Raising the Bar: Exploring the Best High Bars in New York City

High Bar New York Step by Step: A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Visitors

Are you planning your first visit to the High Bar in New York and feeling overwhelmed by the hype surrounding this iconic rooftop bar? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide that will take you through everything you need to know about making the most of your time at this classy spot.

Step 1: Getting there

Situated on 40th Street in Manhattan, High Bar is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. You can hop on to one of the many subway lines running through Midtown Manhattan and get off at Bryant Park Station, which is located just a short walk away from the rooftop bar.

Alternatively, if you’re driving, there are several parking garages located nearby where you can park your car for a reasonable price. We recommend booking online beforehand, as prices can be steep during peak hours.

Step 2: Dress code

One of the unique things about High Bar is its strict dress code policy – no shorts or sandals here! The preferred attire is smart casual or business casual – think button-down shirts, slacks, dresses or skirts paired with closed-toe shoes.

While some might find this dress code intimidating, it’s worth noting that it adds to the overall vibe of exclusivity and sophistication that High Bar exudes.

Step 3: Reservation

At High Bar, reservations are highly recommended especially if you’re planning to visit during peak hours like evenings and weekends. Booking online or through their app is a breeze and requires very little effort on your part – simply choose your date and time, number of guests and provide contact information.

By booking ahead of time, not only do you secure a table but also have more flexibility when choosing seating options or special requests such as personalized drink menus.

Step 4: Drinks

Once seated comfortably at High Bar take advantage of their extensive drink menu which includes craft cocktails like their signature El Diablo (tequila-based drink) or Mai Tai served up with fresh orange and mint or perhaps their Wine-by- the-Glass menu.

If you’re a fan of beer, there’s a rotating selection of beers on tap that change with the season. For wine enthusiasts, High Bar offers an impressive selection sourced from all over the world.

Step 5: Food

High Bar has something for everyone when it comes to food. Whether you’re in need of light bites or heartier fare there are plenty of options available here. Treat yourself to dishes like lobster sliders, truffled fries or roasted shrimp.

For people who prefer more substantial meals, the grilled pork chop served alongside asparagus spears is a crowd favourite. If you fancy something lighter there are refreshing salads on offer including Caesar salad with parmesan croutons and classic vinaigrette dressing.

Step 6: Atmosphere

The highlight of your High Bar experience will be undoubtedly its classy aesthetic and breathtaking views that stretch out over Manhattan’s skyline. Imagine watching the city lights twinkle at night while sipping on an expertly crafted cocktail – magical!

The bar’s décor is modern and sleek with highlights being chic couches arranged around low coffee tables, planters filled with succulents and skylights throughout the space offering natural sunlight during daytime hours The soundscape is eclectic with lively musical performances happening regularly giving patrons many reasons to visit again.

In conclusion, High Bar in New York City has more than earned its reputation as one of NYC’s hottest rooftop bars! By following this step-by-step guide you’ll be equipped to make your first time visit unforgettable,a great way to treat friends or family visiting from outof town it will definitely leave an impact wanting them craving for more!

High Bar New York FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Trip

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting night out in New York City, look no further than the High Bar. This trendy rooftop lounge offers stunning views of Midtown Manhattan and a sophisticated atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. But before you plan your visit, here’s everything you need to know about the High Bar.

1. What is the dress code?
The High Bar has a strict dress code policy that requires guests to dress in upscale or business casual attire. Examples of acceptable clothing include collared shirts, dresses, slacks, and dress shoes. However, they do not permit athletic wear or sneakers.

2. What is the age requirement?
To enter the High Bar, guests must be 21 years of age or older with valid identification.

3. Is there a cover charge?
High Bar does not typically have a cover charge, but entry is at the discretion of their door staff who may enforce one during peak hours or special events.

4. When should I arrive?
It’s recommended to arrive early as there may be long lines during prime hours on weekends. The venue opens at 5 pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and at 2 pm on weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

5. How do I get to High Bar?
Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan atop DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Times Square West on W 40th St & 9th Ave., High Bar is easily accessible by train with Port Authority Bus Terminal/39th Street subway station being closest.

