Folding Pizza: A Guide to New York City Pizza Etiquette

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Introduction: The Debate Over Whether New Yorkers Should Fold Their Pizza

The debate over whether New Yorkers should fold their pizza has been an ongoing source of contention in the Big Apple for many decades. On one hand, it is seen as a tradition to fold the pizza when eating it, and on the other, some argue that folding it ruins the flavor and texture of the pizza. Both sides have valid arguments, and the debate is likely to continue for years to come.

Pizza-folding purists argue that folding the pizza is a long-standing tradition in the city, and that folding it allows for the pizza to be eaten with minimal mess and maximum flavor. They argue that folding the pizza helps to keep all the toppings in place, as well as keeping the pizza warm while eating. It also helps to evenly distribute the sauce and cheese throughout the pizza, and allows for the pizza to

What Is the Debate About New York-Style Pizza Folding?

The debate about New York-style pizza folding is a topic that has been hotly debated among pizza aficionados for decades. This debate centers around the question of whether or not it is acceptable to fold a pizza slice when eating. Many people argue that folding a slice of pizza is the only way to eat a New York-style pizza, while others believe that it is improper and should not be done.

Proponents of folding a slice of pizza argue that folding it allows for easier eating, as well as helping to keep the toppings from sliding off. They also point out that folding a slice of pizza is a long-standing tradition in New York, and is a way for pizza lovers to enjoy their meal without the mess of a plate or other utensils. Furthermore, folding the slice keeps the heat in the pizza,

History of Pizza Folding in New York City

When it comes to pizza, New York City is the quintessential epicenter of American pizza culture. From its humble beginnings in the early 1900s to its current status as a beloved food staple, pizza has become a major part of the city’s culinary landscape. But one lesser-known aspect of pizza’s history in New York is the practice of folding it.

The origin of pizza folding in New York City dates back to the early 1900s, when Italian immigrants began arriving in the city to work in the garment district. As these immigrants adapted to their new surroundings, they also brought with them their traditional food culture. Many of the immigrants worked long hours and needed a quick and easy way to eat their pizza on the go. Thus, the practice of folding pizza slices was born.

The practice of folding

Pros and Cons of Folding Pizza in New York

Folding pizza in New York is a hot topic – some love it, some hate it. To help you decide if folding your pizza is the right move for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of folding your pizza in the Big Apple.


1. Convenience: Folding your pizza is a great way to eat while on the go. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to sit, utensils, or a plate. Just grab and go!

2. Easier to eat: Folding your pizza makes it easier to eat than holding a slice. You can easily take bites while walking or standing.

3. Keeps toppings in place: Folding your pizza helps keep the toppings in place, so you


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