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“Dear Mr. Worthy,

I am pleased to inform you that your application has been received and is being processed. You are currently affiliated with the Republican party, but we are recruiting members in your area who align with our ideology and values. If you wish to join this organization and be part of this movement, please follow the guidelines below:

We stand for the preservation of personal freedom, the enforcement of individual rights, and the implementation of a society based on constitutional principles. To accomplish these goals, we seek change from within the political structure. A government too large will stifle personal initiative and ultimately destroy our liberty as individuals. Therefore, we seek talented individuals who wish to protect our freedoms from an overbearing government through voting every election cycle until such time as a Constitutional Amendment is passed that limits Congressional terms; makes it harder for incumbents to be re-elected; raises taxes on those who have benefited most from economic growth; punishes corporate executives for greed; puts more money in middle class pockets; keeps executives in check by increasing their accountability before elected officials; allows elected officials to face electorate twice every term (but not before they have enjoyed their first term); increases transparency by codifying spending practices into law so that elected officials do not conduct their business in secret like criminals would (this will also increase accountability); creates an environment where investors need not worry about regulations coming up unannounced out of nowhere because they can be checked against laws passed by Congress or state legislatures; removes mandates upon businesses which result in jobs being shipped overseas so that companies need not fear retribution when they employ people locally (this will result in joblessness here); removes taxes on products made outside America’s borders so that companies don’t feel compelled to close plants here which put Americans out of work (this will put more money into places other than Washington DC…maybe lastly).

You can check the party registration page here.

You can check the party registration page here.

You can also check the party registration page here.

If you are registered with a particular party and want to switch, you can go through the party registration page.

If you are registered with a particular party and want to switch, you can go through the party registration page.

If this is not possible for you, then join another political party.

You will be required to submit an application form and answer the questions.

You will be required to submit an application form and answer the questions. You should also pay a fee of Rs 10 per page for printing, which should be sent with your application form.

Once you have filled in all the required information on your application form, could you send it to [email protected]?

If the party accepts your application, it will send you a letter stating your new affiliation.

If you apply to switch party affiliation, the party will send you a letter. It will state that your application has been accepted and your new partnership with the new party. The letter also includes your unique party registration number, so keep it handy!

The letter will be sent to your current address—not the one on file with New York State’s Board of Elections (BOE). You’ll need to update all records associated with this change as soon as possible so that everything gets transferred over without any problems or delays in receiving benefits related to being a registered voter within NYS’ system of elections processes like absentee ballot voting periods which begin October 9th each year through November 7th at noon local time when polls close statewide.

This has been a short introduction to how it works and the process. If you have the time, please ask questions and edit this post in any way you wish. If there are other suggestions or feedback, please share your comments below or message @Sarcasm_is_the_best on Twitter.

The current party affiliation system is a failure. For example, if my friend asks me which party I’m going to choose, I’ll say, “oh man, it’s so hard! I don’t know what to do!” The system forces us to vote for a particular party using a numeric scale (1-10) that doesn’t allow us to express our preferences or views on policies or candidates. The system does not make it easy for people who care about politics or may disagree with the policies of certain parties but still want to vote because they can’t stand the alternative anymore.

I support an electoral reform process where we can vote based on our actual values as individuals and what we truly want as society as a whole, regardless of whether there are parties that one agrees with more than another. That’s why I’ve been advocating for proportional representation (PR). For those who may not know how PR works and aren’t interested in hearing more about PR in the context of voting systems, here is a brief explanation:

There is no single best voting system out there that everyone agrees upon because each country has different needs regarding issues like costs and ease of use/administration, etcetera. This means that only some countries will adopt the same voting system from top-to-bottom under all circumstances; countries tend to adopt slightly different variations of an existing proposal which allows for various representations (for example, four main political parties versus two main political parties). Here is an overview of some other representatives:


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