Is Brentwood, NY a Ghetto?

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What is Brentwood, NY?

Brentwood, NY is a small hamlet in the Town of Islip located on the very eastern tip of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York. The area occupies 2.77 square miles with a population of approximately 55,000 as of 2010.

This popular residential community is well-known for its proximity to Jones Beach State Park and Fire Island National Seashore recreational attractions as well as its close access to both Queens and Nassau counties via major thoroughfares like the William F. Walsh Expressway (I-495), Southern State Parkway, Sunrise Highway and Ocean Parkway.

Families are attracted to Brentwood’s picturesque landscaping and many shopping centers, including the Brentwood Country Plaza which hosts an array of department stores, eateries and entertainment venues for all ages.

Heatherwood Country Club serves golf aficionados with two 18-hole regulation golf courses along with practice facilities, rooftop pool access at their clubhouse and several dining outlets from casual meals to fine dining experiences. What’s more, adventure seekers will find dozens of regional beaches where they can explore during summer months all within easy driving distance from Brentwood’s central location on Long Island’s South Shore.

Brentwood is also home to notable schools such as Half Hollow Hills Central School District and the Ward Melville High School who produce some New York State’s highest proficiency exam scores while our many Universities offer students professional careers directly after graduation or provide them

Is Brentwood, NY a Ghetto?

No, Brentwood, NY is not a ghetto. Located in the heart of Suffolk County on Long Island’s south shore, Brentwood offers plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. As a diverse community, its has a unique blend of cultures from Latino to African American and Irish-American to Albanian-American. Brentwood schools are recognized by the State Education Department for their academic excellence. The town also features extensive parks and recreation areas with stunning natural views and plenty of outdoor activities. Major shopping centers, medical facilities, and businesses provide ample economic opportunities. Moreover, aggressive public safety initiatives have resulted in lower crime rates than the national average making Brentwood a safe place to live and work. All in all, there’s no question that Brentwood offers much more than what one would expect from a “ghetto” – it’s an area with great potential for growth and investment.

How is the Quality of Life in Brentwood,NY?

Living in the town of Brentwood, NY makes for a very enriching and fulfilling life experience. From the abundance of historic attractions to an array of engaging events and activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy every day.

The town itself offers a charming small-town atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for growth and development. There are extensive parks, trails, playgrounds and green spaces to explore, along with art galleries and concert venues that bring out the best of local culture.

For those interested in business or industry, Brentwood provides access to numerous resources aimed at helping locals succeed professionally. Business owners can take advantage of government grants and friendly economic policies that have attracted many well-known companies like Target and Staples to set up shop here.

Education is highly valued here as well. There are hundreds of elementary schools throughout town providing private education options from pre-kindergarten level through high school graduation. Furthermore, Brentwood High School is consistently ranked one of the top five best public schools in New York State just behind Jericho Senior High School.

When it comes to healthcare needs, residents will be pleased with the quality services provided by nearby hospitals such as Saint Anne’s Hospital SoHo Northwell Health Center or Southside Hospital Medical Center offering specialized care ranging from heart health to cancer treatments.

Recreational activities abound in this vibrant town offering its citizens a chance to take part in sport leagues from little league baseball teams all the way

What Are the Drawbacks and Advantages of Living in Brentwood,NY?

Living in Brentwood,NY can be a great experience for many people. It offers all the amenities of a suburban community, with easy access to Manhattan and other parts of Long Island. However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks as well as the advantages when deciding where to live.


One advantage of living in Brentwood is the variety of housing options available. Whether you are looking for an apartment complex or single family homes, there is something for everyone. The local schools boast excellent scores on state tests and families can enjoy a safe and secure neighborhood while living here. There is plenty of shopping and recreational space available, including parks and pool clubs. Brentwood also offers convenient access to trains that run into NYC so you can easily make your way into Manhattan whenever you like!


Brentwood has become increasingly expensive in recent years, making it difficult for some people to afford housing there. Property taxes are above average due to its proximity to New York City, though residents do receive tax reductions through programs such as the STAR program if their income falls below certain levels. There are also limited dining and entertainment options compared to other parts of Long Island; however this could be improved over time as more businesses move into the area. Additionally, traffic can get heavy at times due to its close proximity to both highways and major roads which service commuters traveling between towns throughout Suffolk County

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