Gourmet Pizza in Minutes: Exploring 800 Degrees Pizza

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Introduction to How 800 Degrees Pizza Is Changing the Way We Eat Pizza

800 Degrees Pizza is revolutionizing the pizza industry by providing customers with a fast, fresh, gourmet-style pizza experience. Unlike traditional pizzerias that require you to wait in line for your order and then cook an oven-ready pie at home, 800 Degrees Pizza streamlines the entire process. Customers can choose from individual pies or create their own custom combination of toppings right at the restaurant.

What sets 800 Degrees Pizza apart from other pizzerias is its unique approach to making and serving pizza. Each pizza is made fresh-to-order in just minutes thanks to a proprietary baking process that quickly brings out the flavor of each ingredient. Pizzas are baked at up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit to create a thin, crispy crust while retaining all of the flavors of quality ingredients like tomatoes and cheese sourced directly from Italy.

In addition to speed and quality, customers also love 800 Degrees’ insistence on using only natural ingredients as toppings so they know exactly what’s going into their pizza. Traditional favorites like sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms are just some of the delicious options offered. Vegetarians will appreciate the selection of veggie-based toppings like grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes and portobello mushrooms—all combined together for one flavorful treat!

To make things even easier for customers on-the-go (or people who simply don’t feel like waiting), 800 Degrees formulated a mobile ordering system that allows consumers to get their pizza right when they want it – all without having to step foot inside the store. Plus, with conveniently located stores throughout California, so those looking for this one-of-a kind pie can find an outlet nearby no matter where they are located.

In sum, between its focus on freshness, variety in ingredients and commitment to convenience through mobile technology – 800 Degrees Pizza is changing how we eat pizza as we know it!

Step by Step Guide: Understanding How 800 Degrees Pizza Works

800 Degrees Pizza is a unique pizza franchise that offers customers a fast and easy way to enjoy authentic, freshly baked pizzas. With 800 Degrees Pizza, customers can choose from pre-designed signature pizzas or get creative by customizing their own creation. What makes the 800 Degrees Pizza process so convenient is that it places control in the hands of customers who can watch as their order is prepared with only the freshest ingredients in minutes. 800 Degrees also allows diners to customize toppings on one side while leaving the other side plain.

The steps involved in ordering your own personal pizza at an 800 Degrees location are straightforward:

1) First, select your desired crust size and type; many different crust options are available including Neapolitan flour and vegan gluten free variations

2) Next, add desired sauces to your crust; select from red tomato sauce or pesto alfredo sauce to kick off your delicious meal

3) Finally, add all desired toppings while watching as they are added just before baking; typical choices include any traditional favorites such as pepperoni or olives, sausage or mushrooms – nearly endless combinations exist

4) Lastly, pay for your meal at checkout and wait for it to be freshly cooked using one of the 800 Degree’s high tech ovens that reach temperatures up to 900 degrees! Don’t forget about those sweet treats like cannoli or Nutella calzones even after you leave!

The end result promises never a dull day of pizza with mouthwatering creations created each time without fail. 800 Degrees Pizzas customer friendly online ordering system further enhances ease of use when placing orders online for pick up later as well. With more than 150 locations already open at airports, universities and shopping centers across America this concept appears poised for greater expansion down the road too. Whether you like being able to custom create something that’s truly yours or select one right off the menu – you will find unbeatable flavors with every visit to an 800 Degrees Pizza near you!

Frequently Asked Questions About 800 Degrees Pizza

Q: What is 800 Degrees Pizza?

A: 800 Degrees Pizza is an artisanal pizza concept that has revolutionized the traditional pizza experience. This fast-casual style of pizza focuses on fresh, organic ingredients that are locally sourced and cooked to perfection in their state-of-the-art wood burning ovens. Their unique and innovative approach to traditional handcrafted pizza enables customers to have a truly personalized experience – where they can choose from an array of crusts, sauces, cheeses, proteins and vegetables to create their own personal masterpieces!

Q: What makes 800 Degrees Pizza different from other pizzerias?

A: Beyond just providing a great tasting product at competitive prices, what really sets 800 Degrees Pizza apart from other pizzerias is their commitment to delivering a fresh, high quality experience every time you visit. With local sourcing of only the best ingredients combined with the use of their advanced brick oven technology and knowledgeable staff that are always willing and excited to help guide customers through the process – it’s no wonder people keep coming back for more!

Q: Are there any special dietary requirements for eating at 800 Degrees Pizza?

A: Absolutely! 800 Degrees Pizza prides itself on being able to accommodate most any diet or lifestyle. They offer vegan options as well as those made with grain-free crusts so that even those with special dietary needs can still enjoy delicious artisanal pizzas without compromising nutrition or taste. Whether your preference is meatless or gluten free – they’ve got something for everyone here at 800 Degrees!

