Is Popeyes Open in Amsterdam, NY?

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Is Popeyes Open in Amsterdam, NY?

The answer to the question Is Popeyes Open in Amsterdam, NY? is a emphatic “Yes”! In fact, it’s not just open in Amsterdam, NY – it’s actually one of the newest additions to the city! The grand opening celebration in early 2019 was a major event that drew hundreds of hungry fans from all over the region.

Since coming to town, Popeye’s has become an important part of Amsterdam’s local food scene, offering up both classic Southern-style cooking and modern spins on traditional favorites. Whether its fried chicken and jambalaya or bacon-wrapped shrimp and Cuban-inspired sandwiches, you can find something delicious every time you visit this hot spot. Plus, every meal comes with an order of red beans & rice (or coleslaw).

Popeye’s hours are 11 AM to 10 PM daily so when hunger strikes late into the night (or early for some), head over for a quick fix. Be sure to check out their loyalty program if you’re a frequent visitor – free meals are up for grabs! And don’t forget: At Popeye’s there’s always something new and scrumptious being served up; so come see what everyone is raving about today!

What are the Opening Hours for Popeyes in Amsterdam, NY?

Popeyes in Amsterdam, NY offers guests an array of fresh and tasty Louisiana-style dishes. The restaurant serves a variety of classic fried chicken specials cooked to perfection, as well as many other delicious Southern favorites like biscuits and greens. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner takeout or to sit down in the cozy dining area, Popeyes has you covered!

The store is open Monday–Thursday from 10AM to 11PM and Friday–Saturday from 10 AM–12 AM. On Sundays it’s open from 10 AM–10 PM – perfect for a Sunday supper! Patrons can also enjoy their meal at home with convenient drive-thru services available during all hours of operation. So just remember: when hunger strikes – Popeyes in Amsterdam has got you covered!

Where is the Nearest Popeyes Restaurant Located in Amsterdam, NY?

The nearest Popeyes restaurant in Amsterdam, NY is located at 125 Erie Boulevard, directly across from the Mohawk Valley Community College. With its close proximity to the college and generally easy access from all points of the area, it’s an ideal spot for both quick grab-and-go meals and leisurely sit-down dining. While some opt for takeout orders to enjoy the classic chicken sandwiches, fish dishes and flavorful sides on their own schedule, others come by to dine in one of Popeyes’ comfortably decorated seating areas. Spicy-to-mild sauces and condiments provide a delectable range of tastes while fresh lemonade is served ice cold during Amsterdam’s hot summer months. Whether you are a visiting student or local resident living one street over from the eatery, stopping at Popeyes is a convenient option for delicious fried chicken options wherever you may find yourself in Amsterdam’s bustling downtown district.

What Menu Items Does the Amsterdam, NY Popeyes Offer?

Amsterdam, NY Popeyes is a popular restaurant that offers the best of Louisiana-style fried chicken. It’s well known for its juicy and tasty chicken, biscuits, sandwiches, wraps and sides. With such a wide range of options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what menu items you want from Amsterdam Popeyes. To give you a better idea of what this restaurant has to offer, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the offerings available at Amsterdam Popeye’s!

For starters, there are the classic Fried Chicken meals which feature either two pieces or three pieces of their fried chicken along with a side order. If you’re looking for more filling dishes then try one of the two larger combos – the 7 piece meal or 8-piece family meals which include five extra sides of your choice! You’ll also find Selections on the menu such as boneless wings, shrimp and fish as well as popcorn nuggets and tenders varieties.

In addition to all these wonderful items, Amsterdam Popeyes also offers delicious Sandwiches & Wraps including spicy ones like chipotle ranch BLT and honey mustard sausage wrap! The sides are just as tempting – Macaroni & Cheese bites and potato wedges leading them in terms of popularity but don’t forget the fries or coleslaw too!

Of course no visit can be complete without trying desserts such as apple pie or coconut flake fritters with powdered sugar icing that’s

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