Swing for the Fences: Exploring the Best New York Yankees Jerseys

How to Choose the Perfect Fit for Your New York Yankees Jersey: Step-by-Step Instructions

As a die-hard fan of the New York Yankees, wearing their iconic navy blue and white pinstriped jersey is more than just an outfit choice – it’s a statement of loyalty and pride. However, choosing the perfect fit for your new Yankees jersey can be daunting, especially if you’re purchasing it online or on game day at Yankee Stadium. To help you out, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to ensure that you look and feel your best in the famous NY embossed uniform.

Step 1: Determine Your Size

The first thing you need to do when selecting your Yankees jersey size is measure yourself. Use a tape measure to measure around your chest at its widest point. This measurement will give you an accurate idea of what size range to look for when shopping for a jersey.

Step 2: Decide on Jersey Style

Yankee jerseys come in different styles depending on whether they are for men, women or children. Men’s jerseys are designed with larger neck openings as well as fuller sleeves compared to women’s jerseys which tend to be slimmer with slightly lower necklines due to the difference in body shapes between genders.

Step 3: Check the Material

When buying any piece of clothing, checking the material used is essential for perfect fit and comfort. Authentic Yankee jerseys’ material should be made from Dri-FIT technology that is breathable and lightweight. As for replicas or fan versions, they can be made from polyester mesh or moisture-wicking fabric aimed at providing utmost comfort during prolonged wear.

Step 4: Pick Your Player

It’s important that you choose whose name and number get printed on the back of the jersey before purchase because once it has been printed- it can’t be changed! You can choose from known player names like Derek Jeter’s #2 jersey or iconic players’ nicknames like ‘The Yankee Clipper’ Joe DiMaggio’s #5.

Step 5: Decide on a Customized or Ready-Made Jersey

Depending on the occasion and your preferences, you may opt for custom-made jerseys or pre-made ones. If you want to show your love for the Yankees, custom jerseys offer an opportunity to add personal touches such as names, special dates or even messages to players.

Step 6: Try it On

Trying on a jersey before purchase is essential as different brands have different sizing standards. Ensure that it fits snugly but not too tight around the chest and shoulders with enough space for comfortable movement. Remember, baseball throwbacks look best when fit is just right!

Choosing the perfect Yankees jersey can be tough, but with our step-by-step guide, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your size, style and personality in no time. So head over to Yankees Store or any sports gear retailer near you and get ready to show off your true pinstriped spirit!

New York Yankees Jerseys FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a die-hard New York Yankees fan? Do you need to update your jersey collection, but find yourself overwhelmed with all the options out there? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll answer all of your burning questions about New York Yankees jerseys.

Q: What are the different types of New York Yankees jerseys?
A: There are three main types of New York Yankees jerseys: home, away and alternate. The home jersey is pinstriped with navy blue lettering that says “New York.” The away jersey is solid grey with navy blue lettering that reads “Yankees.” Finally, the alternate jersey is typically navy blue or white with “Yankees” in either white, navy or silver.

Q: Who should I get on my jersey?
A: This can be a tough decision, as there are so many legendary players to choose from. You could go classic with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig or Joe DiMaggio. Or you could go more current and choose Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera. It’s ultimately up to you – just make sure it’s someone whose legacy will stand the test of time!

Q: How should I care for my jersey?
A: Always follow the washing instructions on the tag! Generally speaking, machine-wash cold and hang dry to prevent any fading or damage to the lettering.

Q: Are there any unwritten rules about wearing a New York Yankees jersey?
A: Yes – some fans may see it as disrespectful to wear a player’s jersey if they’re not currently on the team (e.g. Babe Ruth). Additionally, some fans may view wearing an opponent’s jersey in Yankee Stadium as poor sportsmanship.

Q: Are replica jerseys cheaper than authentic ones?
A: Yes! Authentic jerseys are made with higher quality materials and often cost upwards of $300. Replica jerseys still look great though and can be purchased for under $100.

Q: Can I customize my jersey with my own name and number?
A: Yes! Many websites offer this option if you can’t find a specific player’s jersey. Just keep in mind that it may not hold the same value to collectors as a player’s official jersey would.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about New York Yankees jerseys. Who will you choose to represent on your next game day? Go Yankees!

