How Far is Elmira, NY from NYC?

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How Far is Elmira, NY From NYC?

Elmira, NY is located approximately 160 miles from New York City (NYC). Depending on which route you take and any traffic delays along the way, it typically takes around three to four hours to make the journey from Elmira to NY. This drive is best done by car but there is a bus route between the two cities that can be booked through Greyhound for around $60 one-way.

For those looking for some excitement on the way, Interstate 86 (also known as Route 17) and Route 15 provide scenic drives full of interesting sites and small towns along the way. Drive past beautiful gorges like Tellico state park, experience Amish culture in Norwich, NY, or grab something to eat in Binghamton.

The drive from Elmira to NYC is an exciting one that offers both cultural experiences and impressive views of upstate New York State’s countryside. Whether it’s a quick trip back or forth or a mini roadtrip before starting off at your final destination these are options if you plan on making this drive!

What is the Distance Between Elmira, NY and New York City?

Located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, Elmira is about 186 miles from New York City. From Elmira, the quickest route to NYC involves traveling on Interstate 86 for about 100 miles before picking up Interstate 81 for about 84 miles. The total driving time is approximately three hours and 20 minutes without taking into account any traffic or weather conditions.

If you’re looking to travel by train, a one-way ticket ranges from $25 to $75, with a ride that lasts around four hours and 40 minutes. You’ll catch an Amtrak “Empire Service” train at the station in Elmira and comfortably reach Penn Station in Manhattan seven stops later.

Alternatively, if you plan ahead, flight times are often faster than those of trains or cars, not to mention more energy efficient! A quick search shows several flights leaving the Elmira Corning Regional Airport on most weekdays and Sundays that will deliver you right into LaGuardia Airport in under two hours – all for as low as sixty dollars round trip!

Whatever method of transportation you choose for your journey between Elmira and NYC, make sure to keep track of schedules and allot plenty of time for rest stops – it’s always smart to plan ahead!

How Many Miles is it From Elmira, NY to New York City?

At first glance it might seem like a long trip from Elmira, NY to New York City, but the truth is you can have your feet on the ground in Manhattan in just over four hours. The straight-line distance between Elmira and New York City is 204 miles, making the total driving distance close to 263 miles using the most direct route up I-86 east.

Breaking up this road trip into stages helps to keep things interesting for drivers who feel daunted by a drive of several hundred miles. Florenceville is one of the coolest towns situated along this stretch of highway, filled with historic 19th century stone buildings as well as friendly locals and plenty of sites where motorists can stop for refreshments or fuel up before hitting times square.

I recommend taking PA-14 southward around Williamsport and accessing I-80 eastbound – this interstate will lead you right into the heart of Philadelphia where you can enjoy Philly steak sandwiches and check out the historical sites while replenishing energy levels after the long haul. From there its 91 miles down I-95 South until you hit neighboring Jersey City and see that famous bridge looming large overhead…from here it’s smooth sailing into Manhattan! So what are you waiting for – get out there and explore!

How Long Does It Take to Drive from Elmira, NY to New York City?

If you’re looking to travel from Elmira, NY to New York City (NYC), the drive will take around 4 hours and 24 minutes via I-86 E. This route covers a distance of 229 miles and follows I-86 E and then changes onto I-81 S after Horseheads. Once you reach Scranton, PA, you’ll change onto the I-380 N before merging onto I-80 E for the remainder of your journey.

Along the way, be sure to check out Corning Museum of Glass and Watkins Glen State Park which are great attractions situated on the banks of Seneca Lake – both allowing plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, nature walks, and even some refreshing swims in summertime. Similarly, Syracuse is always worth a stop given that it’s one of the Empire State’s most vibrant cities with lots of restaurants offering tasty local cuisine and an abundance of historical sites such as Fort Stanwix.

Last but not least when making your drive from Elmira to NYC – allot extra time for traffic jams throughout this route as it is a busy haul traveled by many truckers. Consider planning ahead by checking real-time traffic maps to give yourself extra buffer for any unexpected delays or road works which may occur during your trip. The recommended speed limit is 65 mph due to shared roads with other smaller towns so keep an eye out for those too!

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