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Certain business types, such as LLCs and corporations, require business registration in New York.

Certain business types, such as LLCs and corporations, require business registration in New York. The most common forms of businesses that need to be registered are LLCs and corporations, but any entity may also be required to register with the state.

LLCs must register with the Secretary of State’s office (SOS) if they have at least one owner who lives out of state or has no permanent place of business within New York State. This is true even if you own your company through an intermediary like an attorney or financial advisor who does not reside in New York City; however, this does not apply to sole proprietorships or other small companies that don’t require significant management oversight from non-resident owners because they don’t require much capital investment on behalf of investors as larger companies do!

Address – Section 801

The address listed on your business registration is the same as your physical location. However, it can also serve processes such as lawsuits, summonses, and subpoenas.

For example: if you have a store in New York City but have a website that lists an address in Ohio, then you would use the New York City address for the service of process (which is usually done via mail).

Tax Number: Use an i9 form.

NYS Tax Certificate of Authority

The certificate of authority is a document issued by the state of New York that confirms that you are registered in New York. This can be helpful if you want to show your local business community and customers that you’re operating legally in their area. Still, it is optional for most businesses in New York State.

Suppose your LLC is incorporated under federal law as an S corporation or limited liability company (LLC) with an office within New York’s borders. In that case, no additional steps are required before accessing these services from us at Your Business Name LLC®. If it’s not incorporated under either federal or state law—for example, if it’s just another form of “doing business” without any legal structure behind it—then we recommend consulting with an attorney who specializes in corporate law before proceeding further down this path toward becoming legally established as a corporation/LLC entity through our service offerings!

LLC or C-Corp Certificate of Formation

LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement is a contract that defines the rights and responsibilities of the members of an LLC. It should be signed by all members but not necessarily recorded by your state’s secretary.

Suppose you’re starting an LLC as part of doing business in New York City. In that case, it’s best to consult with an attorney first—they can help you decide whether or not this type of document is necessary for your situation and whether or not it would be appropriate for you to draft one yourself.

Registered Agent / Local Agent Form

A registered agent is a company or individual who acts as an intermediary between you and the government. For example, if you are doing business in New York City and need to register with the Department of State, a registered agent will file your documents on your behalf. In addition to filing documents for you, they also receive notification if specific information changes regarding your company.

A corporation or LLC has appointed a local agent within their state or locality (New York City). They can also act on behalf of companies whose operations extend beyond their home state/country!

Articles of Organization

You’ll need to file an Articles of Organization if you want to register your business in New York State. This document is a legal document that sets out the business’s purpose and ownership. It can be filed online, by mail, or through the Secretary of State’s office (NYSSOS).

Director’s Declaration Form

To complete the Director’s Declaration Form, you must be a resident of New York State, and a notary public must notarize it in New York. This form declares under oath that you are authorized to file your application for registration as an LLC operating under its specific business name.

To become a director, you must submit the following:

To exist, businesses must be appropriately registered and organized in New York.

If you want your business to exist in New York, it must be appropriately registered and organized. To do business, companies must be registered and managed in New York.

A business is not considered “organized” until it has been incorporated under the laws of this state or formed by the appointment of an officer with authority to act on its behalf (i.e., a director). A corporation can only conduct an activity requiring registration if it has been formally incorporated here; failure to register will result in forfeiture of all rights associated with that corporation’s existence and fines of up to $10 million per day per violation!

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