Uncovering the Shocking Number of Murders in NYC in 2015

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Introduction to the Rise in Murders in New York City in 2015

2015 saw a dramatic rise in the number of murders in New York City. While overall crime in the city has been steadily declining for two decades, the number of murders spiked 17% from 2014 to 2015, the highest it has been since the early 2000s. This trend is particularly worrying in a city that is widely considered to be a safe and secure place to live.

The causes of this surge in violence are complex and multifaceted. One factor is the ongoing economic inequality in the city. New York City is costly, with housing and other necessities rising faster than wages, leaving many struggling to make ends meet. This has caused a marked increase in poverty and a corresponding rise in crime and violence as those on the margins of society to become more desperate.

Additionally, policing strategies in New York City have shifted significantly in recent years. A more aggressive approach to law enforcement has meant that less severe offenses are treated more harshly, leading to more people being incarcerated for minor crimes and longer sentences for violent ones. While effective at reducing crime in the short term, this approach has hurt the overall crime rate for a long time. It has resulted in more people being released from prison with limited resources and employment opportunities. This has contributed to increased criminal activity, particularly in economically depressed areas of the city.

Finally, the proliferation of firearms has also played a role in the rise of violence in New York City. There is a well-documented correlation between the availability of guns and increased crime rates. This is especially true in cities with high poverty levels, where firearms are more readily available.

The rise in murders in New York City in 2015 is a troubling trend that must be addressed. To ensure the safety of all citizens, the city must work to address the underlying causes of the violence, including economic inequality, aggressive policing strategies, and easy access to firearms. Only then can we hope to see a reduction in the number of homicides in the city.

Examining the Causes of the Increase in Murders

The increase in murders is a complex issue that has been the focus of much debate over the past few years. While there is no single, easy answer, several factors can help explain the increase in murders. These include an increase in gang activity, lax gun control laws, a rise in poverty, a lack of economic opportunities, and an increase in violent media.

Gang Activity

Gang activity has been linked to increased murders in many cities across the United States. Gangs often engage in violent activities, such as drug dealing and turf wars, which can lead to fatal violence. Also, gang members are often armed with firearms, leading to deadly confrontations.

Lax Gun Control Laws

The availability of firearms has been linked to increased violent crime, including murders. In states with lax gun control laws, it is easier for criminals to acquire firearms, increasing their chances of using them during a violent confrontation.

Rise in Poverty

Poverty has been linked to an increase in violent crime, including murders. Deprivation can lead to desperation and hopelessness, leading some people to commit violent crimes to survive or out of frustration.

Lack of Economic Opportunities

The lack of economic opportunities can also factor in the increase in murders. When people cannot find good jobs, they may turn to illegal activities to make money, leading to violent confrontations with other criminals. Additionally, when people have few job opportunities, they may become frustrated and turn to violence to express their anger and frustration.

Increase in Violent Media

The increased violent media, such as films and video games, has been linked to increased violent behavior. Exposure to violent media can desensitize people to the consequences of violent behavior, making them more likely to act out violently.

Analyzing the Impact of the Murders on the City

When a city experiences a high-profile murder, the impact can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Not only does it affect the family and friends of the victim, but it can also have a significant ripple effect on the entire community. The impact of murders on a city can include an increase in public fear, a decrease in the city’s reputation, and a strain on resources, such as law enforcement and mental health services.

Public Fear

When a person is murdered in a city, it sparks a fear that similar violence could happen to anyone. The fear is often compounded by a lack of information about the crime, as the investigation and subsequent trial may be kept confidential. This can cause people to become more apprehensive when out and about in public places or to take extra precautions when going out at night.


The reputation of a city is essential for many reasons, especially when drawing in new businesses and people. When a city experiences a high-profile murder, it can cause it to be viewed as a dangerous place to live, work, or visit. News stories about the murder can be sensationalized, adding to the public’s perception of the city’s reputation.

Strain on Resources

A murder investigation can take up a lot of resources, such as police, medical examiners, forensics experts, and mental health professionals. It can also take a financial toll on the city, as the investigation may require overtime pay for those working on the case, and any subsequent trial may last several weeks or months.

The impact of a murder on a city can have far-reaching consequences. It can cause an increase in public fear, decrease the city’s reputation, and strain resources, such as law enforcement and mental health services. Communities need to come together to support one another and take steps to ensure that violence does not become standard.

Investigating Possible Solutions to Combat the Problem

of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become an increasingly severe problem that affects people of all ages, especially youth. It can have devastating effects, including depression, anxiety, isolation, and even suicide in extreme cases. We need to find ways to combat this issue, but what are some potential solutions?

To combat cyberbullying, it’s essential first to understand its causes. Cyberbullying typically occurs when someone with malicious intent uses digital communication to target and harass another person. This can include sending threatening or hurtful messages, posting negative comments or images, or impersonating someone else online.

Once the causes of cyberbullying are better understood, it’s possible to start looking at possible solutions to combat the problem. One potential solution is for parents and educators to become more active in teaching children about cyberbullying and how to recognize it. This can include providing resources that explain cyberbullying and how to respond to it, as well as holding conversations about the issue.

Another potential solution is for social media platforms to implement measures to combat cyberbullying. This can include developing better-reporting systems, using AI to detect and remove online content that violates their terms of service, and offering support for victims of cyberbullying.

Finally, it’s essential for victims of cyberbullying to know that they have options and resources available to them. This includes reporting the cyberbullying to law enforcement and reaching out to organizations such as the Cyberbullying Research Center and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Overall, it’s clear that cyberbullying is a serious issue that requires action. By understanding its causes, actively educating children and families, and providing resources and support, we can help to create a safer online environment for everyone.

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