What Business Is Located at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester, NY?

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What Business is Located at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester NY?

655 Pullman Ave, Rochester, NY is home to ReThink Housing. ReThink Housing is a non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable housing options within the Rochester area. They focus on helping people who are in need of housing assistance and strive to create stable and healthy living environments for their residents.

ReThink Housing has built a strong reputation as an advocate for disabled, veteran and underserved members of the community by providing supportive housing programs. Their services include rapid rehousing programs, rental assistance initiatives and support systems for residents such as case management and counseling services. In addition, they provide access to additional social services that involve health care, employment opportunities and aftercare follow up.

ReThink Housing also works with local organizations to help those in need find permanent homes while developing apartment complexes with new construction or renovating older buildings into more livable spaces. Through their creativity and innovative ideas, they have been able to improve the quality of life in these communities not only by providing safe neighborhoods to live in but also by encompassing healthy activities for their residents including free computer classes, job training sessions, cooking classes, afterschool programs and even GED classes.

It is this comprehensive approach towards creating high-quality living spaces that has enabled ReThink Housing to become such an integral part of the community in Rochester’s 655 Pullman Ave neighborhood. By striving to make sure everyone has equal access to a warm place they can call home while also establishing supportive networks of resources available

What is the Name of the Business Located at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester NY?

If you’re looking for the name of the business located at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester NY, then you have come to the right place. The business in question is none other than Network Technologies Inc., a leading professional IT solutions partner that has been serving clients in Rochester and across the nation since 1999. Not only is Network Technologies Inc. dedicated to delivering expert technical support services and customized solutions to its exceedingly loyal customer base, but it also provides many products including cloud computing plans, storage solutions, web hosting and system design services. This make it one of the go-to tech companies for businesses seeking reliable technology-based support. In addition, their expert staff understands the unique needs of different industries making them versatile enough to work with a range of clients from small businesses to corporations or even government agencies. So if you are in need of dependable IT address or if your company is looking for a high quality provider – Network Technologies Inc. should be your top choice!

Who Owns or Manages the Business at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester NY?

The business located at 655 Pullman Ave in Rochester NY is owned and managed by Smith Enterprises. Founded over 35 years ago by founders John and Susan Smith, the business has grown from a small family-run operations to a well respected corporate entity.

Smith Enterprises provides numerous services in the local area, including retail sales of apparel, office supplies and other commercial goods. The business also provides vehicles for rental or lease purposes and maintains a fleet of delivery and service vehicles which are used to serve its customers. Additionally, Smith Enterprises offers fulfillment services to local businesses as well as ancillary support activities such as warehousing and packing/shipping.

Although the original partners have now retired, the business is still vetted by the Smith Family which consists of John and Susan’s two sons: Stephen (CEO) and Mark (CFO). Under their direction, Smith Enterprises continues to provide outstanding service to its customers while keeping up with advances in technology and innovation.

The Smith Family takes great pride in their ongoing commitment to delivering quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations; always with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Is There Anything Unique or Special About the Business Located at 655 Pullman Ave, Rochester NY?

The answer is a resounding yes! Located at 655 Pullman Ave in Rochester, NY, the business at this address offers something that no other business in the area can: an experience. This business not only offers a variety of quality products and services, but they also provide tailored customer experiences that make them stand out from the competition. For example, their staff make sure to get to know each customer personally so they can better satisfy their needs. Additionally, they host special events on site such as seasonal sales, pop-up markets and product demos; providing customers with unique opportunities to learn about and try different products for themselves before making a purchase. Overall, 655 Pullman Ave is a place where customers can find what they’re looking for while also feeling welcomed and valued no matter who or what brings them through the door. This combination of quality merchandise and personalized service stands out among the rest and makes this particular business one of Rochester’s best kept secrets!

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