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John Mara is the principal owner of the New York Football Giants. He is also president of the NFL’s 32 club owners, a role he assumed in 1994. Mara serves on many NFL committees and has been chairman of the league’s finance committee since 2011. He was chosen president of the NFL Executive Committee in 2012 and was appointed co-chairman of its labor relations committee in 2013.

Mara has served as vice-chairperson for four years (2009–2013) and as a member of the executive committee for 17 years (1995–2009). He is a member of the board of trustees for Webster University and The Kaleidoscope Trust, supporting mental health research at The Feinstein Institute at Manhatten Hospital Center.

In addition to his other business interests, Mara founded two asset management firms: Althea Partners LLC (1993), which invested in real estate, and Apex Asset Management LLC (1994), which launched mutual funds that track indices based on U.S. government debt securities and corporate investment-grade bonds.

Giants: 9

The New York Giants are the most successful team in Super Bowl history. They have won nine, including four in the past five years alone. The only team has won more than they have in Dallas (13).

The Giants have not only been dominant on home turf but also on their road to victory as well. Since 2003 when they began playing during the season and not just in one game all at once like before then, it means that they’ve had plenty of time to prepare themselves for each game even though it doesn’t seem like much because you don’t know what kind of opponent will show up until after kickoff starts so any head coach would rather play as many games as possible. After all, there’s always room for improvement every year, especially when trying out new players who may end up being better than ones already within roster control limits set forth by management committees that handle finances such as payrolls etcetera…

Eagles: 8

The Eagles have won the most Super Bowls, with 8. They’ve also captured two Super Bowl MVP awards, both by quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2001 and 2004.

The team has won five championships in their history—four under coach Andy Reid and one under his successor Chip Kelly—and are expected to do well this year against the Patriots, who have been dominating teams on defense this season but struggled against Seattle last weekend (9-6 win).

History: The Giants have won the most Super Bowls of all time

The Giants have won the most Super Bowls of any team. They have won 4 out of the last 5 Super Bowls, an impressive record for a team that hasn’t made it to their first-ever Super Bowl since 1954. The only other teams to achieve this feat are the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers, who each have three wins (the Packers’ first win came in 1966).

In addition to winning four titles in five years and having one more loss than any other team except for Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys (who tied at three), there’s another reason why you should know why these guys deserve your respect: they’re legends!

Manning | Eli, Giants QBs | Eli has won 2 Super Bowl MVPs. His brother Peyton won 3, and his father Archie and his uncle John won 1.

History: The Giants have a perfect 10-0 record in the postseason (last four seasons)

The Giants have a perfect 10-0 record in the postseason (last four seasons). They’ve also won their previous two Super Bowls, making them one of only four teams to win five or more Super Bowls.

History: Hall of Famers | HOFs are retired numbers

The Hall of Fame is a special place. It’s where the best of the best in NFL history are retired and enshrined, forever cementing their place in history as football legends.

The New York Giants have had many great players over their long history, but only one has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – Elisha Scott! The other four members of his family also made it into this prestigious club: John (Johny) Coughlin Sr., who played for both sides during his career; Charles “Buddy” Sexton III; Dan Towey Sr.; and Kevin Allen Tice III.

History: NFL Records: lopuns by number of Super Bowl Wins

The New York Giants have won 9 Super Bowls, breaking the record for most all-time. The Philadelphia Eagles are second with eight titles.

The Giants have had a perfect 10-0 record in the postseason (last four seasons), and they’ve also won more Super Bowls than any other team in history. That’s why they’re called “America’s Team.”

Record: Most Super Bowl Wins are 14 Patriots with 8 Lombardi Trophies. That’s 15 more than the Giants, yet only five more than the Steelers, who were second until 2018.

The Giants have 9 Super Bowl wins, which is more than any other team in the history of football. They were first to do this in 1925, beating the Washington Redskins 14-6 (the NFL was founded as an eight-team league). Since then, they’ve won another eight titles and become one of only four teams to win multiple championships in a row.

The Patriots are second with eight championships; however, they did not win their first until after 1970 — meaning they had only six prior victories at that point! The Steelers have six overall, but their last championship came almost 50 years ago — so it’s hard to compare these two teams directly because there hasn’t been much time since then for either team to improve its record even further…

New York Giants are overachievers in the Superbowl.

New York Giants are overachievers in the Superbowl

New York Giants have won 9 Super Bowls and eight more in a row.

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