Meet the Stars of Love and Hip Hop New York: A Closer Look at the Cast

5 Fascinating Facts About the Love and Hip Hop New York Cast

Love and Hip Hop New York is one of the most popular reality TV shows that has been airing for over ten years. The show follows the lives of a group of people who are involved in the music industry in New York City. Over the years, we have seen some cast members come and go, but there are definitely some fascinating facts we know about them that make us love them even more.

Here are five fascinating facts about the Love and Hip Hop New York cast:

1) Remy Ma served time in prison for a shooting incident – Remy Ma is a Bronx-born rapper who is known for her quick-witted lyrics and powerful voice. However, did you know that she was actually incarcerated for six years? In 2007, she was arrested and charged with shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph outside of a nightclub. She was sentenced to eight years in prison but ended up serving only six. Her absence from the spotlight allowed her to reinvent herself when she returned to music in 2014.

2) Yandy Smith-Harris worked as an intern for Mona Scott-Young – Yandy Smith-Harris is one of the show’s most recognized faces, having appeared on every season since its inception. But before all of that, she actually worked as an intern for Mona Scott-Young, the creator of Love & Hip Hop! Chatting it up with your boss like getting coffee may seem tedious but clearly networking pays off!

3) Erica Mena wrote a book at age 21 – Known for speaking her mind and being unapologetically herself., Erica Mena had done quite bit before joining Love & Hip Hop Season 3 including writing her own book “Underneath It All” which is not only inspiring but relatable look at overcoming obstacles.

4) Joe Budden started out as an underground rapper – Joe Budden may be now be known nationwide as one third of Spotify’s incredibly successful “The Joe Budden Podcast with Friends,” but long before that, he was grinding as an underground rapper with his breakout hit “Pump It Up” in 2003. He may be now killing the podcast game due to his controversial social commentary, but it’s always good to remember how these stars started.

5) Cardi B is Dominican and Trinidadian – Last but not least, we can’t forget about one of Love & Hip Hop New York’s biggest success stories — Cardi B. The rapper turned actress turned Muse had a climatic moment on this particular series which opened doors for her own career but many do not realize that though she speaks fluent Spanglish in her music and interviews her Dominican and Trinidadian roots have always been a major part of her identity.

In conclusion, there are so many fascinating facts about the cast members on Love and Hip Hop New York beyond what we see on TV. From criminal charges, to internships, from book writing at young ages to the beginning of their music careers. These are some details into who they are outside of their television personas. Knowing a little more about them makes watching them all the more entertaining!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the Love and Hip Hop New York Cast

Love and Hip Hop New York is undoubtedly one of the most popular reality shows on TV today. It first premiered on March 6, 2011, and since then, it has become a favorite among fans of reality TV. The show revolves around the lives of several hip hop artists, managers, producers, and their significant others. From explosive romances to business deals gone wrong and everything in between, Love and Hip Hop New York never fails to deliver excitement with each episode.

With so many characters in the show over the years, it can be challenging to keep track of who’s who. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Love and Hip Hop New York’s cast.

Who are the original members of Love & Hip Hop New York?
The show’s OGs include Emily B (Fabolous’ girlfriend), Olivia Longott (R&B singer signed to G-Unit Records), Somaya Reece (rapper/model/actress), Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend), Jim Jones (rapper/manager), Kimbella Vanderhee (model/ex-girlfriend of rapper Juelz Santana) and Yandy Smith-Harris (talent manager).

Is Cardi B from Love & Hip Hop NY?
Yes! Belcalis Almanzar better known by her stage name Cardi B was first introduced on season six as a supporting cast member before being promoted as a main member in season seven.

Who are some prominent cast members from more recent seasons?
Some big names include Remy Ma & Papoose, Safaree Samuels (ex Nicki Minaj sometimes boyfriend/ghostwriter), Joe Budden & Cyn Santana along with Jonathan Frenandez.

What happened to Erica Mena on LHHNY?
Erica Mena appeared on seasons two through five before leaving to focus more on her music career as well as other reality shows. She did make a brief appearance in season eight as a supporting cast member.

Who has had the most drama on Love & Hip Hop New York?
It’s hard to say who’s had the most drama since almost every cast member has been involved in some form of controversy. However, some particularly notable examples include Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’ tumultuous relationship, the “Creep Squad” consisting of Peter Gunz, Cisco Rosado, and Rich Dollaz with their collective shenanigans on nearly every season they appeared in.

Are any of the cast members currently dating or married?
There have been several cast members who have found love while filming for the show over the years. Some are still going strong while others have sadly called it quits. Yandy Smith Harris is married to Mendeecees Harris. Remy Ma & Papoose are married and share a daughter together. Joe Budden dated Cyn Santana for several seasons before eventually breaking up but both moving on to future partners (Cyn with rapper Bow Wow).

Why do you think this show has remained so popular over the years?
Love & Hip Hop New York offers viewers an unfiltered look at celebrity lifestyles with all its ups and downs – from money management struggles and work conflicts with friends to explosive breakups and betrayals that leave viewers hanging at the edge of their seats wanting more each week.

