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If you’re looking for the salary of a police commissioner, it’s $100,000. The New York City Police Department pays their commissioners $150,000 per year—but that’s only if they have no other job responsibilities or personal ties to them (like being married to one another).

If you want to know what the salary is like for someone who doesn’t have any other jobs or personal ties and focuses on running the department? It depends on where they live. In small towns where there aren’t many opportunities for people with a similar skillset as those working at city hall offices around town: $75-$95k; in big cities where competition among police departments is fierce: $140-$175k, but if both factors are combined into one cityscape-like atmosphere where everyone knows each other but still manages somehow manage not having any contact between themselves apart from going through school together during childhoods…then maybe we’re talking about something else entirely!


The New York Police Department is an organization that has existed since 1845. It is headquartered in Manhattan and has about 34,000 employees and officers.

The commissioner’s salary is $200,000 per year! That’s good for a job that many consider beneath their human dignity.


The New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner is the top law enforcement official in New York City. They oversee all aspects of policing in the city, including police officers, detectives, and other personnel.

Commissioners earn $300K annually—but there are perks! A commissioner may be eligible for a retirement pension after 20 years at their job and receive free health benefits for life!


The police commissioner is the highest-paid public official in New York City. They earn $400,000 a year and work a 40-hour week.

The job of police chief is one of the most politically charged positions in government, with many high-profile vacancies over the years that have been filled by political appointees (often former mayors). The current commissioner, James P. O’Neill III, had served under Mayor Bill de Blasio since 2014 but was appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg before his term expired in 2015; he retook office when de Blasio took office as mayor in 2014 (he had worked previously at City Hall with then-mayor Rudy Giuliani during Giuliani’s second term).


The salary for the police commissioner is $500,000 per year. If you hire a new police commissioner, you will pay them $500,000 in one lump sum at the beginning of their employment.

The salary for the police commissioner is $500,000 per month. If you were going to hire a new police commissioner and they started work on January 1st (the first day of each calendar year), then they would get paid $12 million during their first year working for your company—and not just some tiny amount either; instead it’s all or nothing with no exceptions made in cases where someone has been laid off or otherwise fired from their job due to misconduct issues related directly back towards anyone else involved within those same organizations who may have been responsible for hiring this particular individual initially because after all – why waste money when there’s plenty out there already available?

A police commissioner makes a lot of money.

The New York City Police Department is the most significant police force in the United States. It consists of over 35,000 officers and other personnel who work to maintain public safety and order in the city. The department has its headquarters at One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan. Still, its primary duties are carried out by three different bureaus: Patrol Borough Manhattan South (PBM), Patrol Borough Brooklyn North (PBBN), and Investigations Bureau.

Each bureau reports directly to a commissioner who heads up that bureau’s operations; each commissioner also works with one or more commissioners from other bureaus on issues that affect all precincts within their jurisdiction. Each year they receive an annual salary based on rank; this amount will vary depending on whether you’re new to your current job or have already been there for several years!

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