Rosedale, NY: What County is it in?

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What County Is Rosedale, NY Located In?

Rosedale, NY is located in Nassau County, New York. The small hamlet is situated on a spur of the Long Island Expressway that juts in between Elmont and Valley Stream in the South Shore region of Nassau County. With easy access to both New York City and Long Island, Rosedale provides its residents with convenience while still offering a quiet suburban atmosphere. This residential neighborhood is proud to have highly rated public schools, well-kept parks, public safety services and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy year round. Rosedale has come a long way since it was first founded by Dutch settlers back in 1644, but its small town charm remains alive today for all who call it home.

Where Is Rosedale Located?

Rosedale is a residential community located in Toronto, Ontario. It is situated so that it lies north of the City’s downtown core and east of North York along Leslie Street. Rosedale spans roughly from Wellesley Street to Bayview Avenue, with Yonge Street forming its western edge and the Don Valley Parkway forming its eastern edge.

Rosedale is well known for its lush gardens, wide open green spaces, and prestigious real estate market. It has long been considered one of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods, attracting high-profile professionals looking for luxury living options close to the city centre. Rosedale Park enjoys many outdoor sporting activities such as tennis courts, soccer fields and running trails surrounded by trees and foliage; even during the hottest summer days you can often find a cool place to relax near some flowing water!

Rosedale is also home to an eclectic mix of boutiques, cafes, and shops which line the area’s side streets – making it easy to spend an afternoon meandering through area stores or picking up interesting ingredients at local grocery stores like The Healthy Butcher or Fiesta Farms (local favourite!) Additionally, nearby Summerhill Market provides residents with access to everything they need in terms of health care services as well as speciality foods like artisanal cheeses.

Rosedale’s wonderful combination of lively culture set against a stunning natural backdrop makes this neighbourhood one of Toronto’s top locations for anything

What Part of New York is Rosedale?

Rosedale is a residential community located in the southeastern part of the New York City borough of Queens. The neighborhood is bordered by both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as Long Island’s South Shore to the east. It features wide streets lined with tree-lined neighborhoods, diverse housing styles, schools, parks and historic sites.

The neighborhood of Rosedale was first established in 1635, when Dutch settler William Cooes purchased land along Jamaica Bay from Native Americans living in what would later become part of Queens County, New York. By 1660 Cooes had built an estate on the property naming it “De Smet” or “Rose Dale”—believed to come from Rose Dalia; Cooes’ daughter who was buried on the grounds there—under which name it has remained for centuries ever since. In 1836 transportation links began to open up with the building of an old horse car line between Brooklyn and Jamaica and an improved road for passing through this new telephone development known then as Cow Meadow or Roxdale Station (now known as Rosedale).

Today Rosedale is mostly made up of single family homes with attached garages and small yards surrounded by trees. There are several quaint business districts filled with restaurants and stores that cater to local residents. This vibrant community is also home to Francis Lewis High School; many apartments clustered near Green Acres Mall; Sunrise Park; just north on Merrick Blvd.;

What Region is Home to the Town of Rosedale, New York?

The charming town of Rosedale, New York is situated in the heart of Queens – a bustling borough of New York City. Queen’s cultural makeup is rich and expansive, having immigrant populations from all different backgrounds. Its tremendously diverse population radiates from the bustling city life to the charming tropics of Jamaica Bay and beyond. The Town of Rosedale exemplifies this vibrant culture with its quaint streets and thriving community center, providing many activities for locals to enjoy.

Just beyond the hustle and bustle lies quiet residential neighborhoods brimming with tranquility and comfort. Founded in 1876 by Hillsdale Farm founder Solomon Roehl, the Town of Rosedale covers an area totaling 0.9 square miles, housing an approximate population size just over seven thousand people according to 2010 census data. Though small in size, the friends, family and lifelong residence that call this area home make it much more than simply a number on a page.

Local businesses also line Brenta Avenue in downtown Rosedale – including some delightful places like L&M Restaurant & Bar (the best fried chicken around). Residents have access to an array of ethnic shops that proudly serve cuisines from multiple cultures – whether you’re looking for Italian or Jamaican fare – all while feeling welcomed by the warmth and enthusiasm displayed throughout their stay in Rosedale.

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