A Closer Look at the Top 5 Benefits of Eating 800 Degrees Pizza

Eating 800 Degrees Pizza brings tangible health benefits to the table, but there’s more to it than that. Each of these five advantages provides evidence of how energizing, filling and delicious pizza can be when cooked at 800-degree temperatures:

1. Improved Satiety – At 800 degrees, pizza is extremely filling and can provide a feeling of satisfaction for hours afterwards. The high heat means that the cheese melts faster which leads to an increased feeling of satiety from the combination of melted cheese and toppings. This means that you will feel fuller faster because your stomach won’t have time to register all the carbohydrates from the dough before it’s overstuffed with deliciousness!

2. Enhanced Flavor – Due to high temperature cooking, each bite packs intense flavors inside every slice. This creates a unique mix of spices, peppers, cheeses and other toppings in every slice creating an unforgettable taste experience every single time! The crispness of the oven-cooked crust also helps enhance its flavor.

3. Reduced Calories – Cooking pizzas at higher temperatures allows chefs to use fewer ingredients while preserving flavor and texture which reduces overall calories consumed in one meal! By eliminating unneeded filler toppings or layer upon layer of greasy cheese, customers can enjoy a healthier, yet equally satisfying meal without sacrificing any taste sensations!

4. Simplified Cooking Process – High heat cooking simplifies home-cooking as no oil or butter is necessary when prepping your pizza— all you need is olive oil and some hot fire! Due to hotter ovens and better burning technology combined with best practices during baking procedures; customers now have access to pre-made pizzas finished off with flare by chefs who are experts in their craft!

5. Increased Digestibility – Hotter ovens also lead beneficial changes inside our bodies when eating pizza such as improved digestive enzymes activity which triggers earlier breakdown of carbohydrates into simple sugars making them easier for cells within our bodies to absorb quickly leading up to a faster nutrient uptake rate from food particles into the bloodstream after consumption!

Pros and Cons of Eating 800 Degrees Pizza

Eating 800 degrees pizza can provide an excellent experience, but like any meal choice, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of eating 800 degrees pizza:


• Taste – 800 Degrees Pizza is known for their high quality ingredients and flavorful pizzas. The dough is made in-house each day and goes through a long fermentation process which develops an incredibly delicious crust. Their toppings are also sourced from local vendors to ensure the freshest ingredients possible. Most people would agree that one slice of this deliciousness is definitely worth it!

• Convenience – You don’t have to travel far for a great tasting pizza as 80 Degrees Pizza has numerous store locations throughout most major city areas. Also, many have delivery options so you can enjoy your favorite pies right at home or office too!

• Variety – No matter what your taste buds crave; they have multiple varieties of classic pizzas along with unique custom creations to choose from. They also offer specialty items such as pasta dishes, salads and wings that fit the tastes of all pizza lovers.


• Cost – With their quality ingredients comes a higher price tag than other generic brands. While their pizzas certainly cost more than the average takeout meal, they still come at a reasonable price if you factor in how much food you get for your money plus the great flavor too!

• Allergies – If you or someone in your family has certain food allergies (i.e.: gluten or dairy), then eating 800 Degrees Pizza may not be advised due to potential cross-contamination risks. Be sure to check with management beforehand if you need special accommodations prior ordering anything on their menu.

Overall, eating 800 Degrees Pizza is an experience worth savoring and can be enjoyed by both health conscious buyers and those who appreciate fresh flavors! With its convenient locations scattered around cities worldwide, it’s the perfect place for satisfying cravings quickly with minimum fuss!

Conclusion – Summary of How 800 Degrees is Changing the Way We Eat Pizza

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is revolutionizing the way people eat pizza. With its fast-casual dining and custom, made-to-order Italian pizzas, 800 Degrees has created a unique and convenient experience that combines the traditional Italian values of freshness, quality, and flavor with modern convenience. At 800 Degrees customers can expect to create their own custom pizza with artisan ingredients including San Marzano tomatoes and local, hand-crafted mozzarella cheese. In addition to allowing customers to build their own creation, 800 Degrees also offers a selection of signature pies that are inspired by regional regional dishes from Italy.

For those seeking a healthier option for enjoying wood oven baked cuisine, 800 degrees also features organic salads along with vegan & gluten free options as well. Furthermore, there is also an abundance of craft beers on tap from local breweries as well as creative desserts like Nutella Pizza and Chocolate S’mores Pizza; both featuring their freshly made Neapolitan dough. Lastly, the quick service model complements the delectable offerings perfectly – allowing customers to take their food home or enjoy in one of their comfortable indoor/outdoor locations within minutes!

By creating delicious pizza in a convenient dining format that evokes classic Italian cuisine culture which combines modern cooking techniques with artisan ingredients – all while keeping affordability in mind – 800 Degrees has changed the way we eat pizza by introducing an entirely new breed of fast casual Italian dining experience.

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