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Section: Top 10 things to consider when choosing your mortgage lender.

Takeaway: Don’t use an expensive lender.

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The average closing costs in New York City

The average closing costs in New York City are $2,082. This is a national average, and it varies by state. The median is $1,952, and the lowest is $1,320 in Massachusetts.

The average closing costs in the US are $3,865, and they vary by state as well: Minnesota has the highest with an average of $4,295; Nevada has the lowest at just over $2k (though it depends on where you live).

NYC is one of many places to live in the US.

While New York City is not the only place to live in America, it’s still a big deal.

There are other places in the United States that you can call home—and they might be even better than what’s available in New York City. If you’re interested in moving somewhere else and want to learn more about your state, these can help:

Some states don’t require fees for most closings.

Check out more information about your state.

You can also check out your state’s website to learn more about their laws and fees.

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