Selden NYExploring Selden NY: A Guide to This Long Island Town

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Where is Selden, NY?

Selden is a census-designated place located in the town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County, New York. Selden lies near the geographic center of Long Island and belongs to the greater metropolitan area of New York City. It is conveniently situated close to numerous businesses, educational institutions, and medical facilities. The hamlet has easy access to both New York City and Nassau County via nearby routes including Sunrise Highway, Middle Country Road, William Floyd Parkway and Nicolls Road. Additionally, it is only 25 miles from Islip Airport and around 60 miles from Manhattan in normal traffic conditions.

Selden was originally created out of parcels that belonged to three different towns – Selden Neck (in Setauket), Loon Pond (in Miller Place) and Wincoma (in West Sayville). Among its most popular attractions are Connetquot River State Park Preserve as well as numerous sports fields complexes owned by Suffolk County Parks Department including Bicycle Path Campus Complex and Four Harbors Soccer Complex. The hamlet also enjoys excellent transportation options with Suffolk Committee Transit’s accessibility routes providing service all across the county plus direct connections to other major Long Island locations such as Eastport or Riverhead. In conclusion, Selden offers an ideal opportunity for people seeking balance between peaceful suburban lifestyle combined with proximity to various key historic attractions in Long Island’s culture-rich region.

What is the Geographical Location of Selden, NY?

Selden is a hamlet and CDP (census designated place) situated in the heart of Long Island, in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York. The population was 19,853 at the 2010 census. Selden was initially settled in 1750 by Thomas Wheeler. It is situated just west of Centereach and east of Farmingville in central Long Island.

Selden lies within Long Island’s Pine Barrens region, which contains protected wetlands along its south-west border. Summer time affords plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities including fishing and boating on nearby Lake Ronkonkoma as well as tanning at one of many public beaches on the Long Island Sound. There are also a number of nature preserves located nearby such as Sunken Meadow State Park and Caleb Smith State Park Preserve.

By car The hamlet can be accessed off three major highways, the MacArthur turnpike (RT 25A), Middle Country Road (Rt 25) or Sunrise Highway (Rt 27). For those travelling by train there are two options from closeby towns of Port Jefferson or Ronkonkoma: Either a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) stop to take you directly into New York City Manhattan or a new commuter rail service running to and from Montauk on weekends throughout the summer months.

Who are the Residents of Selden, NY?

The residents of Selden, NY are a diverse and vibrant community. A tight-knit neighborhood on Long Island’s East End, Selden has grown to include an ethnically diverse population over the years. Immigrants from China, India, Italy, Greece, Mexico and several other countries have made Selden their home. From youthful retirees in search of a peaceful place to live out their golden years to young families just starting out, the unique identities of each individual have been woven together to form a thriving culture that calls this small town its own.

Along with immigrants come the more established members of the community: Native Americans, who still maintain strong ties to local tribes; elderly Seldeners who have lived here for generations; military personnel stationed at nearby bases returning after deployment; entrepreneurs striving to bring industry and prosperity back into town; teachers, business owners, clergy and more – all part of what makes Selden’s character so rich and inviting.

Residents here cherish traditional values such as respect for elders, helpfulness for one another in times of need or stress, generosity among neighbors and family gatherings during festive holidays or memorable occasions throughout the year.

No matter what walk of life individuals may come from in or near Selden – whether they’re born here or chose this place as their home – every single resident carries something valuable that contributes to making it a great place for building productive long-term relationships forged by trustworthiness

What Points of Interest Exist in Selden, NY?

Situated in the heart of Suffolk County, New York, is the small town of Selden. With its close proximity to attractions such as the Long Island Sound and numerous other points of interest, it makes for a great travel destination for those looking to explore or spend some much-needed quality time away from home.

Whether you’re into outdoor recreation or indoor shopping and entertainment, there are plenty of things to do in Selden. The Selden Circle Park offers a pleasant recreational area with walking paths, sports fields, playgrounds and picnic spots. For an unforgettable experience out on the water, hop aboard one of Sharky’s Fishing Charters and explore the wonders of Long Island’s South Shore waterways or take part in an educational whale watch tour that visits areas such as Plum Gut Harbor and Northport Bay.

Looking for some reading material? The Selden Public Library is a great place to go for books for all ages plus DVD rentals too! It also offers workshops on topics such as meditation classes, knitting clubs and cooking classes-take advantage of them before it’s too late!

For entertainment options other than just reading, don’t miss out on attending one (or more!) musical performances at AMF Centereach Lanes or playing Laser Tag at Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park—children will especially love taking part in these activities! Plus they offer free Wi-Fi perfect for keeping up with regular tasks while

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