with excellent customer service — look no further than Patsy’s Pizza: the iconic establishment that puts quality over quantity every single time!

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