How much snow does watertown ny get

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Very little.

Watertown is a small town in New York state, with a population of around 10,000. It’s notable for being located at the end of an ice-covered road that leads to Lake Placid and its ski area (which we will get to later). There are only two other towns larger than Watertown: Whitehall and Fort Drum.

Watertown gets light snowfall on average during winter months—3-5 inches a year—but most of this falls during December or January when temperatures are warm enough for snow to stick around. Because of this lack of precipitation and high winds during those months, you might think that winter in Watertown would be cold but not necessarily snowy like other places around New York State that get more than 20 inches per year (like Saranac Lake). But while it may seem like there aren’t many opportunities for outdoor activities because there isn’t much snowfall here most years due to such low temperatures overall; however if you live near one or two lakes, such as Lake George, then some days will have even less than usual due mainly because they tend towards freezing over early instead than late which means less motivation.

Watertown gets light snowfall.

The snowfall in Watertown is light. It’s not very much, and it won’t cause any problems for your vehicle or home.

The places where the snow sticks are active.

Watertown is a small town, and it’s got a lot of people in it. People who like to go out and play in the snow. A lot of them live in Watertown, but some people have moved here from other places: New York City and Boston; Washington DC; Chicago; San Francisco; Los Angeles…you get the picture.

But they all still go out into that big white world outside their homes and play together as much as possible!

The winter can be very long and hard in Watertown.

The winter can be very long and hard in Watertown. It can be freezing, snowy, windy, wet, and dangerous.

Watertown gets a reasonable amount of snow, and the winter is long and hard.

Watertown is small, so it gets a reasonable amount of snow. The wintertime in Watertown is long and hard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it!

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