The History of New York Yankees Jerseys: Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

The New York Yankees are a professional baseball team that needs no introduction. Founded in 1901, the Yankees have amassed a total of 27 championships – the most in the MLB history. The team’s iconic pinstripe jerseys have become synonymous with their brand, and every season millions of fans sport them to show their love for the team. In this blog post, we’ll be taking you through the history of the New York Yankee jerseys and some surprising facts about them.

1. The Origins of Pinstripes

The origins of the pinstripe design on the New York Yankee jersey can be traced back to 1912 – 11 years after their formation as they played in a game at Fenway Park against Boston Red Sox where it was difficult to distinguish between both teams wearing white uniforms. To differentiate themselves from other teams, they decided to add blue pinstripes over their home whites.

2. The First NY Logo

The famous NY logo on today’s New York Yankee caps came into being in 1909 when young office clerk Louis B Miller designed it himself using only two scripts: “N” from “New” and “Y” from “York”. Since then, this timeless logo has been revisited and modernized many times but still remains one of the trademark symbols under which all sports teams are universally associated.

3. Babe Ruth’s Number

Babe Ruth is arguably one of the most celebrated baseball players in history, having played for various clubs including New York Yankees between years 1920-1934), where he made an indelible mark and popularised hitting home runs.
His number was retired by Major League Baseball after his death on August 16th,1948 making him one among five or six players who’ve ever had this honor! On July 4th (Independence Day) that same year-numbered “3 ” was retired by the club marking significant achievement towards the game and for him serving in it.

4. White Pinstripes

If you’re a die-hard New York Yankee fan, then you probably know that the team wore white pinstripe jerseys despite their iconic blue ones during the 1960s. The change came about when outgoing General Manager George Weiss wanted to update its image as a takeover threat by National League teams following the Supreme Court’s ruling against Major League Baseball being ‘untouchable’. While some fans felt distraught with this new look, it was only meant to be temporary and lasted onlyfor two seasons.

5. No Names on Jerseys

Today, most sports jerseys have player names on them but think of it as making redundant since the lack of name permits greater focus on one’s work ethic where singular players can be recognized purely by their talent instead of gaining recognition for marketing purposes. In fact, all team players under New York Yankees and even coaches began having uniform numbers printed in their pinstripe jersey at first (date) but names found themselves not necessary.

In conclusion, New York Yankee jerseys are more than just pieces of cloth sporting colors or designs – they represent a rich history spanning over many decades; From Babe Ruth’s number “3 “that was retired after his death marking significant achievement towards the game with much deserved recognition to no name permitted to be placed on jersey becoming something so unique yet acridly associated with success- all contribute significantly to make perhaps one of the best known sporting brands globally today!

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Your New York Yankees Jersey

Being a die-hard New York Yankees fan means proudly sporting your team’s colors on game day. And what better way to represent your love for the Bronx Bombers than by donning the iconic pinstripes? But while getting your hands on a brand new Yankees jersey is an exciting moment, it’s important to know how to take care of it so that it lasts for all the seasons to come. Here are some tips and tricks for showing your Yankees pride while keeping your jersey in top condition:

1. Pre-wash Your Jersey

Before wearing or washing your new jersey, give it a gentle pre-wash first. This will help loosen up any dirt or stains that might have accumulated during shipping or storage.

To do this, fill up a sink or basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of laundry detergent (make sure the detergent is intended for colored fabrics). Gently agitate the water with your hands and then submerge your jersey into the water. Let it soak for about 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

2. Wash Carefully

When washing your jersey in a machine, always read and follow the care label instructions carefully. To avoid any damage, be sure to wash on a gentle cycle in cold water only.

It’s also recommended to use laundry detergent that doesn’t contain bleach since bleach can discolor colored fabrics, including Yankee blue.

3. Air-Dry Only

After washing, hang up your jersey where air can circulate around it – this helps prevent shrinking or misshaping of seams caused by heat from tumble drying.

The best way to do this is lay flat or hang over something like tongs with enough space between them to let air through

Avoid direct sunlight as well- excessive heat may cause fabric dye to fade over time.

4. Handle With Care

Your Yankees Baseball Jersey may be tough on game day but when you’re not wearing it, handle it with care. This means avoiding stretching or pulling the fabric and being cautious when treating any stains.

5. Store Flat

When not in use, find a flat surface to store your jersey on (like a shelf) – this helps prevent wrinkles and have enough room for air to circulate around it. Don’t leave cramped places like stuffed into a corner of your closet; stacking clothes on top may cause creases that are hard to press out later.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your beloved New York Yankees jersey looking great for years to come. And remember, taking care of your jersey is just one small way of showing your support for America’s favorite pastime team!