In conclusion, Love & Hip Hop New York is one of those guilty pleasures that we can’t help but tune into every week because it offers a glimpse into the world of hip hop industry personalities like no other reality show does. We hope this FAQ guide helped you catch up on all things LHHNY-related!

How the Love and Hip Hop New York Cast is Revolutionizing Reality TV

Reality television has been a staple of American entertainment since the early 2000s, and in recent years, it seems like we can’t turn on the TV without seeing a new reality show on every network. However, there is one franchise that has stood out among the rest for its ability to keep viewers engaged through drama, controversy, and raw emotion: Love and Hip Hop New York.

Love and Hip Hop New York debuted on VH1 in 2011, and since then, it has become one of the network’s most popular shows. The premise of the show is simple: follow the lives of various individuals who are involved in the hip-hop industry as they navigate their personal relationships with each other while trying to make their dreams come true.

What sets Love and Hip Hop New York apart from other reality shows is its diverse cast. The cast includes individuals from all different backgrounds – black, white, Latinx, LGBT+, rich, poor – creating a representation that wasn’t seen before in reality TV. Moreover, it’s not just about showcasing diversity for diversity’s sake; these individuals are seriously talented in their respective fields—whether music or fashion—making them relevant to today’s culture.

Another aspect that makes Love and Hip Hop New York revolutionizing reality TV is how unfiltered it is. It cannot be denied that some parts of reality television can seem contrived or scripted at times; however this show manages to keep things real by showcasing actual raw feelings between couples involved as well as real-life friendships building up too. Such an approach keeps fans hooked because it feels genuine.

Furthermore ,the massive social media following which plays an increasingly important role when tracking trends – this show recognizes that power allowing fans to merely take part but feel like active members of the scenes being played out—their voice heard if any major plot-twists are taken place in upcoming episodes-and thus this creating more engagement within fans worldwide!

Overall, Love & Hip Hop: New York is undoubtedly changing the way we look at reality television. It’s refreshing to see a show that represents the diversity of individuals involved in Hip-Hop industry, and it provides an unfiltered perspective on the challenges individuals can face in both professional and personal lives. Add this to their social media engagement and you’ve got viewership reach rarely seen before on TV representing a much wider audience; there’s no denying that Love and Hip Hop New York Cast have revolutionized what it means to be part of a reality show today!

Behind-the-Scenes with the Love and Hip Hop New York Cast: A Look at Their Lives Off Camera

Love and Hip Hop New York has been one of the most successful reality shows on television. With its focus on the lives, loves, and drama of a group of street-smart women, it’s no wonder that audiences are hooked! But while we get to see all the juicy gossip and backstabbing play out on camera, what about the cast members’ lives when they’re not filming? In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes with the Love and Hip Hop New York cast.

Firstly, let’s consider the impact of fame. Reality television has launched many celebrities into unprecedented levels of superstardom. As it turns out however, that level of attention does not come without consequences. On Love and Hip Hop New York for example, cast members have had their fair share of scrutiny from fans who could speak positively or negatively at everything portrayed. They constantly face public scrutiny even when trying to enjoy some alone time with their loved ones or running errands.

Furthermore, being heavily watched by fans also affects how tasks such as grocery shopping or going to church because fans can interrupt them at any given moment asking for photographs which can become stressful especially if privacy is needed.

On another note, having cameras following you around always is sure to put pressure on normal everyday activities that would typically be mundane but now everything takes up a new meaning because your entire life will be broadcasted to millions of people.

The stressors that come with keeping up appearances on screen are many but since there is money involved in reality TV itself coming with opportunities for branding promotion deals among others yet more risks lead us to question whether this aspect outweighs any negative effects perceived.

In addition to dealing with fame off-screen the cast also struggles with personal demons as displayed last season where we got an inside story relating Emily B’s journey after her traumatic experience in her home invasion incident among countless stories where our favourite casts shared their struggles that stem from different circumstances.

Outside the show, cast members maintain their personal relationships with their families and of course,…their music careers. Jojo Simmons for example, is hustling to make a name for themselves while Erica Mena enjoys spending time with her baby boy as she effortlessly manages to juggle her motherhood responsibilities with other projects she’s always working on.

We also get to see some activists pushing forward their ideas such as Yandy Smith who has used the platform to voice out her support for social changes in society by advocating against proven issues like gun control in America an issue that’s pressing US citizens’ lives daily.

Overall, Love and Hip Hop New York is more than just entertainment but a deeper look into these individuals’ everyday lives both on-screen and off camera. From dealing with the pressures of fame to balancing family life and career goals, there’s much more going on beneath the surface than we might initially realize. The exciting twists, turns and drama-filled narratives we are accustomed to are reflections of their realities even when cameras stop rolling which creates a romanticized perspective about reality TV stars amongst fans – but it is important not misinterpret this version of life as entirety at face value; else you run the risk of losing touch with real-life experiences where problems can’t be fixed up within a few episodes or neatly solved at all.