6. What beverage options are available?
High Bar features an extensive list of cocktails created by skilled mixologists using quality spirits and ingredients sourced from around the world along with traditional bar selections serving beer & wine

7.What type of entertainment does High Bars offer?
High Bar periodically invites celebrity DJs to spin tunes that keep drinks flowing until late evenings while various food pop-ups ranging from pizza bars to oyster bars add an unforgettable experience to the rooftop ambiance.

Overall, High Bar is a must-visit destination for those looking to sip cocktails whilst taking in breathtaking views of the famous Manhattan skyline.Ambience and vibe aside, it helps knowing this answers beforehand so you have no surprises ruining your evening. Come and be seduced by an unforgettable experience at High Bar New York.

Top 5 Facts About High Bar New York That Will Surprise You

In the bustling city of New York, finding a spot that offers a great ambiance, quality food and drinks, and an overall unique experience can be quite a daunting task. Luckily, High Bar New York ticks all those boxes and more. With its unrivaled rooftop location in Midtown Manhattan’s Garment District, High bar is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy breathtaking views while sipping on handcrafted cocktails!

High Bar is indeed a hidden gem in one of the busiest streets of NYC. Here are some top facts about this luxurious establishment that will undoubtedly surprise you.

1) The history behind High Bar

While the luxurious vibe of High bar may lead you to believe it was established at least a century ago, this high-end bar has only been around since 2005. What makes it stand out from other rooftop bars though is its historic location – inside the high hostel is where explorers began their journeys over 100 years ago! This building used to house actual explorers who were preparing themselves for their journey into unknown lands.

2) A cocktail menu like no other

If you’re looking to sample inventive cocktails made by experienced mixologists who take pride in using only fresh ingredients then look no further than Sky Pub’s cocktail menu. You can expect elevated classics like Old-Fashioned with honey syrup and bitters or something experimental like Japanese-style Bloody Mary which replaces tomato juice with sake.

3) Unbeatable views of midtown Manhattan

What could be better than having front-row seats to picturesque views of garishly lit skyscrapers and famous landmarks? High Bar’s location atop Garment District offers unparalleled panoramic vistas making it one of the best spots for instagram-worthy skyline shots! Besides spectacular views during evenings sky-high lounge also serves brunch until afternoon- so head there anytime!

4) The perfect event space

Not many venues in NYC can compare with High Bar when it comes to hosting events – whether they’re corporate or personal. Your guests will rave about the fantastic ambiance, stellar service and unforgettable views. The venue has been known to host everything from charity galas, film premieres to intimate cocktail parties.

5) Music that sets the mood

The trendy High Bar offers a unique atmosphere where you can expect low-volume DJ music during weekdays and lively beats on weekends by popular NYC DJs – this balanced approach ensures that you get the perfect vibe for whatever your mood may be!

In conclusion, if you’re searching for an upscale bar with quality food and drinks in Midtown Manhattan’s Garment District that also offers stunning New York skyline views all while being surrounded by beautiful history – then High Bar is the best choice!

The Underrated Beauty of High Bar New York and Why it Should be on Your Bucket List

New York City is known for its towering skyscrapers, bustling streets and diverse cultural offerings. While these landmarks are definitely worth seeing, there’s another spot you can add to your bucket list that may have flown under the radar: High Bar New York.

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, High Bar offers breathtaking views of the cityscape that few other places can match. The rooftop bar is situated on the 37th floor of a building and features a large outdoor terrace with ample seating areas where you can relax while taking in the impressive skyline.

High Bar may not be as well-known as some of the other rooftop bars in New York City, but it certainly holds its own when it comes to beauty and atmosphere. Unlike some of the tourist-heavy spots like Le Bain or The Refinery Rooftop, High Bar is much more low-key and relaxed.

The décor is simple yet elegant with cozy lounge furniture that invites guests to sit back and soak up the ambiance. But it’s really all about the view at High Bar – from here, you’ll get an unparalleled panoramic view of Manhattan.

As if this wasn’t enough to make High Bar a must-visit destination for anyone visiting New York City, they also offer an impressive selection of cocktails and beer options. Whether you want to sip on classic cocktails like martinis or venture out into more creative concoctions like their “Minted Cucumber Margarita,” you won’t be disappointed by their drink menu or prices.

But despite all these enticing factors, many people haven’t yet discovered High Bar New York. Partly because it’s nestled off the beaten path between busy streets filled with tourists who rarely venture down Madison Avenue towards East 39th Street.

