How to get prescribed medical weed in ny

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Check with your doctor to see what state you are in.

If you live in New York State and want medical marijuana, it’s time to check with your doctor.

If you are in another state and would like to apply for a medical marijuana card, some extra steps may need to be taken before the process can begin.

Who can be your caregiver?

You can be your caregiver. If you have a medical marijuana card, that’s the easiest way to get started.

You can also find a caregiver through a cannabis dispensary or medical marijuana doctor. These are two different ways of finding someone to grow and distribute your cannabis, so it’s ready when you need it (and not before).

Suppose you don’t have access to any of these options. In that case, there are still other ways: A nurse practitioner or physician assistant may be able to prescribe weed from their office instead of having patients visit them personally – this would also make sense if they were located close by where we live!

You can get medical marijuana in New York State.

You can get medical marijuana in New York State if you have a doctor’s recommendation.

You can get medical marijuana in New York State if you are a patient.

Section: Medical marijuana is legal in NY under the new state law.

Takeaway: NY State’s Medical Marijuana program has been approved and will become active in a few months. More info can be found at

What do you get?

If you are 60 or older: You can get 4 ounces of medical marijuana flower, or up to 7 grams of whole plant extracts, with no more than 3 ounces per week – if a doctor recommends that this is necessary for your health condition (and two doctors have confirmed this). You cannot exceed the amount allowed per week if you are younger than 60. Suppose your physician recommends more than the maximum amount of 3 ounces per week. In that case, more may be made available to you from an additional caregiver (or from someone other than your primary caregiver) as long as no more than 7 grams of marijuana product are being made available to you from another source each week (i.e., 3 ounces from one source plus 2 ounces and 1 ounce from another source). No more than 7 grams of whole-plant marijuana extract and no more than 4 ounces of dry-flower marijuana may be made available to any individual who is younger than the age of 18 years at the time that this program went into effect on January 8, 2016. No plant matter shall contain pesticides or toxic chemicals; nor shall it be irradiated; nor shall it include synthetic or artificial ingredients except those derived directly from that place as authorized by such official; nor shall it contain plants or parts thereof acquired outside New York State except where permitted by federal law to do so or concerning organically grown crops under applicable federal laws and regulations relating to it including but not limited to “The Federal Law Relating To Pesticides,” 40

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