The Drama Explodes on Love and Hip Hop New York: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Cast’s Relationships

Love and Hip Hop New York is one of the hottest reality tv shows out there. It follows the lives, struggles and relationships of some of the most famous hip hop artists and their partners in New York City. The drama on this show is definitely something that you don’t want to miss. And boy, did it explode in 2021!

As all fans know, Love and Hip Hop New York has never been short on personality clashes, juicy secrets, backstabbing and catfights- but this particular season was full-on dramatic! From cast members getting caught cheating to love triangles exploding everywhere – let’s dive into what went down.

The Love Triangle Between Yandy Smith-Harris , Mendeecees Harris and Erika Deshazo:

Perhaps one of the biggest dramas this season revolved around the relationship between Yandy Smith-Harris , Mendeecees Harris, and Erika Deshazo. If you’ve been keeping up with previous seasons of LHHNY, you will already know that Yandy Smith-Harris has had a tumultuous romantic history with her now-husband Mendeecees Harris.

This season, however, their splintered past comes back to haunt them when claims are made by Erika Deshazo accusing Yandy of covering for Mendeecee’s infidelity during their time together a few years ago.

Yandy firmly denies these allegations while also trying to convince Reina Morgan (a woman claiming to be having an online relationship with Mendeecees) that she should stop corresponding with her husband for good. But as much as Yandy wants it all swept under the rug for good…the new allegations against her have raised doubts among viewers regarding whether or not we have seen every aspect of her relationship with Mendeecees.

Joe Budden’s Breakup With Cyn Santana

Joe Budden’s heartfelt confession about his split from baby mama Cyn Santana took many by surprise this season. Blaming his behavior on mental health issues, Joe inadvertently put himself in the spotlight and drew even more attention to his personal life.

The former Love & Hip Hop stars have a son together and were once quite content with their family life. However, according to Joe, Cyn was being unfaithful and hence it became necessary for them to split up.

One of the most hurtful parts about the split was watching one-time friends Remy Ma and Papoose play middle-man as at times they had to listen and console both parties involved in this messy breakup.

Chrissy Lampkin’s Relationship With Jim Jones

Older reality show viewers will remember Chrissy Lampkin from seasons ago; her relationship with Jim Jones has always been tumultuous but this season things definitely took a turn for the worse. The pair began suffering problems again when Jones revealed that he wasn’t sure about settling down, leaving Lampkin’s heart broken all over again.

From public humiliations at strip club events to cheating allegations all round…things spiraled out of control rather quickly revealing just how toxic relationships can sometimes be (the ultimate takeaway from this drama is perhaps, “some couples are not meant to be”).

Ultimately — as we’ve come accustomed too in so many Love & Hip Hop New York instalments- it seemed like there was no shortage of new secrets or truths jumping out each episode keeping audiences captivated from start-to-finish. So hold onto your seats folks – these real-life stories are far from over!

Get to Know the Rising Stars of Love and Hip Hop New York

Love and Hip Hop New York is back with a bang this year, bringing in new faces that are set to shake things up. With the show’s reputation for drama, fans can’t wait to see what these rising stars have in store. So, without further ado, let’s get to know the newcomers of Love and Hip Hop New York.

1. Safaree Samuels

Safaree Samuels is not exactly a new face on the scene. He has been around for a while now as Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend and hype man. However, he is new to the franchise as he makes his debut on Love and Hip Hop New York. Samuels is building his music career post-Nicki Minaj and we are excited to see how he evolves throughout the season.

2. Jaquae

Jaquae is an up-and-coming rapper from Harlem who is making his mark on the New York City hip-hop scene. He was discovered by Juelz Santana and has been working hard to establish himself as a solo artist ever since. Jaquae has already made waves with his hit single “My Pieces Hitting,” which showcases his unique style and lyrical creativity.

3. Anais

Anais Martinez is a Dominican-American singer-songwriter that came onto the radar last year with her single “Lo Atreví Mami,” featuring Colombian reggaeton icon Jowell y Randy which garnered more than 12 million views on YouTube alone plus worldwide acclaim including Chile, Ecuador or Colombia among others countries… She hopes to use Love & Hip Hop: NY as a platform to grow her singing career further in America.

4. Lil Mo

Lil Mo is no stranger to the music industry or reality TV shows (having appeared in R&B Divas), but she’s ready to put some respect back onto her name by joining Love & Hip-Hop NY.They’ll top a star-studded roster full of hip-hop veterans and fast-rising artists.

5. Sophia Body

Sophia Bossy Body is a model, former stripper, beauty entrepreneur and musician who boasts of working in high-profile artists music videos such as Trey Songz, Jadakiss or Fabolous among others. She’s ready to showcase her multiple talents in Love & Hip Hop NY.

6. Brittney Taylor

Brittney Taylor is an aspiring rapper from Harlem signed under Remy Ma’s label. She appears in Love & Hip Hop NY season 8 as Remy’s new artist, looking for some guidance and exposure to jump-start her career.

With this new talent coming to New York, get ready for a season filled with laughs, tears and tons of drama. Love & Hip Hop New York is sure to be one exciting ride that viewers won’t want to miss!

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