What County Is Chittenango, NY In?

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What County Does Chittenango, NY Belong To?

Chittenango, NY is located in Madison County. Founded in 1793, Madison County is situated in the central part of established New York state, known for its rolling hills and views of the largest Finger Lakes – Lake Ontario. With its population size of just over 73,000 people, it’s a great place to live and work.

The county seat is located in Wampsville where there are plenty of attractions such as Madison County Historical Society Museum or Friends of History Museum of Local History Library. Both facility allows visitors to explore artifacts from all eras – colonial times to modern technologies.

Apart from these museums, Madison county has other venues around the county including golf courses, wineries, beautiful parks and trails which offer a wide variety of activities like fishing, boating or bird watching opportunities.

Nearby village called Chittenango was founded 200 years ago by Revolutionary War Veteran ReasEliel Woodruff who came to settle with his young family after being granted 212 acres by the US government for his service during the war.

The village became well-known for its Waterfalls since early 18th century and now hosts annual Drums Along The Waquoits Festival every July marking Chittenango’s local history and culture with music performances from Native American drum circles and other famous bands.

Where Is Chittenango, NY Located Geographically?

Chittenango, New York is located in Madison County and is considered to be part of the Syracuse metropolitan area. It lies in the Eastern end of Central New York and is just to the north of Oneida Lake. Geographically speaking, it’s located on a small strip at the bottom tip of Upstate New York and is about a two hour drive from both Albany, NY and Rochester, NY. The town boarders the townships of Sullivan, Cazenovia, Lenox, Kirkwood and Canastota.

For some perspective on where exactly Chittenango sits on the state map, if you look an hour east from Chittenango you’ll find yourself directly at Tug Hill Plateau – a 1 million acre plateau that stretches across much of West-Central New York State for over 170 miles. As well as providing many diverse microclimates perfect for snowmobiling or ski trips during winter; it also contains portions of several protected areas including Bear Swamp State Forest and Highmarket Wildlife Management Area as well as lakeside summer resorts including Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

To get some local scenery around Chittenango proper – there are plenty opportunities for outdoor activities such as off-roading excursions through Verona Beach State Park with its 1230 acres overlooking Oneida Lake visitors who love nature can also explore Furtherty Waterfront Nature Preserve – a 315 acre wetlands preserve maintained by Onondaga County Parks which has

What Region is Chittenango, NY in?

Chittenango, NY is located in the Central New York Region of the state. This region is situated in the northern part of Upstate New York and encompasses much of the Hudson Valley and Mohawk Valley regions. It includes counties such as Broome, Cayuga, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Madison, Montgomery, Onondaga and Tompkins. Known for its rolling hills and rolling farmland, this area offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking, camping and canoeing. As far as attractions go – this area features historic sites like Fort Stanwix National Monument along with entertainment venues such as Turning Stone Casino Resort and Brewery Ommegang all nestled within this picturesque landscape! Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a fun-filled day out with family or friends – Central New York has something for everyone to discover!

What County is Chittenango, NY in?

Chittenango, NY is located in Madison County, New York. While the town itself is small and has a population of only about 7,000 residents, it has a strong sense of community spirit and civic pride. With an excellent school district, beautiful parks and access to a large number of amenities and recreational activities, this small town offers an idyllic lifestyle for families. Situated on the border of Oneida and Onondaga Counties, Chittenango is just minutes from Syracuse, New York in the center of the vibrant Central New York state area. Despite its economical location near larger cities like Syracuse and Utica-Rome, Chittenango maintains its rural character – offering low real estate taxes along with cozy neighborhoods that feature plenty of green space. There’s also easy access to local lakes such as Oneida Lake considered one of the most desirable summer vacation destinations in Upstate New York

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