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Make your annual office-season trip to New York.

If you’re like me, your annual office-season trip to New York is a chance to enjoy a fun-filled weekend of seeing the sights and people you’ve always wanted to see. And if there’s one thing I learned from my first visit to NYC back in 2016, it’s that this is an event worth attending every year! It’s also essential for aspiring fashion week attendees (and anyone else) who wants to make their annual office-season trip more memorable.

Hire a chauffeur.

Take the train to and from town.

If you’re a New Yorker, it’s easy to take the train. It’s cheap and good for the environment (and your health). It also gets you from one place to another in record time—you’ll be able to arrive at Fashion Week with plenty of time left over for shopping!

The train is not just for commuters anymore; it’s become a trendy way for tourists to see some of our great city’s monuments and landmarks while on vacation. So whether or not you live in Manhattan, this is an excellent way to get out and enjoy what makes NYC unique: its architecture (including those fantastic skyscrapers), its history (from colonial times through today), its food scene…the list goes on!

Consider renting a room in Manhattan rather than staying in a hotel.

Renting a room in Manhattan is an excellent way to save money. You can save money by staying in a hotel and commuting to work, or you can save money by staying in an Airbnb and commuting to work. If you’re spending much of your time on the road anyway, why not make it easier?

Visit the Museum of Sex or Naked Girls Reading at the Met.

The Museum of Sex, an institution dedicated to “the history of sex and sexuality,” is located in New York City. It’s one of the most famous museums in town.

Naked Girls Reading at the Met is an event that takes place every year at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). This program features nude models reading passages from classic works while they are clothed or partially clothed on stage with music playing behind them.

You can save money by driving to New Jersey, which has its Fashion Week.

If you’re looking for a way to save money this Fashion Week, consider driving to New Jersey. Fashion Week in New York City is expensive—and you won’t get much bang for your buck if you go by train or bus. But there are ways to save:

Go shopping for clothes in Chinatown or Little Italy if you’re adventurous.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend heading to Chinatown or Little Italy. The first option is by far the easiest—take a taxi! You can also take the subway if that’s more your speed.

If you’re looking for something else (or if your budget doesn’t allow for taxis), consider taking one of these other options:

Take advantage of early-bird discounts at some of the big department stores.

You can also get discounts at some big department stores, like Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman. If you’re a student or teacher, you can apply for early-bird discounts on all the items in their stores (including accessories).

If you’re a senior citizen over 55 years old, military personnel or veterans and their families can get 15% off certain items from any brand at any retailer that participates in NYFW.

People with disabilities will also receive 10% off purchases made with IDNYC cards at participating retailers. And if your income is less than $100K annually, then there’s no tax on most fashion week events!

Take advantage of the park’s summer cultural events . . . see what’s available when you’re there.

The park has a lot of cultural events this summer. It’s more than just the fashion week, the Folk Festival, and other smaller ones like food festivals. If you’re interested in participating in one or another of these events, plenty of free spots are available for members only—go to the website and sign up!

If you need to figure out what all there is to do at the park during summertime, don’t worry: there will be plenty for everyone!

You don’t have to fly to New York yearly to experience fashion week!

You don’t have to fly to New York yearly to experience fashion week!

If you’re in a city that hosts a significant fashion event, your local event will take place at the same time as NYFW. If this isn’t the case and you want to attend both events, consider going on an adventure—you may discover something new about yourself along the way!

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