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Where is Stormville, NY?

Stormville, New York is a small hamlet in the town of East Fishkill located in southeastern Dutchess County, just west of the Connecticut border. Stormville was founded as a rural settlement in 1744 and today serves as a bedroom community to commuters bound for fishkill or Newburgh on I-84. The population is estimated to be around 2,700.

Stormville has everything you need for the perfect quintessential small town experience – quaint shops and eateries along Main Street, several parks for recreation, an old skool playground with swings, slides and seesaws all nestled under a canopy of trees! You can take long walks down nature trails at Hinesburg Park or explore the woods at Hudson Highlands Nature Center. It’s also home to an organic farm where you can pick your own produce in season! Plus it’s only minutes away from beautiful lakes and rivers like Wappinger Lake and Clove Creek that offers plenty of outdoor fun such as swimming, kayaking and fishing.

So if you’re looking for great local charm, unspoiled scenic beauty, vibrant culture and peaceful quality of life – Stormville is the place to be!

What Can You Find in Stormville, NY?

Stormville, NY is a charming hamlet in Dutchess County located just east of the Hudson River. It contains a mix of historic and modern buildings, from centuries-old dwellings and churches to a bustling farmers market. As such, Stormville has something for everyone to enjoy!

History buffs will love exploring the area’s history, beginning with its namesake – legend holds that the first settlers of Stormville were survivors of the 1804 storm which devastated much of the Hudson Valley. Today, visitors can view preserved monuments like Stone Hearse House and Old St. Michael’s Church, as well as The Mount Gulian Historic Site – one of New York’s most impressive Colonial-era sites.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to find themselves ample choices for outdoor recreation. There are several nature preserves in Stormville offering excellent bird watching opportunities; The Hill and Hollow Nature Preserve spans over 1,000 acres with trails through forests and wetlands teeming with wildlife. A number of golf courses dot the landscape around Stormville too – hikers can soak up beautiful views on their trek up Croft Peak or weave through Nardi Brook Trail’s intricate network of pathways!

Foodies will appreciate all that Stormville has to offer in terms of locally-made products and restaurants alike! Local produce vendors line up at the farmers market each weekend – shoppers can find fruits and veggies both grown on site as well as nearby farms.

3.What Are the Best Things to Do in Stormville, NY?

Stormville, NY is a beautiful town tucked away in the Hudson Valley, providing plenty of things to do, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or indoor. From charming historical sites, scenic hiking trails and outdoor recreation to shopping and dining experiences and cultural attractions, this small village has something for every taste!

If you’re looking to explore the outdoors around Stormville, then you have your pick of some of the best hiking spots in the region. The Storm King State Park Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the area. With stunning views of rivers and cliffs, it’s both strenuous enough that you’ll get a workout while still being accessible enough to bring kids or inexperienced hikers with you. For off-the-beaten-path adventures, check out Alward Vineyard Nature Preserve which boasts over 5 miles of trails through a variety of habitats from meadows to stands of hemlocks. If golfing is more your activity than hiking – no problem! Apple Greens Golf Course has rolling hills perfect for getting in a game with friends on any weekend.

For those who prefer more leisurely activities, there are plenty too! Historic Cold Spring Village offers an array of hands-on programming such as traditional craft demonstrations and interesting talks about local history making it perfect for an educational afternoon outing with family or friends. Afterwards take some time to stroll down Main Street where you can find great shopping options and restaurants featuring everything from casual pub food or trendy coffee shops

What Is the History of Stormville, NY?

Stormville, New York is a small, rural hamlet located in the town of East Fishkill in Dutchess County. The history of Stormville dates back to the mid-1850s when a man named Alfred Symth founded a cobblestone and brick yard which supplied stone for many local projects. Mr. Symth also built his own house on the property and this is known as the “Old House”.

The surrounding area was part of an estate owned by an early Dutch settler named Captain Sylvester Storm who arrived in the Hudson Valley in 1686. Although it was uninhabited at that time, Sylvester Storm had plans to build his own village one day and, after he passed away in 1701, these plans were thrown into limbo until they were revived by Alfred Symth almost 200 years later!

In 1889 Alfred donated land to be used for a schoolhouse and train station along with other plots of land around it to spur further development. This soon became known as “Storm’s Corner”, named after Captain Sylvester Storm himself.

Over the next century, more businesses opened up and many people moved into Stormville, thus creating a unique small-town atmosphere with agriculture as its bedrock industry. The population continues to remain steady today at around 3483 people according to the 2010 census.

When you visit Stormville today you can still find remnants of its old past such as the

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