Hewlett NYExploring Hewlett NY: A Guide to the Neighborhood

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1) Where is Hewlett, NY?

Hewlett, NY (also known as Hewlett Bay Park or simply Hewlett) is a small seaside community located in western Nassau County, Long Island. It is just south of its neighbor East Rockaway and about 15 miles east of New York City. The town is bisected by the Bowery Bay infrastructure which runs through the center, connecting to both Hempstead Harbor to the west and Jones Inlet to the east with views across the Atlantic Ocean. Along this bay are jetties that create calm waters for boating, fishing, swimming and other water activities perfect for family getaways during summer months. Houses on each side of this bay offer stunning scenery including a beachfront view of Manhattan’s skyline on one shore and Bald Hill Park Preserve’s pastoral outlook on the other side. The local business district called Cove Avenue has restaurants, cafes and boutiques that feature locally made products while keeping an atmosphere all its own. With convenient access to outdoor activities and seclusion from urban exasperations in one location near tide mills, Hewlett stands proud with an identity all its own and an appreciation of nature-inspired living.

2) What City is Hewlett, NY Located In?

Hewlett, NY is located in Nassau County on the south shore of Long Island. It is a small community well known for its abundance of trees and parks, quality schools, and relatively peaceful residential areas. Hewlett is one of the Five Towns (Cedarhurst, Inwood, Lawrence, Woodmere) that are part of the region known by locals as “The Rockaways” due to the beachfront location. Despite being only a twenty-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan via car or train (the Long Island Railroad), Hewlett has maintained much of its small-town charm with locally owned restaurants and shops along Broadway Lane and post office on Jackson Street. Since 1926 Hewlett has been home to an outdoor public pool, indoor roller rink and more recently a movie theater screening first run features from Hollywood studios. With easy access to both major highways (the Long Island Expressway & Southern State Parkway) plus convenient public transportation—Nassau InterCounty Express bus routes 32 & 39—Hewlett makes for an ideal hometown in close proximity to New York City.

3) How Far Is Hewlett, NY from Major Cities?

Hewlett, NY is located in the southwestern part of Nassau County on Long Island and is situated along the Hewlett Bay. The village is just shy of 10 miles from the nearest major city – New York City – with a drive taking approximately 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan. For those traveling to or from other outer boroughs of NYC, such as Brooklyn or Queens, getting to Hewlett can take about an hour.

Heading south down the Long Island Expressway (I-495) takes travelers approximately forty-five minutes from New York City to Hewlett, making it easier for city dwellers looking to get back ‘home.’ Head eastward out of nearby Rockaway Beach on Sunrise Highway for around fifteen to twenty minutes, and travelers can also reach Hewlett by car.

If you’re coming from another famed metropolis along the East Coast, driving time depends on your starting point: Boston should take right around six hours via I-93 South until reaching I-495; Philadelphia will require roughly four hours via I-76 West and I-476 North; while Washington D.C. may be done in six hours according to Google Maps using US Route 50E/Capital Beltway heading northbound until it joins up with I-95 North toward Delaware and then Connecticut before arriving at Interstate 395 North into Rhode Island as far as Providence until hitting Massachusetts where I-95N continues further into Massachusetts until hitting its endpoint at Route 1A in W

4) What are the Major Attractions in Hewlett, NY?

Hewlett, NY is a charming Nassau County town with plenty to offer visitors and locals alike. Located just east of Long Island’s South Shore, close to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the historic Five Towns region (a collection of five small towns along the southern border of Nassau County), Hewlett offers plenty for visitors to explore. Here are some of the top attractions in Hewlett:

1. World-Class Shopping: From big-name outlets to unique boutiques, you can find it all in nearby Rockaway Mall and Broadway Mall in Hicksville. For deals on designer wares, check out Green Acres Mall, about 15 minutes west of Hewlett.

2. Outdoor Adventures: The beaches around Hempstead Harbor make for an amazing day trip. Set sail from Nickerson Beach Park or take an off-road excursion at Oakdale Nature Preserve—the possibilities are nearly endless! Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for bald eagles, ospreys and other native species while you’re out exploring.

3. Historic Sites: Explore the area’s past at one of Hewlett’s many historic sites such as the 170-year old Searing Homestead Museum or Ellison House Historic Site and museum complex dedicated to Abraham Lincoln’s visit during his 1860 campaign tour.

4. Arts & Culture: Enjoy live performances by local acts and renowned talent alike at venues

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