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Monroe County is one of the most tight-knit communities in New York. It has over 80,000 residents, two central towns, and many great things to do. Its neighbors include some of the best-known areas in the state; Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester County, and the Hamptons are all nearby.

The most famous area associated with Monroe County is the Town of Hewlett within both Hewlett and East Rockaway. Hewlett has had its fair share of celebrity residents, including Frank Sinatra’s daughter Tina Sinatra, several members of The Rolling Stones’ family, including Mick Jagger’s son Marlon Loveday and Keith Richards’ ex-wife Patti Hansen, actor Tom Hanks, actress Scarlett Johansson (daughter of Audrey Hepburn), as well as graduates from SUNY Purchase such as pop stars Justin Timberlake and Drake Bell.

Other notable places in Monroe County include Port Jefferson Station on Long Island Sound, which attracts visitors seeking oysters, seafood, and sunsets famous for their views into New York Harbor; Pierson Country Club, where Bill Clinton felt well at home during his presidential campaign in 1992; as well as Whites Beach which gained prominence after being featured on “Friends” by Jennifer Aniston along with Ross Geller’s hometown – Princeton.

Other popular tourist sites include NYSCAD University in Hauppauge; South Street Seaport Museum in Lower Manhattan (which serves as the headquarters for NY Waterway); Artisanal Brewing Co., Blue Point Brewing Company, and Riverbank State Park, which attract people looking for great views or simply relaxing among nature.

Apart from these places, there are numerous other attractions to be found within Monroe County, including Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Mall, located just off Exit 7 on I-684; a stunning venue that hosts events such as farmers markets but also holds a variety of


Monroe County, NY, is home to 1.5 million people and has grown by over 100,000 since 2000. As you can see from the chart above, population growth in this area has been steady over time.

This is especially interesting when you consider that Monroe County has seen its population decrease by nearly 10% during each decade between 1990 and 2010.

1.5 million people live in Monroe County, but one of the most exciting things about this statistic is that it increases and decreases with time.

Monroe County, New York, is a county in New York. It’s one of the most populated counties in America, with a population that increases and decreases with time. The population was 1.5 million in 2010, but by 2030 it will be 1.7 million people.

1.5 million people are living in Monroe County, New York. This includes the population of Rochester and the population of Rochester Hills that live in the county, as well as all the other smaller towns and cities in the county. The exciting thing about this statistic is that it increases and decreases with time.

The state of New York has a lot to offer, but because many people decide to leave for other states, this can sometimes hurt the state’s economy. In 2006 alone, more than 167,000 people left New York (this number doesn’t include NY residents who moved out of state). This decrease in population was partially due to migration out of New York state, which had an increase of 650 thousand people leaving from 2006-2010 (New data will be available later).

This is a minor deal considering that 1.5 million people live in Monroe County. But if you think about what would happen if only one person leaves instead of every month, you can imagine where Monroe County will be within one year or two years! Source:

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