So next time you’re exploring Midtown Manhattan or looking for a hidden gem to visit during your trip to NYC – make sure to add High Bar New York onto your bucket list! With stunning views over Manhattan, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious cocktails to enjoy while taking in the skyline – it might just become your favorite rooftop bar in the city. So don’t hesitate anymore, add ‘High Bar New York’ on top of your bucket list!

A Night to Remember: How High Bar New York Offers an Unforgettable Rooftop Experience

There are certain elements that can truly elevate a night out, and for many of us, it starts with an unforgettable setting. That’s where High Bar New York comes in – a sophisticated rooftop lounge that offers unparalleled views of Manhattan’s skyline.

Located on the 37th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Times Square, High Bar is a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle of New York. As soon as you step off the elevator and make your way to the outdoor terrace, you’re transported to another world. The panoramic views are simply breathtaking; it’s no wonder why this spot has become one of NYC’s top rooftop destinations.

But it’s not just the views that make High Bar stand out. The atmosphere itself is something special. The chic decor features sleek white couches, mood lighting, and modern details like fire pits alongside lush greenery. The design creates a welcoming ambiance whether you’re planning a romantic evening or looking to impress clients over drinks.

To accompany its stunning aesthetics, High Bar serves up expertly crafted cocktails made from premium spirits and fresh ingredients. Think classic concoctions with unique twists, like their signature “High Stakes” drink which combines bourbon with honey, lemon juice, blackberries and mint. Not only do these drinks taste delicious but they also feel almost too beautiful to drink: think garnishes like edible flowers or exotic fruits.

And while at first glance you may think this roof bar is better suited for swanky VIP events under twinkling stars while overlooking famous skyscrapers’, High Bar caters to everyone! Fancy yourself as somewhat experienced mixologist? Look no further than their interactive DrinkLab section where patrons can create bespoke cocktails under guidance from High Bars expert mixologists!

In summary- From beginning until end, High Bar is an Art Deco inspired sliver of elegance that delivers A+ ambiance with killer sips called “tipples”. It’s undoubtedly a go-to spot for the best views of NYC with a buzzing, sophisticated crowd to match. So, if you’re planning a night out in New York and are looking for something truly special, don’t miss out on the chance to experience High Bar – the rooftop bar that will leave an impression I promise you won’t forget!

Captivating Views and Delicious Drinks at High Bar New York: What Makes it a Must-Visit Spot?

High Bar New York is a rooftop bar that offers not only stunning cityscape views but also a wide range of delicious drinks that are sure to tantalize both your taste buds and your senses. Located in the heart of Manhattan, High Bar New York offers visitors an impressive skyline view, complemented perfectly with their gracious outdoor lounge.

From the moment you step into this exclusive high bar, you will be transported to another world. The atmosphere oozes sophistication and style, making it an ideal location for any special occasion or intimate evening out. But what sets High Bar apart from other rooftop bars in New York City? Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, High Bar New York has one of the most breathtaking views that you’ll find anywhere in the city. Perched on top of a luxury building, this rooftop oasis offers panoramic views that stretch across Manhattan from every angle – ensuring every guest captures unforgettable moments at sunrise or sunset.

Secondly, thanks to its prime location just steps away from Central Park West dining specials overlooking Columbus Circle; it offers unparalleled access to some great delicacies like sushi burritos and mushroom toast as well as cocktails guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palate!

High Bar is also known for its incredible range of signature cocktails and drinks menu which has been curated by some of the best mixologists around NY noted for their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. From classic martinis to exotic fruity concoctions and beer options curated from local breweries – anyone who loves good drink can really enjoy themselves here!

Adding more fun element: there’s live DJ music setting up all week long causing people in high spirit dancing along with chilled drinks & capturing unforgettable moments together! And what better way to make memories than soaking up these captivating views while sipping down something delicious?

So if you’re looking for somewhere special where you can immerse yourself into breathtaking scenic beauty yet turn it up at socializing with delightful drips – High Bar New York must take the top of your list. It is a place where you can relax, unwind and marvel at the incredible views while sipping down drinks that not only taste amazing but also look stunning.. Book yourself for the next evening out with friends or make it a romantic date because High Bar has something for everyone!

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