The Best Places to Purchase Authentic New York Yankees Jerseys Online

If you’re a diehard New York Yankees fan, you know how important it is to have the right gear to show off your team spirit. A real fan never settles for knock-off jerseys or cheap imitations – no, true fans demand authentic New York Yankees jerseys that look and feel just like the ones the players wear on game day. But where can you find these high-quality jerseys online? Keep reading to learn about the best places to purchase authentic New York Yankees jerseys on the internet.

1. MLBshop.com:

One of the most reliable sources for purchasing authentic Yankees jerseys is Major League Baseball’s official shop, MLBshop.com. This website offers a vast selection of authentic home and away jerseys featuring all your favorite players, as well as special edition and commemorative options. Plus, shopping at MLBshop.com ensures that you’re purchasing officially licensed merchandise directly from the source.

With constantly changing sales and promotions, competing with other sites would be tough.

2. Fanatics:

If you’re looking for even more selection when it comes to New York Yankees jerseys (and sports gear in general), Fanatics is an excellent option. With thousands of items available from all major sports leagues, this web-based retailer has made a name for itself by offering quick shipping times and excellent customer service.

Fanatics also occasionally runs flash sales making them irresistible.


NYteamgear specializes in both professional league soccer and basketball teams alongside baseball so they really do know their stuff! They offer genuinely exclusive designs only found on their site which can make supporting your Yankees really unique! The name says it all – If You live in NY Its Got What You Need!


Surprised? Yes we added Amazon due to its convenience but always purchase through reputable sellers since some may ship out fake jerseys (refer back to our first point!) – Just double-check what reviews are saying before you hit purchase but there are some great deals to be found for the patient baseball fan.

Ultimately, no matter where you decide to buy an authentic New York Yankees jersey online, make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable source. Look for websites that offer a wide selection of officially licensed merchandise and check reviews beforehand. By doing so, you can rest assured that you’re buying a high-quality piece of sports memorabilia that will last for years to come – just like your love for the New York Yankees!

The Evolution of Design in New York Yankees Jerseys Over the Years

As one of the oldest and most iconic teams in Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees have been setting standards in not only performance but also design. The evolution of Yankees jerseys over the years is a fascinating journey that takes us through several decades of change.

The Originals

It all started with the Yankees’ inaugural season back in 1903. Their uniforms were simple and minimalist, consisting of a white jersey and pants along with black stockings. They eventually changed to pinstripes as it was more popular among other teams at the time.

The Babe Era

The arrival of Babe Ruth brought about many changes, including uniform design. In 1929, the team added blue trim to their pinstriped home jerseys and made them slightly longer in length. This new look became synonymous with Ruth’s success, as he dominated opposing pitchers while wearing these threads.

The Dark Ages

There was a lull in innovation during most of the 1940s and ’50s as teams began dressing more uniformly. The Yankee uniforms remained largely unchanged during this period, with minor tweaks like adding player numbers on their backs being more significant.

Return to Glory

In the early ’60s, new ownership took over the team and breathed fresh life into everything associated with it – including its designs. Their kelly green road jerseys were replaced by gray versions that sported “New York” over “Yankees” on the chest for two seasons starting from 1963-1964.

Enter George Steinbrenner

When George Steinbrenner bought the team in 1972, he ushered in an era of big spending both on players and uniforms alike. He introduced navy blue alternate jerseys with “Yankees” emblazoned across their fronts for Sunday home games beginning from 1973-1987.

Controversial Additions

During Steinbrenner’s reign came perhaps two of the most controversial uniform additions: the white-paneled cap with navy blue bills in 1980 and, worse yet, the infamous “Yankee Clipper” patch on the left arm of their home jerseys during 1985-86 (designed to commemorate Joe Dimaggio’s death).


The Yankees returned to a more traditional look from the ’90s and onwards. They updated their number font in 1996 and later added road jerseys that now featured navy blue as a base color instead of gray during Derek Jeter’s era.

From being one of baseball’s plainest teams to one with various design changes throughout its history, Yankee pinstripes will always remain instantly identifiable. It’s fascinating to trace how the fashion of America’s national pastime has evolved by following the team that calls itself the Bronx Bombers.

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